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    CNPJ Card: what it is, where to use it and 3 ways to issue it

    CNPJ Card: what it is, where to use it and 3 ways to issue it

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 23, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    O CNPJ card, also known as the National Register of Legal Entities, is like your company's passport. It is a summary of your company and what activities it carries out, whether products or services.

    In this post, we are going to ask you about the main questions about the CNPJ card theme.

    CNPJ Card: what is it?

    The CNPJ card is a document that gathers all the main information of your company, which are:

    1. Registration number: is the number that represents your company with the Federal Revenue Service of our country (RFB);

    2. Opening date: date on which the company was registered with the Board of Trade, the entity that regulates activities related to companies in the country;

    3. Business name: as the name implies, it is the “official name” of your company with the Commercial Board of your State;

    4. Title of establishment (invented name): is your company's “facade” name or your company's nickname, so to speak. So it must be different from the business name.

    5. Company size: there are 4 types of company sizes that must be classified according to annual revenue:
    – Microenterprise: company in which revenue is less than or equal to R$360/year;
    – Small company: company with revenues above R$ 360 thousand/year up to R$ 4.8 million/year;
    – Medium company: company with revenue greater than R$ 4.8 million/year up to R$ 300 million/year;
    – Large company: company with revenues above R$300 million/year.

    6. Code and description of the main economic activity: this is the code of the main activity that your company carries out;

    7. Code and description of secondary economic activities: if your company carries out activities other than its main activity, these codes will be detailed here.

    For both main and secondary activities, economic activities are listed by Cnaes, the National Codes of Economic Activities. To consult the national classification of economic activities, access the Federal Revenue website.

    8. code and description of the legal status: when opening a company, you will need to define its legal nature, that is, what type of company your company is.

    The legal nature of a company is defined at the stage of the social contract with a specialized accountant, who will guide the best option according to the profile of each company.

    9. Full company backyard: is the full address of the company's headquarters. If your business is online, you must indicate your tax address in this field, which is similar to its physical headquarters.

    10. E-mail: is your company's official email address;

    11. Phone: is your company's official contact number.

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    CNPJ Card: Free CNPJ consultation

    The process of consulting a CNPJ is free and can be done online at the Federal Revenue website. For consultation, it is necessary to have the company's CNPJ number. Below we will list the step-by-step procedure to make a CNPJ consultation:
    1. Access the RFB website;
    2. On the Issuance of Proof of Enrollment and Registration Status tab, enter the CNPJ number to be consulted;
    3. Select the reCAPTCHA box or use the Sound Captcha option;
    4. Finally, click on “Consult”.

    CNPJ Card: Print CNPJ card

    After clicking on “Consult CNPJ”, a page will open with the CNPJ card of the desired company. To print, just click on the “Print” option, on the blue button at the bottom of the screen.

    CNPJ Card: Sintegra CNPJ Consultation

    Another option to consult the national register of legal entities is to access the Sintegra website, the Federal Government's Integrated Information System on Interstate Operations with Goods and Services. To make a query, simply:
    1. Access the Sintegra website;
    2. On the map of national registrations, select your state;
    3. Fill in the CNPJ number and the company's state registration number and the image control number that will appear for the consultation.
    4. Click on “Consult Company”.

    CNPJ Card: Consultation Electronic Invoice Portal (NFe)

    Another option for consulting the CNPJ is to access the Electronic Invoice Portal (NFe). To make a query, simply:
    1. Access the Centralized Taxpayers Register (CCC) on the Electronic Invoice Portal (NFe) website;
    2. Fill in the acronym of the State and CNPJ of the company;
    3. Finally, click on Search by CNPJ.

    CNPJ Card: where to use it?

    As the CNPJ card gathers all your company information, it is necessary that you always have it on hand or on your computer or cell phone, whenever someone requests more detailed information. Some professional accountants already have apps for managing their clients' accounts, where they provide the CNPJ card, as well as its PDF download.

    That way, you can count on this information from your company whenever you need it.

    CNPJ Card: I'm MEI, do I need to have one?

    If you are a MEI, that is, an individual microentrepreneur, you can have access to the CNPJ card in a very practical way. The Federal Revenue has the MEI Fácil app, available for download on Google Play and Apple Store. Through the Simples Nacional app, you can:
    1. Issue DAS (Simples Nacional's fixed and monthly tax payment guide);
    2. CNPJ consultation;
    3. SIMEI consultation (Simples Nacional Annual Declaration);
    4. Request for Refund.

    CNPJ Card App MEI Fácil

    CNPJ Card: Conclusion

    Now that you know what a CNPJ card is, what it's for and how to get one, be sure to check out our post on Income Tax, if it's the first time you're going to declare your tax in 2022

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