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    App to test haircut: the 15 most realistic

    App to test haircut: the 15 most realistic

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 20, 2022 | Technology |

    Have you ever thought about changing your look, but are afraid to regret it? Know that there is app to test haircut, where you can get a good idea of ​​how it would look with certain cuts.

    It's no secret that highlights often play an important role in our self-esteem. A change in hair, whether cut or color, brings an air of renewal into our lives, both externally and internally.

    Hair can represent your personality, your sensuality, your youth and is directly linked to being well with yourself, influencing your behavior and showing attitude. So, based on all that, we've listed the top 15 apps where you'll be able to test the options.

    If you're going to look good with short hair or if the cut will match your face, you'll be able to find out all this on your cell phone, in a virtual way.

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    App to test haircut: the 15 best apps

    1. FaceApp – Face Editor with AI

    FaceApp is a very famous application on social networks, which has more than 3 million users on the Play Store. The free version of this haircut test app allows several cool features to be applied to your selfies.

    In addition to numerous filters, retouching, light effects, pimple and blemish remover, saturation control, contrast and adding background, the app also lets you change your hair style.

    Through facial recognition technology, which makes the features very accurate, you have a haircut simulator, and you can also add beard, tattoos, old age or youth effects and much more.

    In its paid version, with it you can even change the shade of your hair and have more models of locks to test. The app is available for Android and iOS.

    2. Hairfit – Kpop Hairstyle Simulator

    With Kpop Hairstyle, the user can test different types of haircuts that are based on the Korean style and can even adjust the color and shade as desired. This haircut testing app is also based on what celebrities are wearing and brings trends.

    It is free and only available for Android.

    3. Hair Style Try On

    Another very interesting app for testing haircuts is Hair Style Try On. With it, it is possible to test both female and male cuts and different types.

    Whether short or long, blonde or brunette, you can experiment with different haircuts and colors. Just upload a photo of your choice and the app takes care of fitting the hair to your face.

    Another cool point is that after finishing, you can share the result on your social networks. The app is only available for iOS, in a free and premium version.

    4. Style My Hair – L’ÓREAL

    When you download Style My Hair and open the app, it will be necessary to take a photo centered with the demarcated space of the face that it will present. With the app, you can change the color, adjust its intensity and also search for the cut that best matches your profile.

    Also, if you give the app permission of your location, it will generate a list of the salons that are closest to you, giving you a final incentive. This haircut test app is available for Android and iOS.

    5. Test Hairstyle – Hair color and haircut simulator

    With Hairstyle Test, just pick a photo and choose the hair you want to try out from a vast list of different hairstyles and colors. Facial recognition allows you to test hairstyles for men and women, of different sizes and realistic coloring.

    So you can make the best decision. It is available for Android and iOS.

    6. Woman Hairstyles – Hairstyles

    This haircut test app is a free software to simulate haircuts and colors. It has more than 80 different types. You can select a photo or take one when using.

    In it, it is also allowed to add texts, with different fonts and colors in the photos and share on social networks. It is only available for Android.

    7. Hair Zapp

    With Hair Zapp, you can explore various women's and men's haircuts, in addition to being able to compare before and after, you can test hair color. It is very useful to make that decision to change the look.

    The app is available for Android and iOS.

    8. Hair Salon Hairstyles Try On

    This haircut testing app offers over 1000 hair styles in different sizes. Just take a picture of yourself or look for one in your gallery and upload it.

    You can even change the color, with a large library of colors where you can create your own and apply to your hair. The app is free, but some hacks are only available for the paid version.

    It is available for Android and iOS.

    9. Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle & HairColor Pro

    One more free and simple to use option is Hairstyler Changer. It allows new haircuts, hairstyles and coloring. There are female and male options.

    The software has automatic facial recognition, fitting the hair to the demarcated limits of the face, but the user can adjust it manually if they prefer. It is only available for Android.

    10. Men's haircut app – Man Hair Mustache Style PRO : Boy Photo Editor

    This haircut test app specifically caters to the male audience, and is a free and diverse tool that will help you when going to the barbershop. Man Mustache Style simulates haircuts and also different styles of beards and mustaches.

    In addition, the user can also wear fake tattoos. It is available for Android.

    11. Virtual Hairstyler

    Despite not having an app version, Virtual Hairstyler is an excellent tool to experiment with haircuts and color and have fun. More than 10.000 hair styles are available on the website.

    You can even get celebrity hair to see how it would look on you.

    12. Marie Claire – Virtual Makeover For Hairstyles and Makeup

    Following the same idea as the previous platform, this site is based on celebrity hair, giving you several options for size, hairstyle and color. There are also several types of makeup available for you to test in your montage and see what suits you best.

    13. Virtual Makeover – StyleCaster

    On this site you can try on celebrity styles, add accessories and makeup. Just upload your photo and enjoy.

    14. Beauty Simulator - Vila Mulher

    Another option is the Vila Mulher website, where you can find a beauty simulator that lets you test new haircuts in a very simple way. Just go in, upload a photo of yourself with your hair up and with your face facing forward and with good resolution and get to work.

    15. Hairfinder

    Finally, the Hairfinder website provides over 10.000 styles and haircuts for free, which are updated every month. You can print and share with friends.

    hair care tips

    It is very important to maintain a hair care routine to keep them healthy, hydrated and silky. Therefore, we have separated some for you to adopt in your daily life to improve the appearance and health of your hair.

    These are simple tips but they make a difference. Look:

    1. Wash frequently and with warm water

    Spending days with dirty hair, in addition to making it oily and ugly, is harmful to the health of the hair and scalp, as it clogs the pores and can lead to hair loss. Oil buildup can turn into dermatitis and cause seborrhea, dandruff, and other problems.

    It is also important to wash with warm or cold water. Water at a very high temperature can dry out the hair and make it brittle, removing the natural oils from the hair fiber.

    2. Protect your hair from the sun

    UV rays can also be harmful as they can lead to hair structure damage and fading.

    The ideal is to look for products that contain SPF, to help protect the wires, or even go out with a hat or cap if you go to the beach, for example.

    3. Massage the scalp

    Giving a scalp massage will help stimulate blood flow to the area and boost hair growth.

    Another important point is to make circular movements while washing, using your fingertips and avoiding using your nails, so you don't run the risk of injuring your scalp.

    4. Beware of heat sources

    Everyone knows that excessive flat iron and dryer are bad for the health of the wires, and can leave them dry and brittle, and the solution in this case is just one: cut.

    Therefore, avoid ironing too often and when using, apply a thermal protector beforehand to protect your hair from the heat of the device.

    5. Cut regularly

    Cutting your hair every few months leaves it looking like fuller, fuller hair. Passing the scissors on the ends from time to time is good, as it removes the split ends and will help with growth.

    6. Make a hair schedule

    The schedule is a treatment that can be done at home and aims to recover the life of the wires and keep them healthy. It consists of three steps, which are done weekly for a month: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

    In short, hydration replenishes the water in the hair, nutrition brings softness and replenishes nutrients, and reconstruction is a step to bring more strength to damaged and brittle hair. There is a specific product for each stage and can be easily found in pharmacies, cosmetics and supermarkets.

    There are a variety of creams that can be used and for a very fair price.

    7. Maintain a healthy diet

    Having a healthy diet is good for the body in general, but it also directly reflects on the health of the locks. They grow stronger and brighter.

    This goes for your nails and skin too, so eating healthy will help with all aspects of your health and beauty.

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