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    Blink Internet: How to hire and the best plans

    Blink Internet: How to hire and the best plans

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 28, 2022 | Shopping |

    A Blink Internet is a broadband internet company that offers coverage to several regions not only of Belo Horizonte, but also of Contagem, Nova Lima and other municipalities in the State of Minas Gerais. 

    The high performance signal is only possible because the company works with 100% fiber optic technology. It is a type of transmission in which data traffic occurs at speeds that are very similar to the speed of light. 

    This signal is transmitted through reflections of laser beams throughout the cable, achieving a unique connection capacity, which can be up to a million times greater than that of metallic or coaxial cable.

    This dynamic makes the transmission technology one of the most modern not only in our country, but also in the world.  

    In this post, we will explain more details about Blink Internet, highlighting the points of coverage, plans, how to hire, among other issues. Follow along and clear all your doubts. 

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    What is Blink Internet's coverage? 

    It is one of the best internet operators in Minas Gerais. Although it is not yet present in all municipalities in Minas Gerais, it offers quality coverage for the regions that receive the signal. 

    This list includes: Belo Horizonte, Betim, Confis, Contagem, Igarapé, Lagoa Santa, Matozinhos, Nova Lima, Pedro Leopoldo, Ribeirão das Neves, São Joaquim de Bicas, São José da Lapa and Vespasiano. 

    Is it worth hiring Blink Internet for my home? 

    Yes. Because it is a fiber optic connection, the internet contains an ultra speed. It is possible to do work or college tasks without problems and marathon your favorite series, as the user does not suffer from drops and connection interruptions.

    Another positive point of Blink Internet is that, rarely, the download fails or the page loads slowly. 

    Is it worth hiring Blink Telecom for my company? 

    Yes. Blink Internet brings several benefits to your company. Among the most common are: 100% optical fiber, high performance, connection stability, possibility of accessing great content and support for organizations that have intense data traffic and need security and agility. 

    One of the main advantages of Blink Internet is the specialized technical support. It is available to the consumer seven days a week. The service is fast and executed according to the needs of each company. 

    The internet for organizations still has other benefits, such as the dedicated link. This feature allows your company to have exclusive access to the technology in full, that is, according to the speed that was contracted by the company.

    Your team has less stress and more practicality because it can work with high levels of speed. 

    The IP port is ideal for those companies that need a good performance in data transmission and a great connection for everyday tasks.

    You also have interconnection between branches, that is, direct digital connection between headquarters and branches. It occurs through exclusive accesses and at the speed that was acquired at the time of contracting. 

    The internet is stable enough to handle not only data traffic, but also voice and images safely and efficiently. 

    What are Blink Internet's plans?

    Blink Internet offers customers both residential and commercial plans. In the first option, there are three options available to consumers. The main difference between them is in relation to the price and the amount of megs. Compare! 

    Plan 1: 200 mega download, 100 mega upload. Value: R$99,00;

    Plan 2: 300 mega download, 200 mega upload. Value: R$129,00;

    Plan 3: 500 mega download, 300 mega upload. Value: R$159,00. 

    It is essential to make it clear that, in all modalities, the customer has FREE WI-FI.

    One of the most common difficulties among customers when hiring an internet plan is figuring out which type of speed is best suited to their profile.

    There are three factors that you must analyze to make an assertive decision: download and upload speed, number of people residing in your home and type of consumption of each of them. 

    An interesting tip for making a good decision is to always observe your behavior and that of other residents with the digital world.

    If you are in the habit of downloading a lot, watching your favorite series or playing online games with friends, you probably need a high download speed.

    For those users who live alone or with up to two people, perhaps 15 MB is the most suitable. 

    You also cannot ignore the amount of people who live in your residence. If you have many people using the network at the moment, depending on the contracted speed, your internet may be congested.

    Therefore, you should calmly analyze not only the speed, but also the consumption of all residents of the residence. 

    Those who consume a lot of data per second usually need a quality connection to support their needs. If you only use the internet to monitor social networks and watch some content on YouTube, 1MB out of 5MB per user is enough. 

    Moderate consumption, such as checking email, watching your favorite series and using cloud technologies, requires between 5MB and 10MB per user.

    Now, if you watch videos, download series and movies, play online with friends and do other types of activities, an internet between 10 MB to 15 MB per person is the best option. 

    Carefully review the points mentioned above. Thus, you will have an internet that meets the expectations not only of your activities, but also of the other members of the house. 

    Blink Internet: Business plans 

    The company does not inform customers about the values ​​of plans for companies.

    If you are interested in knowing more details, we recommend contacting Blink Telecom and scheduling a visit with one of the consultants.

    The number for trade negotiations is: 4020 6261. 

    How to hire Blink Telecom? 

    Hiring Blink Telecom is simpler than it sounds. You can do this process through the company's Sales Center. The contact number is 4020-6261.

    If you prefer, fill in the form on the website with your personal data. Thus, the operator will contact you to inform the main details of the plan.  

    Is Blink Telecom reliable? 

    Yes. To justify this answer, just go to the Reclame Aqui website. The company's score is 9 out of 10. A great result, especially at a time when consumers are increasingly demanding, isn't it? 

    The company also has the habit of answering questions from users on the site. To give you an idea, of the 670 complaints, 640 were answered.

    This proves that Blink Telecom seeks to help the customer when they need it most, ensuring a great experience during all forms of contact with the brand. 

    Another point that justifies the confidence of Blink Telecom is that the operator won, in 2022, the award for the best broadband internet plan in Belo Horizonte. The award was conducted by the Melhor Plano website.

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