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    Bitz Cashback: How does it work to get cash back?

    Bitz Cashback: How does it work to get cash back?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 11, 2022 | Banks | 1 comment

    O Bitz Cashback It's an opportunity for you to save on your purchases and earn money back.

    Check out the following post to understand a little more about this new payment account.

    Bitz is a fintech maintained by Banco Bradesco.

    This is an account that works as a digital wallet. The Digital Wallet is an electronic system that allows you to make several transactions online, making it easier for the process to be done in the palm of your hand, through your cell phone.

    Digital wallets have more limitations than bank current accounts, as they are not able to offer all the services that a bank offers, for example.

    Cashback means cash back. In short, it means that you can get back a portion of the amount you paid for a purchase.

    It works as a kind of incentive to the consumer, since the purchase will be cheaper.

    Before we talk directly about Bitz cashback, let's tell you a little more about the account and the other features and advantages it offers.

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    Bitz digital account: How does it work?

    The Bitz account has several interesting functions. Through the app, you can perform several common day-to-day operations such as:

    • Payments;
    • Transfers;
    • Buy with cashback;
    • Apply for a loan;
    • Recharge your cell phone.

    In addition, your account balance automatically earns 100% of the CDI.

    Bitz also allows you to make transfers to someone else who does not have a Bitz account, via free unlimited TED or PIX.

    It is also possible to make payments using the QR Code (in Cielo machines) and take advantage of various promotions from partner stores.

    To make purchases online or in physical stores, you can use both the virtual card and the physical debit card. To request the first copy of the card, it is free and he uses the Elo brand, which is prepaid.

    It is important to note that for each withdrawal made on the Banco24horas Network, of any amount, a fee of R$7,90 is charged.

    The only paid service is charging by QR Code. If you are an entrepreneur and want to charge customers through the QR Code, in this case a fee is charged on top of the transaction amount.

    Fees for tenants are 1,99% debit during the first year and 2,39% from the second year onwards. For cash credit, 4,99% is charged and for installment credit, 5,59% with an additional 2,99% per installment. Bitz does not charge transactions by boleto.

    Other than that, all other operations are free, including opening an account.

    In addition, Bitz offers 24-hour service through WhatsApp.

    How to open an account at Bitz?

    To open a Bitz account, the first step is to download the app (Android | iOS).

    Then just register, which will ask for your data (such as CPF, RG, among others) photos of your documents, a selfie and all the steps of a standard registration in a bank/digital wallet.

    After your registration, your documents will be analyzed, which takes about 1 to 4 days.

    Opening does not require proof of income or credit approval. Once approved, you can start using your account through the app.

    There is no maintenance fee. As we mentioned, the vast majority of Bitz functions are free.

    In addition, new users earn a R$10 bonus when opening an account and can earn up to R$100 by referring friends.

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    How to move the Bitz account?

    First, you must put money in your account and this can be done through a TED or through a bank slip that is generated by the app itself and pay this slip at another financial institution of your choice.

    Bitz Promotions

    Bitz has many affiliated stores that offer various types of promotions and discounts.

    To see who these partners are and what promotions are available, just access the app.

    Bitz Cashback: How does it work?

    Bitz Cashback: How does it work to get cash back?

    Currently, Bitz offers cashback to its users in the following way: With each purchase, the customer gets 20% cashback, but with the condition that this purchase is at least R$25.

    And on any purchase and in any store you get cashback.

    To be entitled to cashback, operations must be carried out with the physical or virtual card.

    In practice, the cashback has a fixed amount of R$5 if the purchase is greater than R$25. If the amount is below that, you get 20% cash back.

    Therefore, the user can accumulate up to R$20 in cashback per month. This is the maximum limit you can benefit from.

    In addition, Bitz Cashback is promotional and for a limited time, it is unknown how long it will last.

    The amount you get back goes straight to your Bitz account, within seven days after the purchase you made, which generated your cashback.

    Is Bitz Cashback Trustworthy?

    Yes, as we informed at the beginning of this article, Bitz is a Startup managed by Banco Bradesco, which has a lot of solidity and credibility in the market.

    Therefore, we can conclude that Bitz is safe and reliable.

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