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    Creative names for variety stores: 80 ideas to start a business

    Looking for the best name for your variety store? In this article we have gathered the necessary information and the most creative ideas to help you choose the best name for your business. The name ends up being the first impression that the customer will have of your store, as if it were a business card, and it also ends up becoming the first impression.

    Names, in general, are not a simple task, so the first step is to do market research, it will help you mainly in communicating with your target audience, as it will define the profile and segment that the establishment will have. The name of your variety store is your brand and you should choose calmly and carefully. A variety store name should be original to make it stand out from the competition and be easy to read to make it easy for customers to remember.

    It is important to choose names that are not so long and that make a difference in the market, that attract attention. In order to have a creative variety store name, it is always important to have someone you trust to share ideas, try your best to escape bad or inappropriate associations and double meanings.

    Always having some creative name inspirations in mind can make this task simpler. The current market will always be competitive, so be aware of your competitors and see what they have to contribute to your growth, so you will become more experienced in the matter, along with a good logo and a unique name will help you succeed. .

    When choosing the name of your store, you need to communicate the essence of your brand in a clear and objective way. Determine the purpose of the business and what your company values ​​will be. Ideally, the target audience should feel welcomed by the brand, that they feel that your store understands their reality and cares about meeting their needs.

    Another important exercise is to imagine how that name will look on the storefront, on social media and in print. Try to get away from the ordinary, but be careful not to choose something "nothing to do". The name needs to make your store stand out from others without seeming frivolous or vulgar.

    How to choose creative names for variety stores?

    The store name is always one of the first things to think about when it comes to a business. However, it is not an easy task and needs to be well thought out. Not everyone has the creativity for this choice, even more names that meet the requirements of the entrepreneur and the expectations of consumers. With that in mind, here are some tips for you to develop the best name for your business: 

    • Don't limit yourself to choosing the name: Avoid choosing names that do not allow your business to expand to new products. Also avoid names of cities, neighborhoods, etc, so as not to get in the way geographically.
    • Check the competitors: It is worth checking the competition and knowing the types of names being used. Also assess the impact these names have on the business. It is possible to identify success formulas.
    • Think about your target audience: it is important to know your target audience and what you intend to achieve with them. Knowing who your audience is makes it easier to think of a name that will appeal to them. Certain audiences prefer funnier names, while others prefer something more objective and impersonal. It depends largely.
    • choose easy names: an easy and short name has to do with how easily it will be remembered. But it's no use thinking of one with few letters, but that still generates difficulties.
    • brainstorm: brainstorming is the famous brainstorming. For this, write all the words that you believe have to do with your store. Write as much as you can, even if they don't fit. After writing all this down, sift through the names that best match what you want, delete the long names and use all of our tips to find the best name for you. With the remaining words, combine them and try to put them together in a way that is pleasant and you will surely have a great option for your store.
    • Be Original: It may seem like an obvious tip, but this is the most important point for a successful brand. It is very important to take ideas from other businesses, but copying is not something that will go unnoticed. Study the audience, seek ideas, brainstorm and find something of your own that identifies you in some way. 
    • Register your choice: This is a very important step in your creation process. After choosing the ideal name for your store, register it and be worry-free to use it or make it possible for others to take possession of it. The registration is made at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and is valid for 10 years, after payment of the fee. However, you can only register if it is unpublished. So do some research beforehand to see if no one else has the same idea as you. If the name is already used, go back to brainstorming until you can find something that satisfies all scopes and doesn't plagiarize anyone.

    What name to put on my variety?

    After all our tips, website reviews and ideas for you to build and name your business, here are some inspirational names for you to come up with the ideal name for your variety store and satisfy your creative needs as well as those of your customers. . Imagine how people will read the name you choose and how they will interpret it. But remember, be authentic and be inspired: 

