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    BPMS System: What is it and what are its advantages?

    BPMS System: What is it and what are its advantages?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 2, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Do you know the BPMS system and what are the main advantages of using it? Focused on the improvement and continuous improvement of an organization's procedures, the BPMS system can be one of the best options available on the market, if you know how to choose correctly. To help you, in this post we separate everything you need to know about the BPMS system, so check it out in detail below. 

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    BPMS what is it?

    The acronym for the BPMS system, in English, means Business Process Management Suite, which translated into Portuguese would be something like “business process management”. BPMS emerged a few years ago as a result of the use of integrated management systems and their implementations, known as ERPs. 

    The main objective is to carry out the integration of business strategies to the main desires arising from customers, doing this through an efficient administration of the necessary processes. Thus, the BPMS system allows the user to carry out analyses, definitions, monitoring, execution and management of processes that can increase the company's competitiveness. 

    Going beyond that, the BPMS system can also be seen as a management discipline that will address business activity management principles and methods. On the other hand, it's not about a business structure or methodology, it's about the capability of the corporation.

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    The BPMS system has some steps to be able to work perfectly, they are: standardization, mapping, process optimization and improvement. All these steps work from actions that serve to improve and increase the performance of procedures, generate positive results and identify opportunities. But in addition, this system also reduces risks and costs, develops the ability of professionals to solve problems and increases the efficiency of the company's employees. 

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    What are the biggest advantages of the BPMS system?

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    Your organization can take advantage of a number of ways using the BPMS system, all of which appear over time in application. Professionals who apply these systems can have the following benefits:

    • Considerable increase in your productivity at work;
    • The processes will have greater transparency, facilitating and greatly improving the work;
    • The company's internet communication will improve considerably, thus increasing the productivity of all its sectors;
    • The quality of service will also be improved, thus benefiting not only employees, but also all customers;
    • The motivation of employees will be increased, together with the individual productivity of each one and, consequently, improving the relationship between employees and customers;
    • A culture of empathy ends up being developed by the company and its employees;
    • A science of performance indicators will also be developed, being able to monitor the productivity of each sector and employee;
    • The company will have greater effectiveness in controlling activities, being able to closely observe everything that is happening;
    • One of the main benefits offered by the BPMS system is the computerization and automation of company processes;
    • Rework will be eliminated, saving time and materials with service correction or other types of problems;
    • The results obtained with the services will appear much faster than usual;
    • Operating costs will be reduced considerably, which improves the financial side of the company;
    • Less chance of superiors and employees making wrong decisions involving the company with the system;
    • The company will have better data security, reducing the chances of information leakage. In the case of information security and protection, this will be more efficient with the use of encryption through process automation.

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    What are the biggest differences between BPM, ERP and CRM?

    Now that you know what the BPMS system is, there are two other topics that can be confused with it, ERP and CRM. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which in free translation means “enterprise resource planning”. 

    It is a software that has the function of integrating all the information of a company in a single platform. Thus, it is possible to separate the functionalities, processes and registration forms, thus generating a flow of data in all sectors.

    The company can choose between entering data automatically or manually, thus generating logs that are stored in software or in the cloud. Access authorizations are made by managers, who also customize the ERP in a way that guarantees system security.

    ERP is an excellent system option, as it assists in integrated management, optimizing practically all operational, logistical and administrative processes. In addition, it will be a great help in meeting deadlines, controlling and increasing employee productivity and controlling courses and expenses in delivery and production to the customer.

    Now talking about CRM, which is also confused with BPMS system, we can say that the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management, which translated would be “customer relationship management”. That is, CRM is directly related to marketing planning, sales management, personalized service and other forms of customer contact.

    Technological evolution has brought new terms and evolutions to commercial relationships. Due to the large amount of information available on the internet, consumers ended up changing their behavior, which is why the term CRM emerged.

    This system puts the customer at the center, being a strategic tool, a technology for business environments and a different process. Thus, all CRM platforms are used to manage customer accounts, with the function of identifying possibilities to sell and generate leads.

    The BPMS system is not considered a software, but a concept that adapts and systematizes all business processes in an efficient and understandable way, through graphics and reports. It allows the company to analyze the flows of operations, data accuracy of ERP systems and the steps of activities. In other words, ERP and CRM are software that help the BPMS system.

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    What are the applications of the BPMS system?

    You will be able to apply the BPMS system in different ways to meet your needs, either following all the mapping that the technicians defined, or to implement the processes and also so that you can record flows. There are several steps for optimizing the system, with a sequence that prevents errors from appearing. By following a standard focused on the quality of services, it is quite unlikely that something will be forgotten or ignored by the system. 

    By using the BPMS system, you will be able to carry out the following applications without any major problems: you will be able to follow the status of the processes in a fully updated way, keep records of constant updates, send follow-up messages for the processes you are working, receive and follow up on delay notifications in the processes, receive warnings of anomalies and thus avoid further problems in the future, identification of bottlenecks, you will be able to analyze indicators and reports in a practical and safe way, in addition to minimizing losses by defining corrective actions efficiently.

    With all these possible applications, you will be able to reduce the time of human intervention in the accomplishment of tasks and processes of your company, improving even more the services related to Human Resources. This will enable employees to learn faster and faster and avoid the risk of deviations.

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    Why should you adopt the BPMS system?

    Now that you know the BPMS system in detail, you must be wondering why you should adopt it in your company. There are several reasons, but below we separate the main ones for you:

    • You will have electronic forms that will store and keep your process information safe;
    • The company will have data integration that will generate simplified automation;
    • Your databases will be more organized and practical with the creation of tables;
    • In a single environment, you will have an automation of all processes;
    • There will be an acceleration of the culture in process management;
    • A transaction rules record will be created;
    • It will be possible to perform a performance level measurement, known as KPIs;
    • Reports and other documents will be generated in Excel or PDF formats;
    • Dashboards, or key indicators, can be viewed more quickly.

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    How to choose your BPMS system?

    Finally, you will need to know how to choose your BPMS system, and for that there are several foreign and national suppliers of tools for managing a company's business processes. You will find companies that specialize in meeting all the demands of unique segments. Because of this, you need to know a little about the subject so you don't make mistakes.

    Thus, the points that we advise you to keep an eye on when hiring the BPMS system are: size of your organization; structure and location of your company; number of users and systems; growth prospects; organizational needs; IT infrastructure; and software that are already in use.

    Before making your choice, do some research on all the providers you are considering, especially informing yourself about the solutions they offer. Find out what customers think, the main complaints and the guarantees that the company offers to new customers, as this is a very interesting solution for a good management of your company and its processes.

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