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    AME Digital telephone and service channels: find out here

    AME Digital telephone and service channels: find out here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 20, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you know what is the AME Digital phone and the service channels available at AME?

    Before we list these channels for you, it is important that we know in more detail what AME Digital is. 

    Created in 2022, this is a fintech focused on digital payments, being considered a pioneer in the subject.

    AME Digital was one of the first companies to create a business platform that works completely mobile through the AME application, in addition to being a digital account of Lojas Americanas.

    This ended up allowing users to:

    • Make purchases in virtual and physical stores through AME;
    • Buy online game credits;
    • Carry out recharges on the phone;
    • Make sales through QR code;
    • Fuel the car;
    • Buy vouchers;
    • Buy a single ticket ticket;
    • Pay bills and much more. 

    Fintechs and companies, especially those that work in the same field as AME, need to have a service center implemented correctly and that works perfectly.

    Thus, AME worked to further expand its customer service center.

    So, below we separate the AME Digital telephone and the service channels that the company has for its customers to have contacts.

    If you have any problems, just contact the responsible department and clarify your doubts.

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    AME Digital service channels

    AME Digital Telephone – Customer Service (SAC)

    The AME Digital telephone number for Customer Service (SAC) is open from Monday to Saturday, except on holidays, opening hours are from 9 am to 20 pm.

    If you live in Rio de Janeiro, then the number you need to call is: 0800-229-7667.

    For residents of other regions, the AME phone number will be: (11) 4003-2120, to speak with an attendant.

    Love Help Center

    The Help Center is one of the AME service channels that only serves to answer general questions.

    Thus, before contacting AME Digital by phone or other channels, it is important to check if your question has not already been answered in the Help Center.

    The operation is very simple. Just access and search for the subject you want in the search bar. 

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    AME Digital phone for those who sell

    If you work at AME, either as a salesperson or as a delivery person and you have a question or problem, then the AME Digital phone number you will use will be different, and you should call the number: 4003-9975.

    WhatsApp AME Digital

    WhatsApp AME Digital works through Americanas.

    Thus, you will be directed to talk to the physical store of Americanas closest to you and you can make purchases that will be delivered on the same day. 

    Before starting to use this option, it is important to check if it is available for your region, as some stores only work for product withdrawals.

    Payment can be made via debit or credit card, via AME Digital in the app or on the Americanas card.

    When directed to WhatsApp AME, just go to “Start Conversation”, if the sending window does not appear automatically. 

    Chat AME Digital

    If you want to get in touch with AME Digital through chat, you must be logged into your mobile application.

    The chat service follows the same standard as the conventional one, working from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 20 pm, except on holidays.

    However, even if you send a message outside these hours, as your message will be registered and the answer will come during opening hours.

    In the application, go to “Profile” and then click on the “Help” option that will be available.

    At the end of the screen, you will find the options for “Chat” and “Email”.

    Click on the chat button to start your service. 

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    AME Digital email

    There are three different ways for you to contact AME Digital via email and all are done through the Americanas website or app.

    Below we will describe for you the options that Ame Digital has:

    Option 1 – Contact us through your orders

    The most appropriate and suggested option is to always try to contact us through your orders at Americanas, accessing and logging into the website or application with your AME account, and then following the steps below:

    Step 1. Go to the “My Account” option in your Americanas account;

    Step 2. In the options that will appear on the screen, go to “Orders” to check all the purchases you have made;

    Step 3. Go directly to the option of the order you are having problems with and then click on “I Need Help” to start solving the situation;

    Step 4. A new window will still open, and you should continue clicking on the “I still need help” option.

    Step 5. A screen entitled “Call” will appear, where you will have at your disposal a form that you must fill in with your question or complaint regarding the order. Text is limited to 500 characters, so always try to be objective. You can attach images to the form if you wish. 

    Option 2 – Contact us using the electronic form

    If you are unable to access your request to contact AME digital, another alternative is to access this electronic form.

    Option 3 – Contact us via the electronic card form

    If your problem is not with an order, but with your credit card, then the form you need to fill out will be different.

    Ombudsman Ame Digital

    The Ombudsman of a company is not the same thing as AME Digital telephone, and it serves as the last contact with the company to try to solve a problem and before, normally, going to court with a lawsuit.

    AME does not have a communication channel for the Ombudsman, and the customer must try one of the channels listed or file a complaint on the well-known Reclame Aqui website.

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    American help

    If you need help at Americanas, which is also connected to AME, just go to the Help Page.

    There you can ask for help if you have problems with: payment, delivery, exchanges and returns, products, services, pick-up at the store, promotions and discounts, American more, American world and other topics. 

    AME social networks

    In addition to the AME Digital telephone, another way to get in touch with AME is through the company's social networks, which also allows you to stay on top of news.

    The social networks most used by AME and that you should check out are:

    • YouTube AME
    • LinkedIn AME
    • Facebook AME
    • Twitter AME
    • Instagram AME

    fraud report

    AME Digital does not have service channels just to answer questions and solve customer problems, you also report fraud.

    If you receive a suspicious email or contact from someone who may be using the name Americanas to apply a scam, you can send a message to the email:

    It is worth mentioning that this is a specific channel for complaints.

    So other problems and questions will not be answered, and you will not get a response from your email. 

    AME Digital no Reclame Aqui

    One of the main online complaints channels is the Reclame Aqui website, which serves as a standard to see the reputation and quality of a company, as it takes into account the opinion of its own customers and users, and this would be no different with AME Digital. .

    The fintech evaluation could not be better, and in Reclame Aqui AME has one of the best evaluations, considered a RA1000 company.

    Based on reviews and ratings from April 2022 to September 2022, the AME's reputation is 9,1/10. 

    The company responded to 100% of registered complaints, with a problem resolution rate of 93,8%.

    Of the customers who complained in Reclame Aqui, 87,4% said they would do business with AME again, and the consumer rating for the company is 8,51.

    So, if you have any complaints, you can use this site to register, as it also works as a communication channel that connects customers and companies.

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