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    CAIXA Home Ownership Digital Fair: how to participate?

    CAIXA Home Ownership Digital Fair: how to participate?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 17, 2022 | News |

    Buying a home is the dream of millions of our countrymen and Digital Fair of Own House, an event held by CAIXA Econômica Federal makes this dream a reality. According to the bank, people will be able to buy real estate with up to 100% financing, without having to make any down payment and with a grace period of up to six months to start paying the installments.

    CAIXA announces Digital Fair of Home Ownership: how to participate?

    If you are interested in participating in the Digital Fair, stay tuned: the event will be held from June 25th to July 4th, for the first time online. According to CAIXA, there will be around 180 thousand properties offered throughout our country with the participation of more than 600 construction companies.

    People who will participate in the 1st Digital Fair will be able to choose properties through the event platform, made available by CAIXA. If you wish, it is also possible to do a financing simulation and receive assistance from a bank employee through the online chat.

    CAIXA Home Ownership Digital Fair: how to participate?

    Digital Fair of Home Ownership: real estate

    About six thousand properties belonging to CAIXA will be offered at the event. Interested parties will have special financing conditions. The bank informed that these properties will be those that will not need to receive the down payment and the advantages described above.

    In addition, the contracts for these specific properties will have rates starting from the Reference Rate (TR) + 2,50% + savings remuneration.

    In February 2022, CAIXA Econômica Federal had already announced a new real estate credit line with interest linked to savings (plus a variable percentage). Thus, this represents rates from 3,35% annually, added to the savings account, with the outstanding balance monthly updated by the TR.

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    Line of credit with interest from savings

    It is important to note that the line of credit with interest linked to the remuneration of savings made by CAIXA is available for new, used, under construction and renovation properties.

    Another relevant point that needs to be highlighted is that this line has a maximum financing term of 35 years (420 months), with a share of up to 80%. It is also possible to carry out portability of financing carried out with other banks.

    According to Pedro Guimarães, president of CAIXA, this line “already represents more than 40% of all real estate contracts” by the bank with resources from the Brazilian Savings and Loan System (SBPE) made in 2022.

    The financial institution also reported the suspension of the value of real estate financing for families receiving benefits from the Federal Government and the reduction of installments for those who suffered a reduction in income during the pandemic.

    People who are CAIXA customers and receive the benefit of emergency aid or unemployment insurance may request exemption from payment of installments for up to six months.

    However, even if you do not meet one of these requirements, you can have the installments reduced from 25%, upon presentation of documents proving that there was a drop in income. Orders must be made through the Housing Caixa App, available for Android and iOS or by calling: 0800 104 0104.

    In addition to these people, customers with funding from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) or from our country's Savings and Loan System (SBPE) will be able to request a 25% reduction in installments for up to six months.

    Caixa also offers a reduction between 25% and 74,99%, for three months, for those who prove the loss of income through a self-declaration.

    Citizens who request the discount above 75% must present documentary evidence of loss of income for CAIXA's assessment.

    The amounts paid during the negotiation period for the pause or partial settlement will be integrated into the contract's debit balance and diluted in the remaining period.

    Above all, CAIXA stated that the agreement is not exempt from interest, insurance and fees, and that the conditions established in the original agreement, such as the interest rate and terms, cannot be changed.

    Digital Fair of Home Ownership: financing options

    Check below the forms of financing that the bank makes available to people who want to participate in the CAIXA Casa Própria Digital Fair.

    • New or used property: House and apartment;
    • Construction: Land financing;
    • Social housing: Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program;
    • Commercial Property: rooms and sheds.

    If you are interested in the opportunities provided by CAIXA to get your own home, mark the days of the event in your calendar. Good luck!

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