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    Anonymous online chat: the best for chatting online

    Anonymous online chat: the best for chatting online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 4, 2022 | Technology |

    One of the many functions that the internet has is to connect diverse people digitally, even strangers.

    And this is also possible thanks to the anonymous online chat.

    You can chat with new strangers online with mobile apps and even online websites through your computer.

    Most of these chats are organized with chat rooms and their themes. So, you can choose what you want to talk about and enter the general chat to meet new people and make friends or invite other users to talk more intimately.

    Others among the anonymous online chats just connect people randomly individually. 

    The available functionalities are quite varied, and you can chat via chat, typing or, depending on the app or website, also carry out video conversations, in the way you see fit.

    For those interested, we have separated some anonymous online chat options. So if you want to chat with other people, just access some of these options.

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    What's the best online chat? See some options

    Below we have 19 anonymous online chat options to make new friends and much more, separated between mobile apps and websites to access on the computer, if you feel like it.

    So just choose what you like best and start chatting with other people from all over our country and the world. 

    1. OmeTV

    To start our anonymous online chat list, we have OmeTV, available for download on Android and iOS devices, in the Play Store and App Store digital stores, respectively.

    For iOS devices, the application is available under the name of Minichat. In addition, you can also access OmeTV through the website in your internet browser, as it also has a desktop version.

    The operation is very simple and you can chat with strangers online and other people through video giving access to your camera and microphone or typing through chat.

    Conversations are selected at random and the user does not need to register to use the service.

    So, you just need to enter the country you are talking about and select your gender.

    As soon as you access the homepage, you will be able to check the amount of people online in the anonymous online chat at that moment. With this, you can start chatting randomly.

    However, OmeTV has rules of coexistence and you can report users who disrespect this rule by clicking on the flag located in the upper corner.

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    2. Friend Shoulder

    Another application that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store, on iOS and Android devices, is Ombro Amigo, another anonymous online chat.

    As its name suggests, it is a chat focused on venting and anonymous advice. 

    You can log in using your Facebook account or your Google account, as the application itself has a user information security system. Thus, all your conversations and content within Ombro Amigo end up being confidential and safe.

    Working in a very similar way to a social network, you can use the platform to publish rants and categorize them in different ways, more specifically with the themes: love, family and money, as some of the main ones. 

    As soon as you enter Shoulder Amigo, you will have a timeline at your disposal containing the outbursts of other people who use the chat.

    You can start a private chat with other users and even comment your advice for everyone to see.

    3. Random Chat/Random Chat

    Also available for Android and iOS devices on Play Store and App Store, Rando Chat/Random Chat is one of the top anonymous online chat apps.

    It can be accessed completely free of charge and you do not need to register on the platform.

    All you need to get started is to choose a nickname, age and gender. 

    The app has a tab called “Scenarios”. There, you can get in touch with other users who have recently accessed the platform.

    To do this, just click on the avatar of each one and an anonymous online chat will be opened to chat. In addition to being able to exchange messages, Rando Chat also allows users who are chatting anonymously with strangers to send images and videos, as well as messages in audio format.

    By clicking on the balloon symbol in the lower right corner, you will have access to all the conversations you have already held. To maintain security, the anonymous online chat app also does not allow people to take screenshots. 

    4. AntiLand

    AntiLand is also a great choice for anonymous online chat. It is available on its website to be accessed via a browser and also on the Play Store and App Store online stores, in case Android and iOS mobile device users want to use it.

    What's more, you can choose from more than 32 languages ​​when using the app.

    With an international reach, this option is excellent for those looking to flirt on the internet. The platform has more than a thousand registered groups and works in a chat room system. To select the best group options for you, simply click on the magnifying glass to search. You must be over 18 years of age to use AntiLand.

    This anonymous online chat even allows users to send videos, audio messages and photos.

    However, the latter will only be released for sending and receiving after 15 minutes of exchanging messages. If the submission is made before this minimum time, the images will be blocked and people will not have access. 

    In addition, if users do not respect the rules of the application, it can be banned from groups and prohibited from entering other chat rooms and going to the so-called “Prison”.

    5. Steel

    Azzar is yet another excellent option when it comes to anonymous online chat and is available both for mobile devices with iOS and Android systems, in the App Store and Play Store digital stores. 

    In addition to having the option to chat via chat, Azzar also allows users to chat via phone calls and video call.

