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    App to clean your cell phone: the 9 best options

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    App to clean your cell phone: the 9 best options

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 6, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you know some mobile clean app? With the advancement of technology, smartphones increasingly receive more storage space for data and applications, in addition to other functions. 

    In this way, you can have more images and videos saved, applications focused on photo editing, social networks or even games to pass the time, all available in the palm of your hand.

    However, even the most advanced cell phones have their limits and need to be cleaned to improve the device's performance.

    Even if your device hasn't reached the limit, it's always good to have an app to clean your phone, as they can improve your device's performance even more. 

    What's more, an application to clean your cell phone also identifies little-used tools, possible threats and viruses, ensuring the device's security, the famous caches, which are temporary files and more.

    That way, you can explore the full potential of your smartphone without worrying about unnecessary data and files, also preventing it from crashing or slowing down.

    That's why we've separated the best apps to clean your phone. To make it even easier for you, we've divided this list into apps for Android devices and iOS devices.

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    App to clean android phone

    If you are a user of Android devices, let's start this list with you:

    1. Clean Master

    Clean Master can be downloaded from the Play Store and is one of the top programs when it comes to cleaning your phone. What's more, it works as an antivirus.

    To optimize your device, Clean Master clears the cache and maximizes the device's RAM memory, making it faster.

    In addition, the program also shows users which applications are consuming the most memory on the phone. All you need to do is tap the “Optimize” button to access this function.

    It is worth mentioning that Clean Master is an application to clean your cell phone completely free of charge. 

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    2. Smart RAM Booster

    Like Clean Master, Smart Ram Booster can also be downloaded from Play Store for Android devices. The main function of this app is to completely clean your smartphone's RAM memory.

    In addition, it also adapts the available memory to the cell phone's capacity, that is, it optimizes usage by preventing the device from crashing, for example.

    It also clears cache, manages apps and performs SD card wiping. On the home screen, you can see how much RAM memory is available on the device and how much can be saved.

    You can also choose the apps you want to close to improve your phone's performance. This is a very complete app option to clean your cell phone. 

    3. APUS Booster+

    This app is completely free and can also be downloaded from the Play Store. APUS Booster+'s main feature is to improve and increase the speed of your device by more than 50%, in addition to cleaning your phone's memory.

    This is an app to clean your phone that also shows you RAM consumption.

    Among the other functions are: clearing the cache; reduce battery consumption as it automatically closes apps running in the background; it also cools the CPU, closing apps that can cause it to overheat; in addition to working as a blocking app, hiding apps and preventing third parties from accessing your information, photos and videos, for example.

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    4. Android Booster

    If your main objective is to speed up your device's RAM memory, then Android Booster, available for free on the Play Store, is the perfect app for you.

    Among its main features are clearing junk and cache; free up memory and speed up your device; manage apps and keep storage organized; in addition to showing the cell phone battery status and duration time. 

    In addition, the Booster also provides a graph for the user with all the information about the internal storage and RAM memory. You can also choose the apps you want to close to save memory.

    5. Memory Booster

    Memory Booster is a top-rated mobile cleaning app on the Play Store, showing its efficiency. It is fully focused and designed to make your Android smartphone faster.

    It also has other functions: the app automatically closes tasks that have lower priorities on the device, in addition to recovering the device's memory and notifying the user whenever the memory is close to running out.

    It also displays graphs of the most memory-intensive applications throughout the day. 

    6. RAM Booster & Cleaner

    RAM Booster & Cleaner aims to optimize and clean your phone's RAM memory. To access this function, simply open the application and click on the “Boost” option.

    After doing this, you will also be able to check how much space is freed up on your device. 

    The app available on the Play Store also allows the user to check Android storage information, in addition to checking which apps are open and which consume more space. This ends up being a good option to improve the performance of your device.

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    iPhone Cleaner App

    Now that we've checked out the options for apps to clean your Android phone, it's iPhone users' turn with iOS-based smartphones. Let's check out the alternatives:

    1. Magic Phone Organizer

    Available on the App Store, Magic Phone Organizer is programmed to identify and delete useless files from your iPhone.

    Routinely, the application scans and cleans the phone, getting rid of all junk and caches.

    With this, your device is faster and with more storage space. And you don't have to worry about photos, documents and videos as the app preserves this data.

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    2. Contacts Duster Pro

    Too many contacts or duplicate contacts are also some factors that make your device slower or memory full. But Contacts Duster Pro is a phone wipe app available on the App Store that can solve this problem. 

    The app works by cleaning the device's contacts and unifying the contacts that are duplicated, thus reducing the space used by them in the phone's memory.

    There are some points that you should be aware of that can cause contacts to be duplicated. 

    They are: having more than one iOS device in the same account, switching carriers, updating your iPhone's system and importing contacts, whether from Google, Facebook or other tools. 

    3. Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage

    Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage can be downloaded from the App Store for your iOS device. The app works by identifying the applications that are duplicated on your device and on the computer that is integrated with your phone, if you have any.

    After that, it suggests to the user the apps that can be deleted. 

    It is worth mentioning that you need to install the program on both your cell phone and computer and give authorization for the scan. Photos and videos that are too heavy are also tagged and you can decide whether or not to get rid of the material.

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    How to clean without apps

    You already know the main apps to clean your phone on both Android and iOS systems. However, there are some paths you can take to clean up without using apps. Are they:

    1. Clear the cache in the phone's memory

    Cache is one of the main responsible for gathering useless data on your device. So it's always good to be deleting them from your phone.

    In theory, they help apps open faster. However, the memory they occupy is too large.

    So, to delete the cache just go to your smartphone's Settings, go to "Applications" or "Apps and Notifications", the name may change depending on the phone model.

    Then, the step by step is simple: just go in application by application and choose what you want to clean, going to “Storage” you will have the option to clear the data of that particular app.

    2. Delete unused apps

    The advice here is to look at all the applications you have installed on your phone and assess whether they are really necessary or are just taking up space, since you don't use them.

    If your conclusion is the second, then delete the app. 

    If you use an Android phone, in your Play Store, go to “My apps and games” and then to “Installed”, and select the sorting option for “Last used”.

    That way you'll find at the end of the list the apps you use the least and that can probably be deleted. 

    3. Back up photos and videos

    A simpler alternative is to put all the photos and videos that are on the phone directly stored in the cloud. This ends up freeing up space on your phone and you don't lose your files. 

    But even if none of this works, you still have three options to clean your phone and optimize its operation:

    • Use an SD card that will increase the total memory of your mobile device;
    • A more drastic option is to consider switching phones. If your cell phone doesn't have enough space to meet your needs, then change it, as it will only get worse over time.
    • System updates always take up more and more memory, and every time you update your device, the less space it will have and the less time it will work fine.

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