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    Consumer Day Phrases: the 87 best

    Consumer Day Phrases: the 87 best

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 8, 2022 | News |

    Do you know what the best Consumer Day phrases are? With the arrival of World Consumer Day, which takes place on March 15th, it is important that you pay tribute to those people who make your business work. Because of this, we have separated the best options for consumer day phrases to use and share in giveaways, posts on social networks or even on thank you posters in your stores and companies. 

    Keep in mind that all consumers, from those who usually buy a lot to those who buy a little, those who ask for discounts or those who accept the initial prices, even those considered more “boring” are essential for you to run your business. So, it's always good to use a date like this to pay tribute and gain more and more their loyalty. Thus, these Consumer Day phrases can be more useful and well used than you might think, just know the correct ways to use them in your favor. 

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    Consumer Day Phrases: Consumer Day Messages

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    1. Today is the day of those who believe in our work and trust our services. Happy Customer Day.
    2. Happy Consumer Day, because it moves the economy and allows many to keep their jobs and their families with health and honesty! A toast to them!
    3. Consumers should be treated like kings, they make the economy go round. Happy Consumer Day!
    4. The impacts of unbridled and unresponsible consumption, coming over the years, show the urgency of changes in society's habits.
    5. Being a consumer is much more than just buying, you have to give your opinion about the product and make conscious consumption.
    6. Every consumer is important, treat them well. Happy Consumer Day!
    7. We wish you a happy customer day and our sincere thanks for the partnership so far.
    8. Enjoy Consumer Day with our special playlist! – Spotify
    9. I change the world as consumption. Happy consumer day to you!
    10. Consumers are the soul of the business. Happy Consumer Day!
    11. Happy 'I'm just looking around' day.
    12. The new consumer is looking for companies with beliefs and values ​​with which they identify… – Carlos Hilsdorf
    13. Today is the day in your honor. It is a privilege to have your preference. Happy Customer Day!
    14. Today is the day to honor all of you who believe in our work and motivate us to always do the best. Happy customer day.
    15. We are grateful that you chose our services. We celebrate today happy to have you as a customer.
    16. Thank you for your trust. It's a pleasure to work for you! Happy Consumer Day!
    17. All products on the market are consumed by one or another consumer. Without them, commerce would not exist. Happy Consumer Day!
    18. March 15th: this date is a recognition of those who are important to us every day. Happy Customer Day!
    19. Happy consumer day to those who, without knowing it, keep each and every company that exists on its feet and with purpose! Believing in the work of the other changes everything!
    20. Finding out what the consumer wants is easy. Doing something about it is just not that simple anymore. – Liz Wetzel
    21. Without consumers, all the businesses in the market would have disappeared. They are the supreme and primal owner of this demand supply chain. Happy Consumer Day!
    22. A special thanks to the customers who choose our products. They were designed to better serve you and meet your expectations.
    23. Our success would not be possible without your trust. Happy customer day.  
    24. Customer day is another opportunity to strengthen ties and demonstrate how important you are to us.
    25. Our greatest strength comes from you.
    26. Today is your day. And we want to thank you for the trust placed in our team to turn your dreams into reality. After all, you are the only reason our company exists, thank you!
    27. We love what we do and that love is shown through every piece produced. Having you as our customer is the certainty that we are on the right path.
    28. Having you as a customer is the certainty that we are on the right path. Happy Customer Day.
    29. Even amid so many options, you chose us, we are very grateful for that! Happy Consumer Day!
    30. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on March 15th. We can say that a consumer is any individual (individuals, such as you) or legal entity (company, association or other entity) that purchases a product or service for their own use. Therefore, we are all consumers.
    31. It takes honesty and kindness to make a customer happy. Happy Consumer Day!
    32. Consumer, congratulations on your day!
    33. This little message serves to congratulate you on your day, Consumer Day! You, as our regular customer, deserve the distinction of this memory, in a simple tribute that we make a point of paying you.
    34. Our success is a result of your trust. Thank you for being our customer!
    35. Congratulations consumer! Not only for your day, congratulations for existing, for giving jobs, work and making the wheel of the economy turn and benefiting all of us.
    36. Be a conscious consumer, seek balance between your personal satisfaction and social, economic and environmental sustainability.
    37. The most important person in the store is the consumer. Happy Consumer Day!
    38. March 15 – World Consumer Day. Contribute to the planet, reduce the number of bags you use, enjoy World Consumer Day and spread this idea.
    39. Thank you for choosing our services. Without you, none of this would be possible. Happy Customer Day!
    40. Treat every consumer well, because he can become your loyal customer tomorrow. Happy Consumer Day!
