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    CNA Go: Check out our review and if it's worth it

    CNA Go: Check out our review and if it's worth it

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 27, 2022 | Shopping |

    CNA Go is one of the best teaching platforms for students who want to learn English online, quickly, with great teachers and at affordable prices. 

    However, most people still have doubts if this tool is a good indication, especially for those students who do not have an advanced knowledge of the language. 

    With that in mind, we decided to carry out a careful analysis, highlighting the main features of the platform.

    That way, you'll have quality information to determine if it meets your needs.

    For this, we will cover the following topics:

    • What is CNA? 
    • After all, what is CNA Go?
    • How to subscribe to CNA Go? 
    • How to unsubscribe from CNA Go? 
    • What is the evaluation of CNA Go Reclame Aqui? 
    • CNA Is it worth a penny? 

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    What is CNA? 

    Before analyzing the features of the platform, it is essential to explain CNA, one of the most important private language education networks in the country.

    To give you an idea, the institution has been operating in the market for almost five decades. 

    To reach this mark, the franchise has more than 600 schools spread across several regions of the country that help thousands of students. 

    Founded in 2022 by the education network, one of the main pillars of the institution is the quality of the teaching staff. This made CNA Go gain the trust of a large part of the students who attend the institution. 

    With content produced for the internet, the platform follows the same teaching methodology that is applied in face-to-face classes.

    Here, you learn to speak, write, read and understand the language. 

    When implementing the platform in the market, the organization focuses on reaching young people and adults who want to improve their knowledge in English or Spanish, but who are unable to reserve a period in their routine for face-to-face classes. 

    To help with this process, the institution offers features that help the student customize the schedule according to their needs and available time in their routine. 

    After all, what is CNA Go?

    This is a subscription plan that provides students with valuable resources and exercises to help them develop their language. 

    With the tools available on the platform, you can set up your preferred study routine and define several steps according to your goals and abilities. 

    Initially, you must participate in a placement test that is conducted by the platform itself.

    In this way, the system is able to define your level of knowledge of the language and the exercises that are most related to your profile. 

    After all, the technology teaching format is similar to conventional classes, being offered according to student levels.

    Thus, regardless of level, courses can be completed in one year. You need to renew the subscription after the term expires. 

    The platform offers monthly and annual plans for the student.

    Another positive point is the CNA Go app, which is available for Android or iOS. 

    In technology, the user has access to several exclusive materials to facilitate the development of their course. The most interesting thing is that they are distributed among audios, videos and curiosities. 

    To facilitate student learning, the platform allows the user to ask their questions in a specific place that works in a similar way to a forum. 

    Learn now how the CNA Go platform works and learn about the main details about the tool. 

    teaching methodology 

    Undoubtedly, the teaching methodology is one of the main advantages of the platform.

    We have already discussed in this article that the methodology is the same used in face-to-face classes, with proven quality and recognized by students. 

    The platform contains content with various materials to improve reading, writing and listening skills. 

    Given this scenario, the courses have four lesson models that enhance fluency in the language. 

    In video classes, students have access to exercises that are pre-recorded by teachers. They introduce the materials that are covered in each class.

    These contents are essential for the development of learning and are available whenever a user accesses a new topic. 

    Go Live, on the other hand, is a modality suitable for students who prefer to broadcast varied and live content. Here, teachers explain about the most complicated subjects and that can bring several obstacles to users' learning. 

    In Super Class, tutors conduct live classes on a given topic so that students learn to use a language in various specific cases. 

    The Conversation Class contains group classes with the aim of improving English conversation.

    It will be released when the student completes a unit, however, access is only for that user who is part of the Gold plan. 

    Anyone who thinks that CNA GO focuses student learning only on online classes is wrong.

    Every two weeks, you can go to a face-to-face institution to train your language learning. 

    At these meetings, you can improve conversion practice, based on all the material that has been shared in the online environment. 


    The extra features provided by CNA Go cannot be ignored when defining which language platform is most suitable for your profile. 

    That's because, these features represent a differential that directly influences the achievement of new students and ensures a more comfortable and efficient learning. 

    In addition to the four types of content that were highlighted in the previous topic, the institution has a team of professors who teach live classes.

    In them, cultural tips and curiosities are addressed. The moment is also reserved to clear the main doubts about the contents of the courses. 

    The exercises and technology tools were built to ensure a more practical, efficient and fast teaching. 

