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    Cashback Level: How does it work and how to make money?

    Cashback Level: How does it work and how to make money?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Nov 4, 2022 | Technology | two

    If you still don't know the Cashback Level so know you're wasting time (and money)!

    With the Cashback Level app, you can get part of your money back after a purchase. So stick with us to find out how this works.

    Cashback is literally “cash back”.

    It is an innovation in the world of technology that allows you to buy and receive a percentage of the value back.

    This negotiation brings benefits to both consumers and entrepreneurs.

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    The 4 types of Cashbacks

    Here are some cashback models to better understand the dynamics. It is important information for the entrepreneur and for the consumers.

    The first is the one in which the store proposes that: when you make a purchase, you earn cashback, but you can only use this cashback within the store itself. It is not possible to use it in other establishments.

    The second is through an application that has several partner stores, where you can buy and receive it back. However, this cashback is also limited to being used only in these establishments.

    The third is the one in which there is a condition for you to be able to earn cashback: buy on your credit card. This cashback is usually used on the platform and offers a few more benefits, unlike the previous ones.

    And finally, there is the cashback where several establishments hire a single platform, without depending on an intermediary finance company or the customer having to necessarily buy on the network.

    The customer receives cashback for a certain condition and can spend as he sees fit.

    The Cashback Level is a franchise in this segment that has been proving to be increasingly effective and stands out for being a very simple system. There are already 900 franchises spread throughout our country, in more than 4.000 registered establishments.

    With it, as you make purchases and receive cash back, you accumulate them in a digital wallet and can redeem them in a bank account.

    At the Cashback Level, business owners come together to change the customer base and consumers decide what to do with the cashback.

    In addition to cashback not being withheld at financial institutions, the app also features numerous digital marketing solutions.

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    How does the Consumer Cashback Level work?

    When downloading the application (Google Play Store | App Store) it is necessary to make a quick registration, where basic personal data such as e-mail and CPF are requested. Once completed, the app is ready to use.

    The Cashback Level has a vast list of business partners such as Lojas Americanas, Netshoes, Centauro, Marisa, Renner, Uber, Carrefour, Vivo, Tim, Oi, among others.

    When you make a purchase within one of the partner stores, you receive a portion of this amount back and it remains as a balance.

    A detail about the new version of the app: payment can be made through PIX.

    Cashback Level: How does it work and how to make money?

    With your accumulated balance, you can shop at accredited stores, make cell phone top-ups or on streaming platforms (Netflix, Spotify) or Pay TV.

    As soon as you pay for the purchase, you are notified in real time through the app, saying that the new balance has already been accounted for. You can use the QR Code to check in at the partner store and get your cashback in a simplified way and make payments with the Level balance.

    In addition, it is also possible to earn money back by referring the company's app to friends. When the person you referred earns cashback, you earn 5% on top of the value and this makes more people refer and makes the business grow even more.

    With the Pay and Earn button in the app, you pay at a store with PIX and even if it is not a partner it is possible to earn 2% cashback.

    Just invite the establishment and if they accept the company receives payment instantly and you receive 2% cashback.

    There is also the Cashback Gift, where you have the option to gift someone of your choice with cashback. It works like this: you stipulate an amount, create a virtual card and send it to the Level app of the chosen person, who can use the balance as they wish.

    Also within the app, Premium Stores refer to physical establishments and Grand Stores refer to online stores.

    The app is completely free, there are no costs for the customer. To find the partner stores closest to you, just access the app and enter the name of the city where you live.

    How does the Cashback Level work for the entrepreneur?

    The advancement of the Cashback Level for merchants is what drives customer loyalty.

    The consumer is psychologically attracted to some kind of promotion or whatever he thinks will be most beneficial to him.

    Soon, cashback ends up winning the hearts and pockets of many.

    And with that, loyalty happens, as the customer receives money back and is strongly encouraged to buy again both at the initial establishment and at other stores that also offer the benefit.

    Crossing existing data within the platform makes customers of a certain store that use the franchise start shopping in other establishments that the app covers.

    It is possible to register a company through the app or by talking directly to Luis Fernando Tarin, the founder of Level.

    After the request is approved, the entrepreneur receives training regarding the app's settings and the cashback percentage it will offer.

    When the investor acquires the franchise, he starts to introduce several establishments in his network and thus earns approximately 1% on top of transactions carried out with already registered consumers.

    It is important to note that the franchise does not require very high initial investments or royalty fees.

    The profit potential is high, it is an easy-to-operate platform, and there is no need to invest in physical space and consequently in employees.

    Is the Cashback Level good?

    It is a fully technological business that has a ready support and business model.

    We conclude then that it is beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to franchise and for consumers who want to adopt this cashback system.

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