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    Copy and Paste These 27 Poll Tips for Instagram

    Copy and Paste These 27 Poll Tips for Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 25, 2022 | Instagram |

    Polls in Instagram stories can bring even more dynamics to your profile, so if you use the social network as a work tool or if you want to have greater interaction among your followers, polls can be a powerful weapon for that. But over time you may run out of ideas to use the tool, but there are many templates and activities you can do. Thus, we have separated some poll tips for Instagram that can help you a lot.

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    Poll Tips for Instagram 2022

    There are two ways to get the templates. You can find these polls on Instagram profiles that they make available and we will leave the names in the credits of each template, or on platforms that can easily make them available to you, the main one where you can search is on social networks like Pinterest. However, there may be a third way, which is you producing your templates yourself. Sites like Canva can be great for you to create your templates. 

    Check these top 3

    Image: @juliaorige/Instagram

    If you want to show your preferences to your followers, the top 3 poll is ideal. It has a space for you to insert a question box, so your followers can ask your top something. For example: top 3 movies; top 3 books; top 3 series; top 3 songs and etc. The template will have three spaces for you to fill with your taste, being a very simple poll, but also very fun.

    It is true?


    A poll that lets you know which rumors are floating around with your name. If you want your followers to get to know you better, then this poll is ideal for that. The template will have a place to insert the answer box, then just respond to the rumor that your followers reported with an "X" or painting the "Truth" or "Lies" spaces that are available in the template. 

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    I seem to be…

    Image:Popular Dictionary

    This poll is perfect for finding out how people who don't know you well see you. Since the template basically boils down to asking your followers what you look like to them. You will put a question box in the template, which provides some options such as: Funny, nice people, boring, dramatic, antisocial, partying and many others. Your followers will have to choose one or more of these traits and tell you how they think you are.

    What would I get from you?

    Image: livferreira/Instagram

    This joke can end up being very funny or, depending on the direction it takes, even very controversial. The template will have options like: “an audio singing”; “a flyer”, “a mother-in-law” and several other options. The poll consists of placing a question box in the space provided in the template and waiting to know what answers you will get from your followers about what they would give you.

    Pick a number and I'll answer


    This poll can be used for your followers to ask questions or quench their curiosity about you. It is made with a template that has 40 questions and a space for you to put a question box. In this box, followers will send a number that corresponds to a question and you will have to answer the question they chose. The template also has its own space for you to respond. 

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    The last time I…

    Image: @llaxs/Instagram

    If you want a distraction with fun, you can use this poll to also generate an interaction with your followers. Like some of the ones mentioned above, with this poll you can connect more with your followers, telling a little about your life. It consists of a template with some dates, for example: today; a few days ago; one year and other time periods. You will post the template along with a question box, and your followers will ask you the last time you did something. You will have to respond by marking a date in the template.

    Truth or lie

    Image: @blogdecotti/Instagram

    If you haven't posted for a while or are out of ideas, this poll can end up being a good way to talk to your core followers. You will put a question box to receive questions that will be answered with "truth" or "lie", options that are already available in the template. So, then just answer the questions in the space provided in the template. 

    about travel

    Image: Reproduction/Instagram

    This is another poll tips for Instagram for you who like to travel, and you can even make various content related to this available on your profile. A good way to generate interaction is to use polls to talk to your followers about the places you have traveled or are traveling. In the template, you will also put a question box where followers will ask about the places you have been, and you will be able to share your experience and answer questions about them.

    On or off?


    More focused for fun, you can post this template that will have an “on” option on one side and an “off” option on the other. With a question box, your followers will ask you things like if you're single, if you want to go out, do something and other activities. You will repost by checking the option of “on” if the answer is yes and “off” if the answer is no, quite simple but fun.

    Why was today a good day?

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    If you're having a good day and want to show your gratitude to your followers, you can use this poll to do that. The template will have several options that you can mark, just mark activities such as: watching the sunset, I made my favorite dish and others that made your day good. For this poll, you don't even need to make the question box available to your followers.

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    Which emoji represents you the most?

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    If you are interested in knowing how your followers are doing on a given day, then use this poll in your Instagram stories. The game involving emojis consists of a template with several emojis of different moods, you will insert the question box in the marked space for your followers to send the emoji that is representing them on the day you are conducting the poll. 