    After watching the content, students can assess their knowledge according to the tests that are released through the institution's application. 

    Activities are available in question format. They are interactive and can be viewed in all units of the class. It is an opportunity to develop reading, writing, speaking and repetition.

    Finally, the platform contains several games that help students memorize knowledge more easily.

    Each activity contains a specific objective and addresses various methodologies to develop language learning.

    They are available for free on both Google Play and the Apple Store. 

    Teacher quality

    The selection process for choosing teachers is quite different at CNA GO. In some tools available on the internet, there are open registrations for those tutors who wish to participate in the institution's team.

    In CNA Go, however, they are chosen after participating in a rigorous process that assesses the professional's knowledge.

    In addition, they are trained to provide the student with an incredible technology experience. 

    CNA Go's team of experts uses exclusive teaching material that is developed according to the levels of the classes.

    In this way, they are produced to facilitate the absorption of knowledge by each student, regardless of their knowledge of the language. 

    Plans available to students 

    The “CNA Go value” is one of the most frequently asked questions among students. And that's what we're going to discuss from now on. Discover the alternatives below. 

    In all plans, the student has access to the certificate of completion without any fee. To acquire the voucher, it is not necessary to have a good grade in tests or assessments.

    Just overcome the “Challenges” of each level. 

    It works like this: as the student advances in a challenge, new materials are made available to the user. Upon completing the course, you receive the certificate. 

    After finishing all the challenges, the user must request the document in the application itself.

    The subscription must be activated to access the benefit. 

    You can also request the CNA Go certificate via the technology email ( 

    How to subscribe to CNA Go? 

    The first step to access CNA Go is to register and choose the plan that matches your needs.

    It is not complicated to complete this process. You need to register an email address. Also, add a password and choose the subscription plan.

    Then download the app. Now, you must login, adding the e-mail and password that were registered.

    Depending on the plan selected, the user can adjust the day and time alternatives for the conversion classes, in addition to other features. 

    The institution allows payment by credit card, which must correspond to a bank with good credibility in the market. 

    If you are looking for an alternative with unlimited access to the tool's exercises, video classes, lives on various contents, thematic classes, materials with guidance, teacher support and a certificate of competence, the Silver Plan is a great option. Its value is R$49,00 per month. 

    In the CNA Go Gold Plan, the student can take advantage of all the resources that are offered in the first modality.

    You also have access to conversation classes, didactic content in PDF and the possibility to participate in a group with other studies. The value of the plan is R$149 per month.

    One of the most complete options for the student is the CNA Go Platinum. You can take advantage of all the advantages that are available in the other alternatives.

    In addition, subscribers have 24-hour access; digital teaching content; online tutors to teach key questions and eight monthly conversion classes. 

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    How to unsubscribe from CNA Go? 

    In the monthly plan, the student can cancel the CNA Go subscription at any time.

    With the annual plan, you can do a 14-day free trial.

    CNA Go Refund refunds the money as long as the validity period has not expired. 

    What is the evaluation of CNA Go Reclame Aqui? 

    It is important to make it clear that the platform does not contain an exclusive page on Reclame Aqui.

    Student problems are reported in the CNA profile – English and Spanish. 

    By analyzing the school's reputation on this platform, it is possible to identify that the online course has a good grade in the market.

    As of August 2022, the score was 8.6 out of 10. The CNA Go review contains one of the best scores in the field. 

    Most of the problems are related to obstacles when canceling the subscription. Students report that adapting to distance learning is one of the main challenges regarding content. 

    On this point, we need to be honest: canceling the platform is not easy and it still charges the student.

    Despite this, the institution seeks to resolve customer problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring good credibility in the system. 

    CNA Is it worth a penny? 

    After presenting the information that was mentioned in this article, it is possible to say that the platform is a good option for students, mainly because it offers a great experience for users, and the features help in student development.

    Thus, the CNA Go is suitable for those students who prefer practicality, speed and safety. So choose the plan that best suits your profile and your financial budget. 

    Did you realize that finding out if CNA Go is worth it is simpler than it sounds?

    In addition to evaluating whether the platform is good, you can have more inputs even to make a quality comparison between CNA Go or Wise Up online. 

    After discovering the main information about CNA Go and realizing that it is still not possible to make this type of subscription, learn about the 15 best apps for learning English.

    It's a great way to optimize your knowledge, free of charge. 

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