    Once you enter the platform, you can click on the “Discover” button. This will get you into a random video chat with another user from anywhere in the world.

    Swiping your fingers sideways will end the chat and skip to the next one. 

    Another feature that is available on the platform is “Likes”. As the name suggests, when you find a user that you are interested in, you can send a like and show that you liked them.

    The phrase translation function is also available as this is an international anonymous online chat. Thus, messages are translated automatically.

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    6. Buzzr

    Buzzr is an excellent anonymous online chat option. It can be accessed on its website in the browser and through the application available on the Play Store for Android devices.

    This platform was created specifically for people to chat anonymously and randomly, without having to register.

    To start using it, just click on “start” and a chat will automatically open. Chat options are very limited and only text messaging is available.

    Thus, you will not be able to send voice messages, make calls and video calls.

    If you don't want to continue in a conversation, just click the "Hang up" button. This will end the chat and you can jump to another one.

    If you liked it, you can expand the conversation on other social networks. 

    7. UOL Chat

    Bate-Papo UOL is probably the best known on this list, or is among the best known and most used. In addition to the web version that can be accessed via a browser, you can also access this anonymous online chat through the app in the Play Store or App Store, depending on whether your device is Android or iOS. 

    You'll be able to find new people who might like what you like, as the platform is organized by themed rooms and categories.

    You can find people who live nearby, people who want to talk about sports, movies, soap operas, dating or just flirting and sex. 

    The user does not need to reveal the identity to use the UOL chat and you can use any nickname of your choice. In case you want to start one with someone in private conversations, you can also chat via audio and video in addition to text messages. 

    8.Terra Chat

    Also organized by rooms and categories, another well-known anonymous online chat option is Terra Chat. In addition to the web browser version, you can also use this chat with the Android app, available on the Play Store.

     Once you access the chat homepage, simply choose the room and topic you're interested in and click “Join”.

    After that, just enter the username you want to use, watch the short video that will be available and answer the simple question and then click “Enter” again to release the room. 

    Afterwards, you will be forwarded to the chat page where you can chat with other users. And if you're interested, you can even go for private conversations that will only be with two people. 

    9. Free Chat

    One that is not so well known, but which still fulfills its role as an anonymous online chat, is Chatea Free, available only for the web version with its website.

    Using the platform is very simple. Right at the beginning of the homepage, you can click to enter your nickname and then go to “Chatear”. This will take you to a page where you need to confirm your nickname and then go to confirm room entry.

    There, you can chat with other users and start a private conversation if you want. 

    Another option is to choose one of the subclasses that are available, click on them and chat with people who are from a region close to yours.

    There are rooms in national locations and also in other parts of the world. 

    10. Bate-papo online

    Online chat is also not among the best known anonymous online chat, but it ends up being an excellent option especially for its design.

    It is only available in its web version. Right on the home page, you already have to choose between logging in with email or username and password, if you have one. 

    Another alternative is to click on “Join as Guest”. With this, you will only need to choose a nickname to have your access released. After choosing your name, just click on “Login” to enter the platform. 

    You will land on a profile, where you can choose from the available groups which one you want to join and chat with.

    In addition, there is still the files page, where photos, videos and others are saved and the “MP” part, which would be your inbox.

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    11. Papinho

    The anonymous online chat Papinho can be accessed in its web version or on mobile devices with Android system and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

    Right on the login page, you need to confirm that you are at least 16 years old and select which room you want to join from city, state and country pages, or moderated rooms.

    After that, just enter your nickname or name and click on “Join the Room” to start the chat.

    In it, you can send text messages, voice messages, photos, videos and use the “Get Attention” tool.

    In addition, you are still allowed to block other users and have private conversations with others. 

    12. Omegle

    You may already know Omegle, one of the best known and most accessed anonymous online chats on the internet, available only in its web version.

    You will be able to talk to unknown people anonymously and randomly via text message or video. In addition, it is not necessary to have a registration to use the platform.

    Although each chat is moderated, users themselves regulate their behavior in conversations. There are several language options available and you select which one you want to use, as well as choosing to chat with people from your own country or around the world.

    By pressing the “Stop” button, you can end a conversation that you are not enjoying and be automatically forwarded to another. 

    13. Ablo

    Available on the App Store for iOS devices and on the Play Store for Android devices, Ablo also has its web version to be accessed in the browser and is another option for anonymous online chat. 