    Indicate there

    Image: @_bergmannt/Instagram

    For those followers who love to watch a series or movie, or for you who also like it, this poll can increase your list of things to watch. The template has a question box for your followers to send you suggestions for series and movies to watch on Netflix. However, you can go further and look for templates from other streaming services, such as Prime Video and Disney+, or build your own. 

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    Image: Popular Dictionary

    As much as you love your job, it can be a little boring or exhausting at times, but this poll can make things a little more fun when those moments come. This template is a bingo with several things like: plants, coffee, books, notepad and etc. It consists of you tagging the things that are present in your workplace and sharing with your followers. Unlike most polls mentioned above, in this one you don't need a question box, for example.

    Without what would I live?

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    To find out what might be important to your followers, you can use the “What would I or wouldn't I live without?” poll. The template has the space for you to insert the question box, so your followers can ask the things you couldn't live without. You will have the space to mark “yes”, if you would live without it, or “no”, if you would not live without that particular thing. 

    Self care

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    This poll can allow you and your followers to find different ways to develop better self-care for life. The template has several activities and things that can improve your day-to-day, like a kind of list. The poll consists of tagging the things and activities you do to have greater self-care and sharing with your followers in stories. 

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    top songs

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    For music lovers, you can share your favorite songs and get to know the music taste of your followers using this poll. It is made in a list format template, where you can list your 10 favorite songs and share them in your stories. What's more, you can interact with your followers and challenge them to do the same and tag you in stories, for example.

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    What am I thinking?

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    A poll more focused on bringing up a momentary subject with your followers. By putting a question box in the template, you can find out what your followers are thinking at that particular moment and chat with them, being a great way to get to know them. 

    Ask something

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    If you are looking for fun, then you can use this poll with no worries. You will need to put the question box in the template and then just wait for your followers to ask a question. You will have the options of: yes, no, maybe, lol, God forbid but I wish. Just tick the one that best fits the question.

    I never…


    You must know or even played the game "I never", right? Now, with this poll, you can play the same thing only on Instagram. In the template, you will insert a question box and wait for your followers to ask you things you have or haven't done. Then, just mark between the options “I never” or “I already”.

    What would make you happy today?

    Image: Playback / Instagram

    This poll is for you to know the dreams and desires of your followers. In the template, you will insert a question box for your followers to comment with you about the things that would make them happy at that moment. This can even be a great way to vent to them. 

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    Self esteem


    This is for you to increase the self-esteem of your followers and even for them to increase yours too. You can exchange praise and positive messages, just put the question box in the template and wait for them to say what they think of you, and then you can answer in your own stories or even in Instagram direct.

    spread gratitude

    Image: @templatesgirl/Instagram

    This poll is meant to show you the things you and your followers are grateful for. Just share the template with a question box and wait for their answers. When sharing, you can also say what you are grateful for to your followers.

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    This or that?

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    A game that can be made with various subjects such as movies, music, books, food and etc. The template offers two options for some things, and you'll have to circle which one you prefer. You can challenge your followers to do the same and share their likes with you. 

    friendship bingo

    Image: Popular Dictionary

    This poll is for you to play with your or your best friend in stories. The template is in the form of a bingo card, with things you and your friend might like or have done together. You can tag their profile and challenge them to do it too, as well as show a little more of your life to your followers. 

    What do I prefer?

    Image: Playback / Instagram

    With this game, your followers will be able to know a little more about your tastes and personality. The template will offer two alternatives, and you will have to mark an “X” in the one you prefer. What's more, you always have the option to challenge your followers to do the same and tag your profile when they share on Instagram story.

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    30 Day Challenge – Contest

    This poll is basically a friendly contest that you will set up among your audience. It will take place over 30 days where followers will upload photos throughout the month. You will create montages of two images that will compete with each other, then just enter the poll for your followers to vote for the best photo, and in the end the winner will be chosen. 

    Poll tips for Instagram: 100 happy days

    This poll may need a little more dedication on your part, but it can be well worth it. The goal is to make your followers happy for 100 days straight. Most users who try to take polls like this end up failing, but it could be a necessary risk for you to impact your followers more and more if you succeed. It is important to use the hashtag #100happyDays to appear on the official profile of the happiness campaign. You can use a poll to find out the type of content that makes your followers happy and also increase their engagement. 

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