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    C6 Bank TIM: How to take advantage of the TIM and C6 Bank partnership

    C6 Bank TIM: How to take advantage of the TIM and C6 Bank partnershipC6 Bank TIM: How to take advantage of the TIM and C6 Bank partnership

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 3, 2022 | Finance | 0

    C6 Bank TIM is a great solution for customers who will have exclusive benefits of a digital account and a phone carrier.

    However, most people still do not know how to take advantage of this partnership.

    With that in mind, we have developed a complete guide on the subject:

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    How to take advantage of C6 Bank TIM benefits?

    Initially, the customer must open an account with C6 Bank. The process is quick, can be done online, and is usually completed within minutes. 

    In addition, it is necessary to have an active line with this operator and use the phone number when registering with the financial institution. It is never too much to remember that the opening of the account is finalized only when the consumer establishes his signature on the card. 

    The bonuses that belong to the partnership are enabled by the bank's app to pay the cell phone bill of the following plans:

    • TIM Control;
    • TIM Black;
    • TIM Black Family.

    The benefit is also granted when the consumer recharges the numbers that are registered with TIM Pré or C6 Bank TIM Beta. 

    One of the main advantages of the C6 is that the customer has access to several benefits from the financial institution, such as unlimited and fee-free withdrawals from the Banco 24 Horas network, in addition to transfers (TED and TEF) at no additional cost and with no limitations. 

    What are the offers that belong to the partnership? 

    Find out below which are the offers that participate in the C6 Bank TIM partnership.

    • TIM Pre;
    • TIM Black;
    • TIM Black Family;
    • TIM Control. 

    It is essential to note that the following offers are not available at Tim Controle: TIM Controle Unlimited Calls, Liberty Controle, Liberty Controle Express and Liberty Controle WhatsApp

    What are the benefits of C6 Bank TIM plans?

    From now on, we will show you the advantages of each plan that belongs to the partnership. Follow up! 

    TIM Control no C6 Bank

    Customers of this plan guarantee several benefits, including: possibility of acquiring smartphones in up to 18 interest-free installments.

    You can pay your mobile device in up to 18 installments without interest and without fees with the cards of the financial institution. 

    In this plan, you still get GB bonus, in addition to the possibility of paying your bill through the financial institution.

    To top it off, TIM customers receive 5GB each month. 

    TIM Black no C6 Bank

    In this alternative, you are entitled to International Roaming to Europe.

    This is a benefit that allows you to use more than 25GB in that region.

    You also get 100 minutes of calls from our country to the Americas. 

    There are also other benefits that are offered to customers, such as: installments on the mobile device in up to 18 interest-free installments for purchases made with the financial institution's cards and a 5GB bonus per month when paying their bills at the bank. 

    C6 Carbo Card users can enjoy a six-month annual fee waiver.

    Here, all the benefits of the Mastercard Black Program are also included.

    The customer also participates in the Átomos points program and can make purchases abroad with less fees, when using the C6 Bank credit card in dollars. 

    TIM Black Family at C6 Bank

    For customers of this plan, the partnership offers several advantages to the consumer:

    • More than 25GB for use in Europe; 
    • 100 minutes of calling to contact anyone in America; 
    • Smartphone installment in up to 18 interest-free installments when purchasing it with the financial institution's cards;
    • 10GB bonus per month when paying your bank bills; 
    • 6 months with exemption from the annual fee on the C6 Carbon Card;
    • All the benefits of Mastercard Black;
    • Access to VIP lounges at airports; 
    • Possibility of participating in the Atoms Program;
    • Purchases outside the country with less costs using a dollar debit card.

    Therefore, if you are looking for “C6 Bank Tim has an annuity”, it is important to remember that the fee exemption is only valid for the first six months.  

    How to use C6 Bank TIM? 

    After discovering the main information about C6 Bank TIM, we will present a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to use the partnership between the two companies.

    Believe me, “Downloading C6 Bank TIM” is very easy. 

    1. Choose your TIM plan which can be: Black, Control or Pre plan;
    2. Download the app and open your digital account. 

    Ready! The process completed successfully.

    The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. The system is one of the most practical on the market.

    Opening a C6 Bank TIM account is easy even for those people who do not have internet skills. 

    Is it worth porting to TIM? 

    This is one of the most common questions among TIM customers who wish to be part of the C6 Bank partnership.

    By making the transfer, you guarantee several benefits, such as: 5GB bonus. 

    Portability is very simple.

    Simply insert TIMChip into your cell phone and send an SMS with the word MAINTAIN to the number 4441. Then add your TIM number and code. 

    The operator's website contains a complete tutorial for the customer to learn how to purchase a TIMChip through the website, telephone (register through the website for the operator to get in touch) or at the TIM store itself. 

    Why open an account at C6 Bank? 

    The account of this financial institution offers several services at no cost to customers: 

    • Withdrawals at 24-hour cashiers;
    • Unlimited transfers via PIX and TEDs;
    • C6 Tag: Toll and parking, no queues;
    • Account maintenance. 

    The institution also offers accounts for legal entities and C6 MEI.

    It's worth knowing the details of each one, as they offer benefits that help entrepreneurs when they need it most. 

    To assist the consumer, the financial institution offers a complete Help Center.

    The “C6 Bank Telephone” is another positive point of the institution.

    Find out below which numbers are available to the customer:

    • 24-hour SAC: 0800 660 0060;
    • Capitals and metropolitan regions: 3003 6116;
    • Other locations: 0800 660 6116;
    • WhatsApp: (11) 2832 6088. 

    Email is also a great service channel. The electronic address of the financial institution is: [email protected]. 

    What is the assessment of C6 Bank and TIM in Reclame Aqui? 

    To find out if C6 Bank TIM is worth it, many customers turn to the Reclame Aqui website.

    This portal contains evaluations that help to identify how a company's reputation is in the market. 

    In September 2022, C6 Bank's rating was 7.0 out of 10, which is considered good by the platform.

    In the same period, TIM did not have a score recorded on the platform.

    On the other hand, the portal classified the company as “not recommended”.

    This assessment can be justified by the fact that the company is not in the habit of responding to customer comments.

    To further find out if C6 Bank TIM is reliable, we recommend talking to other consumers who use the service.

    Look for opinions from friends, relatives or co-workers. Thus, you will have a more assertive assessment of C6 Bank TIM. 

    It is important to remember that this article is not company-sponsored content.

    All opinions were recorded according to real consumer experiences and information that is shared by the companies themselves.

    Our proposal is always to offer free, complete content that helps the reader to make the best decision in relation to the main services offered by the market.

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