    41. Anything that offends the consumer receives the maximum penalty, which is consumer contempt. – Nizan Guanaes
    42. Consumption is the sole end and the sole purpose of all production… – Adam Smith
    43. Working thinking about how to surprise you is something that makes us happy, because we believe that our greatest achievement is being chosen by you.
    44. Our customers are our partners. We want to cultivate that relationship and listen to you so that we can better serve you.
    45. Our inspiration is the trust you place in our work. Our sincere thanks for giving us your preference.
    46. Today we reinforce its importance to our success. Without you, dear customer, our achievements would not be possible.
    47. Our mission is to offer you the best, so we are available to listen to you and evolve. Thank you for being our partner.
    48. Every citizen is a consumer, and we hardly think about what kind of impact this role has on our daily lives.
    49. Art, like any other profession, has value only in the eyes of its consumer. – Sergei Prokofiev
    50. All customers have the right to buy at the best price and quality. Thank you for your preference. Happy Consumer Day!
    51. We know that, in any relationship, it is not enough to just conquer, it is necessary to maintain. We value you customer, thank you for your preference, congratulations on your day!
    52. Today our special thanks goes to you! Without your trust, our achievements would not be possible. Happy Customer Day!
    53. In order for everyone to be able to defend their interests, it is important that each of us contributes with our careful and vigilant behavior. It is the consumer's duty to have attitudes that make suppliers respect him. By doing so, you exercise your role as a citizen, defend your rights and contribute to improving the lives of all our countrymen.
    54. We celebrate today happy to know that our dedication results in your satisfaction. Happy customer day.
    55. Congratulations to all Consumers. March 15th World Consumer Day. In honor of your day, we celebrate the honor of having you as our consumer.
    56. For us, a strong and lasting relationship with our customers is like cultivating a seed. We plant with dedication and water carefully to reap the best results. Happy Consumer Day!
    57. Customers are kings, they can make or break your business in the worst way possible. Happy Consumer Day!
    58. Happy Customer Day to you, which is the reason for our success!
    59. All production is ultimately intended to satisfy the consumer. – John Maynard Keynes
    60. If the market is the nervous system, the consumer is its heart. Happy Consumer Day!
    61. Today is the day to celebrate the other 364 dedicated to you. March 15 – World Consumer Day. Congratulations on Consumer Day! You are the source of inspiration for us to always try harder.
    62. Don't compromise on quality and your customers won't complain about the price. Happy Consumer Day!
    63. Today we don't offer, thank you. Thank you, customer!
    64. When using our products, know that everything has been minimally thought out so that we are privileged to see someone like you using them. Thank you for believing in our work.
    65. Our greatest achievement is having you as a customer and seeing a smile on your face whenever you receive our products.
    66. Consumer Day is every day. No matter the date, your rights always apply.
    67. Yes, the consumer is king. But there are many kings who are blind. – Ishikawa
    68. Consumer friend, thank you for always being there. Happy Consumer Day!
    69. All businesses can do wonderful things if they abide by the laws and the wishes of the customers. Happy Consumer Day!
    70. We are, contrary to what is usually said, not a consumer society, aimed at the consumer, but a production society, focused on the producer and his interests. – Agostinho da Silva
    71. Having you as a customer makes us celebrate not only today, but every day of the year. Thank you for choosing us. March 15th, Customer Day.
    72. Dear consumer, you rule the market! Happy Consumer Day!
    73. We wish you a happy Customer Day! Thanks for following us this far.
    74. If you give every customer their rights, they will become your loyal customers. Happy Consumer Day!
    75. Consumers have been expanding their rights year after year, guaranteeing their power of complaint and support. Therefore, with all safety in consumption, today we celebrate Consumer Day. Congratulations to all of us!
    76. Consumer, client and friend congratulations on your day! Happy Consumer Day!
    77. World Consumer Day is a date celebrated on March 15th, and was created to protect and always remember consumer rights, not only for them, but also for companies and countries.
    78. We are always willing to reinvent ourselves and keep up with changes in the market. That's why the relationship with our customers is a priority.
    79. Today is customer day, but every day we celebrate having them in our lives. We thank you for believing in our work.
    80. Our success is the result of your preference for our services. Happy customer day.
    81. Our services were designed for your well-being and comfort. Every day is an opportunity to offer the best we have and guarantee your happiness. We are grateful for this successful partnership. 
    82. The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service molds to him and sells itself… – Peter Drucker
    83. Buy what you need and buy the best. Happy Consumer Day!
    84. Today is Customer Day, and we want to thank you, customer, who trust our work!
    85. There is no greater reward than having you in our story. Today, our company congratulates you on customer day and thanks you for choosing us.
    86. Our motivation is to maintain our partnership and always deliver the best. Happy customer day.
    87. Happy “I’m just checking out” day. Happy Consumer Day!

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