    The main purpose of the platform is to connect people from all over the world and eliminate the language barrier.

    Thus, Ablo has a system for translating text messages and video calls in real time. So you can chat with people from all over the world.

    With the free plan, you can randomly chat with people from all corners of the world. With the paid plan, you can select a specific location to start the conversation.

    The chat also allows you to send images from the gallery, photos, GIFs and emojis. The platform even has the option of a game to break the tension of the beginning of the conversation. 

    14. Holla

    Holla – Random Live Video Chat anonymous online chat is only available for Android devices on the Play Store.

    The functioning of this chat is like a junction of Tinder with Chatroulette. Thus, you will be able to select the profiles that interest you. And if someone else likes you too, you can start a video call almost instantly.

    Holla stands out for being very dynamic and you can create your account very quickly. Right on the home page, you will already have access to other users' cameras that you can choose to start a conversation (or not).

    Thus, this is an excellent anonymous online chat option for both those looking for romance and flirting and those looking for friendships.

    The application also has a filter. So, you can choose people based on proximity or profile to start a conversation.

    If you don't want a video chat, you can still make a voice call.

    15. Mico

    Without a web version that can be accessed in the browser, Mico only works through its apps, available on the App Store for iOS devices and on the Play Store for Android mobile devices. 

    The platform has several tools that offer the possibility to chat with people from all over the world in a single app.

    Thus, it is possible to chat via video call following the live cameras of other users or filter the search for people close to where you are.

    Mico also allows the user to “Around the World” and go through cities or countries virtually to find someone to talk to.

    In addition to video calling, it is possible to chat via voice call and text message. Among the alternatives are individual calls or calls with more than one participant.

    Another possibility to search for partners to chat with is filtering by common tastes, having the ability to choose between the flirt and friendship functionality.

    You can analyze profile, swipe right or left to choose and even chat with only one person to “Match”.

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    16. Slowly

    As its name suggests, Slowly is not an anonymous online chat for those looking for something right away.

    It is available both on the App Store and on the Play Store, for mobile devices with iOS and Android systems, respectively.

    Slowly tries to return users to earlier times, initiating a friendship by exchanging postcards with other strangers in the most natural way possible. 

    Before you start using the platform to meet people, you need to list your topics of interest, in addition to informing the languages ​​you speak.

    You also need to create a nickname and set up your avatar. Slowly does not require you to identify yourself. 

    You can choose the people to chat with on their own or leave this function to the platform itself, which will do it for you.

    So, your only function will be to write a message, choose one of the available stamps and send the postcard. Delivery time is the same as real mail would take, making the experience as real as possible.

    17. Camgo

    Camgo is an anonymous online chat that works very similarly to Omegle and is only available in its web browser version.

    It stands out for having a more interactive and modern interface.

    Right on the homepage, you need to define your gender and choose to chat via text message or video, without needing to register.

    Optionally, you can also add your interests with the platform. If you get tired of a conversation or want to change, just click on “Next”.

    The platform even allows you to choose “Safe Search”.

    In this way, when selecting conversations, the explicit content will be removed and you will be able to chat without any problems. 

    18. Litmatch

    Litmatch anonymous online chat has become very popular and is available on the App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

    With this app, you'll be able to chat with unknown people in many different ways, without having to reveal your image or name.

    The application provides a wide variety of avatars. That way, you can choose what makes you happy to start chatting and not have to choose a profile picture.

    One of the available sections is called “Soul Game”. In it, you randomly enter a conversation with another user and have about 180 seconds to get to know each other.

    Another section is called “Voice Game”. In it, you have up to 7 minutes to have an audio conversation with someone you don't know.

    In both games, there is the option to add the other case, which makes it possible to start a private conversation.

    Litmatch even has themed groups where you can text and audio chat with others. 

    19. Y99

    Last but not least, we have the Y99 anonymous online chat, for those who want to talk especially with foreigners and thus improve their English.

    In addition to the web version that can be accessed in the browser, the Y99 also has an Android application on the Play Store.

    Y99 is organized with themed rooms, so you can choose the one you like the most and access it.

    If you are not interested in any, you can still create your own room and wait for someone to enter to chat. 

    You can have private conversations for two or join more participants in the group chat. If you choose this second option, you can start a voice call, send emojis and photos.

    If you liked someone, you can add them to your friends list. 

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