    1. Planeta Shop 
    2. World Magazine 
    3. Imperial 
    4. Good Option 
    5. Accessive 
    6. Big Varieties 
    7. Vario 
    8. a thousand things 
    9. Fabulous 
    10. Master Varieties 
    11. has everything 
    12. All the Things
    13. Big Varieties 
    14. National Varieties 
    15. Variety of retail 
    16. Supra Varieties 
    17. Varieties of Purchases 
    18. Varieties of the Gods 
    19. Triumph varieties
    20. Head of Variety Stores 
    21. Platinum Variety Stores 
    22. Design Variety Stores 
    23. Grow Variety Stores 
    24. Game Day Variety stores 
    25. Cube Variety Stores 
    26. Challenge Variety Stores 
    27. kids varieties
    28. Word Varieties
    29. fit variety
    30. natural varieties
    31. Coffee & Varieties
    32. variety goals
    33. Active Variety
    34. Variety Ceremony
    35. child varieties
    36.  owner of the variety
    37. cake varieties
    38. Special Variety
    39. The Variety Brothers
    40. Small & Large Varieties 
    41. Varieties Attend  
    42. Unique in Varieties  
    43. Odd Varieties 
    44. Variety Inova 
    45. Sublime Varieties  
    46. Varieties More Retail  
    47. Food Varieties
    48. online varieties 
    49. Web varieties 
    50. On varieties
    51. 1001 utilities
    52. Accessive
    53. Apollo Varieties
    54. haberdashery
    55. best varieties
    56. Big Varieties
    57. Good Option
    58. House of Varieties
    59. House of Utilities
    60. Price House
    61. Utility House
    62. House of Varieties
    63. Casarão Thousand and One Utilities
    64. Center Utilities
    65. Central Variety
    66. Corona
    67. crystal varieties
    68. Utilities Deposit
    69. Variety Deposit
    70. deposit of everything
    71. Different Varieties
    72. Divine Option
    73. Dominant Varieties
    74. Option Owner
    75. Raise Varieties
    76. Parts Emporium
    77. Exceptional Varieties
    78. Fabulous
    79. Phoenix Varieties
    80.  Ideal Varieties

    How to do a good service?

    We have separated some tips for you to do well in customer service and make them always come back to look for your products:

    • Offer an easy-to-access store: An easy-to-access store makes your customer find your products easily and not get lost in the process.
    • Use promotions: There is nothing that customers like more than a good promotion. Offer discounts for the first purchase, specials for anniversaries, customer loyalty, etc.
    • Offer easy payment options: installment payments, bank slip discounts, vouchers, discount coupons and especially the famous pix, which makes everyone's life easier by the speed with which it works.
    • Humanize your service: have an environment available for emergency care; nothing better in a service than seeing that the salesperson cares about what the customer really thinks and needs. Therefore, make yourself available so that the customer can ask questions and contact you whenever necessary.
    • Provide contact options: Leave a WhatsApp number available so that your customer can be answered if they have any questions.
    • Integrate your store with social networks: As we have already said, it is very important to interact in every way with your customer and make them identify with what you are selling. Therefore, always leave contacts directed to your Facebook, Instagram, etc, so that customers can see product publications and other content from your store.
    • Offer good exchange options: This model is widely used in clothing stores, for example, but it can be adapted according to your business. It is very common for customers to buy a wrong product, or else the product does not serve what they need. So it's always good to have a good exchange of products. The best of them is the free exchange. 
    • Ask for only the necessary data: Many consumers are scared of stores that ask for suspicious or unnecessary information for the purchase of a product, and few have the patience to fill in so much information just to make a simple purchase. At the time of registration, collect only the data necessary for the customer's purchase. 
    • Ask your customer how the experience was: For you to know how your business is flowing and if the customer is really enjoying what is available, the only way is to ask him. Ask ratings questions (usually from 0 to 5) to find out how satisfied they are with their purchase and service. 
    • Do the after-sales. After your customer receives the product, ask if the product arrived in good condition, if it arrived on time, and if he liked it. There is nothing nicer than knowing that the seller is caring about the customer's satisfaction and offering all the help and support needed, after all, the customer is paying for it. 

    What are the sites to create a virtual variety store?

    In addition to tips to rock the name of your variety store, we still separate some sites if you want to create your business online. These days, it is essential to have a virtual store or some kind of virtual support for customers. Unlike a physical store, the virtual store works 24 hours a day, that is, it never closes and is always there for buyers. Here are some website ideas to create your own:


    Another platform with great performance is Nuvemshop. With it, you can customize your online store using more than 40 professional templates. Cloudshop offers category pages, product search tools with filters, related products for cross selling, automatic shipping calculation available in the shopping cart and much more.

    In addition, they offer a great logistics and goods delivery solution, many digital marketing tools and a mobile app that allows you to track your entire website through mobile devices. 


    Wix is ​​one of the most popular websites, it is one of the most used ecommerce and CMS platforms by internet users. It is suitable for companies of any size and stands out as one of the best environments to build your digital environment. It has product management and inventory control tools, modern and highly customizable website templates. Here are some of Wix's main features:

    • Complete ecommerce platform: sell on multiple channels and manage your store in an integrated dashboard;
    • Professional virtual store, with excellent virtual storefront experience for your customers;
    • Advanced payment solutions to facilitate check out;
    • Modern design and professional solutions to optimize your sales potential.


    Shopify is also a great platform to build your online store. It already has more than 1,7 million businesses created around the world. There, you have the ability to customize your page layout the way you prefer, as well as shopping cart and checkout features.

    Other features offered by Shopify are the management panel, top-notch hosting, and its own mobile app that lets you manage your online store from anywhere. In addition, the platform can help you create the best name for your company, with a name generator template and check name availability. 

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