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    Clickpages: what is it and how does it work

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    Clickpages: what is it and how does it work

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jun 11, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    Creating landing pages that convert is one of the biggest challenges for marketers and entrepreneurs who work with this strategy, whether in their business or in a launch formula. If you've ever had a low conversion on pages and you haven't achieved the results you were hoping for, keep reading this article.

    Let's show you all the details about the tool Klickpages, company that brings solutions to build pages that are increasingly optimized and with a positive return for a business. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

    • After all, what is Clickpages?
    • Who should hire Klickpages? 
    • What are the benefits of Klickpages? 
    • What are the features of Klickpages? 
    • How to make releases with clickpages?
    • Does clickpages work?
    • What are the plans for Klickpages? 
    • How to hire Clickpages?

    After all, what is clickpages?

    It is a tool that allows you to develop landing pages in a practical and efficient way. In just a few minutes, it is possible to build pages that increase the conversion of your business and that can immediately engage the audience so that they buy from you. 

    With this tool, the professional can develop various types of pages. Among the most common are: sign-up, sales and thank you pages.

    One of the main advantages of Klickpages is that it allows you to assemble a material from scratch with the support of templates that are available on the platform. 

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    Who should hire Klickpages?

    Klickpages is suitable for many types of needs. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a digital business and want to boost the results of their brand.

    After all, the tool helps you build a sales funnel or any other type of online sales strategy. 

    If you want to work with releases, the platform is one of the best options on the market, as it was developed precisely for this purpose. 

    What are the benefits of Klickpages? 

    Now that you know what Klickpages is and what type of professional this tool is suitable for, let's better understand its main benefits:

    1. Increases lead conversion 

    Let's start our list of benefits by talking about converting users into leads. The tool is focused on results, not just building a brand's online presence. 

    Of course, the company is not advocating an end to online visibility. But he believes that the success of a company starts with increasing the number of customers and, consequently, the sales of the business. And you probably agree with that statement, don't you? 

    2. Practical resources 

    Another interesting advantage of the tool is that it is quite practical. You don't need to spend several hours of your day studying content, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, among other terms.

    All features were developed with the customer's experience in mind. With just a few clicks, you can launch an optimized and customized page according to your needs. 

    3. Possibility to easily correct errors 

    The flexibility of the tool is also worth mentioning. If you spot any errors on the page after publishing the content, don't despair. You can make changes within minutes.

    It is not necessary to have advanced knowledge on the subject or to contact the company's support. Just login to the account, click on the page and edit the information. 

    4. Templates prepared for conversion 

    The platform contains several conversion models for your business. The most interesting thing is that the customer can customize it according to the brand's visual identity. The tool allows you to change texts, colors, images and other elements.

    5. Easily published page 

    The user has the possibility to publish the page on the domain of their website or on the domain of the platform. And the best: it is not necessary to hire servers or extra hosting services. 

    6. Integration with various platforms 

    There are several platforms that are integrated with Klickpages such as: E-goi, Hotmart, Mailchimp, RD Station and GetResponse.

    What are the features of Klickpages? 

    Klickpages offers several features to the user, making work more practical and efficient.

    1. Countdown

    It's a great feature to improve your email click-through rate. It is added in the body of the message to trigger mental triggers not only of urgency but also of scarcity. 

    2. Research form

    The next feature on our list allows you to target your brand's ideal customer. Thus, you can communicate with users in a personalized way, increasing the connection with the public.

    3. Scheduled redirection

    You can add a smart link that will take the user to different pages that can be modified according to the day, date, time and second. Editing these resources is completed within minutes. 

    4. Test A / B 

    Gone are the days when digital marketing was developed according to the opinion of a company employee. Now, it's critical to work with data. Otherwise, it will be more complicated to build more assertive strategies for the audience. With that in mind, Klickpages built the A/B Testing functionality. 

