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    CIEE vacancy marathon: How to participate and win an internship vacancy

    CIEE vacancy marathon: How to participate and win an internship vacancy

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 22, 2022 | News |

    Between the 22nd and 26th of February, the CIEE vacancies marathon takes place, an online event that promises to fill more than 12 thousand internship vacancies.

    If you're a student, the first trimester is the best time of year to find an internship. According to Luiz Gustavo Coppola, National Service Superintendent at CIEE, “In the first months of the year, we have a unique window of opportunity. With the campaign, we want to engage young people, offer support and show that yes, it is possible to achieve space in the world of work”

    How to participate in the CIEE Jobs Marathon

    The CIEE Marathon takes place between the 22nd and 26th of February and is online. The link to participate in the vacancy offer is this: CIEE Marathon.

    There will be thousands of vacancies available and the objective of the campaign promoted by CIEE is to facilitate the filling of the registration by interested parties and open more opportunities for companies to fill their vacancies.

    In the following video, you can check out a live with a warm up of the CIEE Marathon schedule

    How to register for the CIEE Vacancy Marathon

    If you don't have a CIEE registration yet, you can participate in the vacancy marathon without any problems. Just follow the steps below to register and participate.

    Step 1. Access the CIEE Vacancy Marathon website and choose the option “I do not have a CIEE profile”

    Step 2. Enter your full name and click “Continue”

    Step 3. Enter your date of birth

    Step 4. Enter your CPF number

    Step 5. your marital status

    Step 6. your gender

    Step 7. Let us know if you have a disability

    Step 8. Fill in your address details, with zip code, neighborhood, city, state…

    Step 9. Finally, provide your email, mobile and a landline number if you have

    Upon completion of registration, your login and password will appear on the screen at the top of the screen. Save this data to be able to log in to the CIEE website.

    An important warning: according to the CIEE website, you must log in using a computer or desktop. Which is controversial, since the image of the CIEE Vacancy Marathon shows a young man using a cell phone.

    What to expect from the CIEE Vacancy Marathon?

    The CIEE marathon vacancies are aimed at young people between 14 and 24 years old, who are attending or have completed high school. In all, 19 states and the Federal District participate in the campaign. Now, if you're from Rio de Janeiro, stay tuned! As it is an autonomous unit, the state is not participating in the CIEE vacancies marathon.

    After registering, take the time to fill in your schooling information, ENEM grade, personal data and other information about yourself and your personal goals. If your state is not participating in the CIEE Jobs Marathon, check out the following post to learn how to get a job online.

    Learn more: How to get a job online

    This is a great opportunity for you, who are looking for a chance to enter the job market. Be sure to watch the warm up live to have all the information on how to make the most of the CIEE marathon.

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