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    CNPJ MEI Card: what is it and how to generate yours?

    CNPJ MEI Card: what is it and how to generate yours?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 17, 2022 | News | 0

    When we open a MEI, it can be a little confusing to stay on top of all the documents that prove and allow the performance of your company. And one of them is the CNPJ MEI card. In this post, we will explain as much as possible of your doubts regarding this type of business. In addition to talking about the CNPJ MEI card, we will also explain the difference for the MEI Certificate and what this simplified option of Simples Nacional is. 

    It is not surprising when customers ask for the CNPJ MEI card or the MEI Certificate to be able to apply for a resource for their business or just to fulfill a request. Therefore, knowing exactly what these documents are and how to access them ends up being essential as a professional.

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    What is the CNPJ MEI card?

    First, let's start by explaining what the CNPJ MEI card is, which is nothing more than the document that will contain all the registration information regarding your company. If individuals have the Individual Taxpayer Registry – CPF, their MEI company will have the CNPJ MEI card.

    Thus, all data about your company's situation will be on this card, regularity with the Federal Revenue and the existence of your company will be proven with the CNPJ MEI card. To get your card, the process will be done completely online and free of charge.

    The information present in a company's CNPJ MEI card document is:

    • CNPJ MEI number;
    • Opening date;
    • Corporate name – Company name;
    • Name Fantasia;
    • Code and description of the legal nature in which the MEI is registered;
    • Address, e-mail and business phone number;
    • Registration status.

    The CNPJ MEI card may be necessary, especially in situations involving financial institutions. Examples of card usage are:

    • Application for a loan for the company and opening a current account of your legal entity;
    • Participation in public tenders;
    • Registration with public bodies;
    • Payments in installments;
    • Registration with suppliers.

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    How can you view the CNPJ MEI card?

    To get your CNPJ MEI card, you need to know how to use the MEI Fácil app, which until the moment of publication of this text is only available for devices with Android system on the Play Store, however, the iOS version will soon be available. After downloading the app on your mobile device, just follow the steps described below:

    Step 1. Once you enter the application, you will see that the home screen will have two options, namely: I have MEI and Open MEI. If you only want to issue your CNPJ MEI card, then click on the first option;

    Step 2. To proceed, you need to inform your CPF. In this way, the application will obtain information about the DAS, which is the data of the monthly billing slips, and will also give access to the card.

    Step 3. After that, you will have free access to the MEI Fácil app and will be able to control your DAS, having access to the monthly billing information. Now, to have access to your CNPJ MEI card, you need to open the DAS screen, and on the side you will see the option “CNPJ”, click on it.

    Step 4. You will see the CNPJ MEI card with all the company's registration information. 

    Another way to generate your CNPJ MEI card is through the Federal Revenue website. This process can be done on your computer, not needing an application on your smartphone.

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    What is the CCMEI (MEI Certificate)?

    Image: Jornal Contabil

    Contrary to what many may think, the CNPJ MEI card and the MEI Certificate, also known as the Individual Microentrepreneur Condition Certificate (CCMEI), are not the same thing, although they can be very similar. In the certificate, the personal information of the company holder is present, such as:

    • Full name;
    • Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF);
    • ID number.

    But not only that. This certificate document also has other information about the company, such as the amount invested for your company and complementary data, including:

    • Social reason;
    • Business address;
    • CNPJ number;
    • Registration of the company in the commercial board (Nire);
    • CNAE of the activity;
    • Registration status (if the company is active or retired).

    The MEI Certificate also has the provisional license of your company, which is important to note, has a validity period of 180 days. However, if the city hall accepts, the company's license may become permanent. This permit will not be available on the CNPJ MEI Card, and although they are very similar, it is necessary to know that one document does not replace the other, and you must present both documents when carrying out an operation for your company.

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    Is the MEI Certificate different from the MEI Digital Certificate?

    If the CNPJ MEI card works as your company's CPF, then the MEI Digital Certificate will be like your company's virtual identity card.

    In short, you can use it in online operations and registrations as if you were using your CPF or identity card. This will also be the document that you will use to have greater security when issuing invoices, in addition to other operations and features. 

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    How to get your MEI Certificate?

    To issue the MEI Certificate, it will be simpler than issuing the CNPJ MEI card. Using the MEI Fácil app, recreate the same steps we described above on how to access your CNPJ MEI card.

    After arriving at your card display page, scroll to the end, you will see the option to “View MEI Certificate”. By clicking on it, your certificate will open and you can share it on social networks or email. In addition, you can send it to print if necessary.

    Another way to access the MEI Certificate is through the computer, more specifically on the Federal Government website. The process is very simple and it will not be necessary to install an application or program as it happens on a smartphone.

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