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    Cover for Instagram stories: 13 sites to find the best ones

    Cover for Instagram stories: 13 sites to find the best ones

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 9, 2022 | Instagram |

    Instagram Highlights allows you to organize your Stories the way you think is best, such as by theme, for example. That way, you can make them available on your profile without the 24-hour time limit that Stories would normally have posted on the platform.

    But just putting them there might not be a good idea. The idea of ​​having a layer for Instagram Stories in the highlights helps not only in the organization, but to make your profile more visually beautiful. 

    There are several ways for you to get cover for Instagram Stories, In this post, we separate some of these ways to help you. Below, check out the main ways to find cover for Instagram Stories:

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    Instagram highlight cover

    You can find these covers on social media, websites, smartphone apps, and you can even create your own Instagram Stories cover. Here's how to do each of these options:

    1. Pinterest

    The first social network where you can find Instagram highlight covers is Pinterest, a social network focused precisely on photo sharing. It is worth mentioning that Pinterest can be accessed both on the computer, as well as Android and iPhone phones. We have separated the main profiles for you to find cover for Instagram stories:

    Patty Carvalho

    Patty Carvalho – @pattycarvalho is a Pinterest profile focused precisely on Instagram highlight covers. That is, you will have several options to choose the one that best fits the subject of your highlight.

    There are templates with icons, colored templates and even some articles for you to find other highlighting options. Just download the covers and start using.

    An important information: the profile requires credits to be given. So don't forget to give credit to the creator of the themes using @pattycarvlho. By doing this, the use is released whenever you use it. Patty has over 460 followers on Pinterest and over 31.000 views per month.

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    2. Joseany Tayná

    Joseany Tayná – @joseanytayna has almost 1.000 followers and over 2.000 views per month. The profile has ideas on various subjects, such as birthday parties, cakes, entertainment in general, fonts, marketing, designs, hairstyles and many others.

    Among these, of course, are the highlight covers. To make it easier for his followers, Joseany also organized the covers by albums in alphabetical order. So, you won't have a hard time finding the best cover for Instagram Stories.

    3. Blog Details Only

    The Blog Just Details – @blogonlypessoas offers not only covers for free highlights, but also themes with purchase options in their online store.

    On Pinterest you will have access to several options. So maybe you don't even need to consider the idea of ​​buying.

    The profile can be considered a giant on the social network, with more than 257.000 followers and more than 10.000 views per month. You can find covers for Instagram Stories with themes related to video games, animals, food, celebrations, religion, family, clothes, makeup and many others. 

    4. Evilene Nascimento

    With more than 1.100 followers, Evilene Nascimento – @evilenenbarbosa offers several cover options for Instagram Stories on her Pinterest profile.

    You can organize your highlights in themes such as tips, partnerships, products you use or advertise, makeup, gifts, drinks, parties, photography and many other options.

    In addition, content such as background for Stories, templates and other subjects also related to Instagram and other subjects are available. 

    5. Thayná Verissimo

    Thayná Veríssimo – @thaaverissimo has more than 5.500 followers and a mark of more than 313.000 views per month.

    In addition to templates, images, backgrounds for Stories and other content related to Instagram and other social networks, Thayná also provides some covers to be featured on the social network.

    To make life easier for her followers, she also organizes content by albums, such as covers with starry backgrounds, with purple and pink backgrounds and some random covers. Among the topics you can find are photography, drinks, pregnancy, food, sales of products or services, cinema, vacations, weddings and much more. 

    6. Mariana Jose

    Mariana José – @marayaangelo4 created a Pinterest album with covers for Instagram especially that have a background that resembles a black and white marble wall.

    Images can be used as a cover for Instagram Stories on various subjects, such as gym, music, food, drinks, weddings, makeup, fashion, maternity and several other categories.

    Just download the images and start using them to organize your profile and Stories.

    7. Aline Castro

    With more than 400 followers, Aline Castro – @alinefacastro talks about manicure, decoration, hairstyles, daily tips, and other subjects, in addition to providing wallpapers, tattoo ideas and of course, the famous Instagram highlights.

    Like some of the profiles mentioned above, Aline also organizes her covers into albums, making life a lot easier for those looking.

    Among the albums, there are some like: icons, news, sunflower, orange and black highlights, with pink or black background, organized by numbering and several other alternatives.

    Instagram profiles

    Now that you already know some Pinterest profiles to find cover for Instagram Stories, we also separate two Instagram profiles that are focused precisely to provide highlights covers. See below:

    8. Layers for Highlights

    Covers for Highlights – @gramdestaques is an Instagram profile that has over 50.000 followers.

    You can find different types of content related to this social network, such as polls, phrases, wallpaper and of course, cover for Instagram Stories.

    You will be able to find all the content separated and organized in the profile bio highlights. In addition, some related content is also available in the page feed, including other options for covers for highlights, whether on topics such as football, makeup and many others. 

    9. Highlight Layers

    This profile is smaller than the one mentioned above, as Capas de Destaque – @ iconesdestaque has less than 5.000 followers. But your content can be very useful for you who are behind the cover for Instagram Stories.

    In the bio highlights, you will find several options for Instagram Stories covers on various topics, including football, planets, La Casa de Papel, babies, cacti and many others. 

    In Feed, you also have some more random alternatives like cover for Instagram Stories of wedding, animals, gym, fashion, graduation, music, kitchen, plants, photographs and some other alternatives. 

    10. Search Tumblr

    The Tumblr platform allows users to create their own blogs and share videos, gifs, images, audios, texts and related content.

    Of course, among these contents, some of them will be related to Instagram. You can even find cover for Instagram Stories on Tumblr itself. 

    To find Instagram highlights, just go to the platform's search bar and search for what you're looking for. In addition to being able to check the profiles that have content related to what you are looking for, you can also have the most popular or recent highlights images on the platform. Just choose which one you want to see first.

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    11. Blog Details Only

    The Just Details blog is specially focused to make your routine more practical. You will have access to routine planning and organization tips to simplify your life. The blog also posted an article with more than 100 covers to be used in Instagram highlights. 

    In addition to making the covers available, you will also have the option to download them directly from the blog article, thus maintaining the image quality for when you use them on Instagram.

    The available models are of different themes, from fashion, to YouTube or graduations, food, drinks, animals and many others. In addition to the highlights, you will also have related images. 

    12. Highlight Cover & Logo Maker for Instagram Story

    If you are an Android device user, then Highlight Cover & Logo Maker for Instagram Story is worth checking out. This app allows you to create or edit Instagram highlight covers from scratch from a predefined template in the app itself.

    In addition to the ease of creation because it contains an easy-to-use interface and simplicity, the images will also have great quality. You will have several font and background templates, in addition to the highlights. After creating, just save the image in your phone's gallery and import it to Instagram.

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    13. Can go

    Now you know the best sites, social networks and blogs to find Instagram highlight cover, there are still other ways to get the images for the social network highlights. You always have the option to create your own highlights. And that's what Canva is for.

    This is one of the most popular graphic design tools online. With it, you can create photo montages, posters, infographics, presentations, YouTube icons, Stories and, of course, covers for Instagram, in addition to many other content for free.

    Canva offers a huge list of creation possibilities, with ready-made templates and the possibility of creating from scratch.

    Furthermore, the platform has an area specially designed for Instagram covers, where you can use a ready-made banner or create your own cover for the social network from scratch or using the available templates and editing to your liking.

    What's more, you also have post templates for the feed, Stories and general posts, with the possibility to edit the dimension. You can check out the post explaining how to create Instagram highlight covers.

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