    With just a few clicks, you'll have the opportunity to test important elements of a page, such as: headlines, texts, colors or, if you prefer, content in its entirety.

    Thus, it is possible to conclude more clearly which actions brought positive results and which ones need to be adjusted. 

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    5. Tags

    The platform's tagging system allows you to develop a more assertive segmentation for your business. Through it, it is possible to send personalized emails according to the behaviors and needs of each lead. 

    6. Engagement thermometer

    The engagement thermometer shows the level of relationship that a given lead has according to your company. That is: you can see how much that particular contact is willing to close a deal with your brand. 

    How to make releases with Klickpages?

    The platform contains page templates that were developed to improve the execution of projects, making the steps agile, efficient and without bureaucracy. 

    The user can make live or perpetual postings. The platform allows configuring the second alternative and then frees the customer from the other steps, which are implemented by the technology itself.

    The digital entrepreneur can also release content manually or scheduled. You choose the time or date the material will be shared. 

    In a few seconds, you can enable the cart opening and all launch links are pointed to the sales page, directly influencing the number of conversions. 

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    Does clickpages work?

    In addition to offering several features to customers, the platform is secure and your data is not shared with other people.

    The company's support is another point that must be taken into account. They act in an agile way both by email and online chat. 

    Klickpages also has a complete tutorial for the user to learn how to use the platform. That way, the onboarding process is not complicated, regardless of whether you are new to the field or already have experience in the subject. 

    The company has a good reputation on the Reclame Aqui website, which shows that it cares about the user experience.

    In total, she has had 15 requests on the site and has responded to all complaints that have been made by people on the page. On its official channels, Klickpages presents real customer cases.  

    You also have the possibility to use Klickpages free (free of charge). If you don't like the platform's features and service, you can cancel your Klickpages subscription within 30 days, free of charge.

    It's a good advantage for those who want to get to know the tool better and find out if it fits the needs of their business.

    What are the plans for Klickpages? 

    On Klickpages, the customer has the opportunity to choose between three plans. Find out below the values ​​and resources available for the monthly modality, according to this date on the official website. 

    Lite Plan: BRL 97/month

    • Klickpages (Page Creator);
    • Limit of 10 pages;
    • Use of 1 external domain;
    • Integration with email services (Klicksend and others);
    • Metric tracking.

    Plus Plan: BRL 167/month

    • Klickpages (Page Creator);
    • Limit of 30 pages;
    • Use of up to 3 external domains;
    • Integration with email services (Klicksend and others);
    • Metric tracking;
    • A/B testing service – 10 simultaneous tests;
    • Use of countdown timer for email;
    • Remove the “Made with Klickpages” notice;
    • Advanced HTML export;
    • Integration with WordPress.

    Ultra Plan: BRL 237/month

    • Klickpages (Page Creator);
    • Unlimited pages;
    • Use of unlimited external domains;
    • Integration with email services (Klicksend and others);
    • Metric tracking;
    • A/B testing service – unlimited;
    • Use of countdown timer for email;
    • Remove the “Made with Klickpages” notice;
    • Advanced HTML export;
    • Integration with WordPress;
    • Research forms;
    • Scheduled URL Redirection.

    By purchasing Klickpages through the links in this post, you will pay R$1/month. That's right! R$1 in the first month. Enjoy!

    How to hire Clickpages?

    The hiring process is very simple. Just go to the official Klickpages website, choose the plan that best suits your profile, click on “Buy Now” and make the purchase with your credit card or Hotmart account. 

    About ClickPages

    Created in 2022 by entrepreneurs Priscila Pimenta, Hugo Rocha and Érico Rocha, the company entered the market to solve a very common problem among marketers and business managers: creating landing pages that are capable of increasing conversion and business results. . 

    The company has evolved and today it has become one of the biggest names in digital marketing.

    If you see Klickpages and Hotmart together, don't be alarmed. Hortmart acquired KlickPages to enhance its product portfolio and ensure a differential in the online market.

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