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    AME Digital how does it work and use to receive cashback?

    AME Digital how does it work and use to receive cashback?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 22, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you are looking for details about AME Digital how it works, you have come to the right place.

    From now on, you will have access to a lot of important information. 

    The service, which is available on Google Play and the App Store, has cashback as one of its main features, a program that returns part of the money to the customer when purchasing a product. 

    You also have access to features that can be found in other solutions that are references in the market, including: Google Pay, Apple Pay and MasterPass.

    A similarity between banks that work digitally is the absence of charging fees. 

    To take advantage of all the tools, it is necessary to make a registration that can be completed in a few minutes. 

    From now on, we will present what are the most important points about the technology. For this, we will cover the following topics below:

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    After all, what is AME Digital?

    This is an Americanas digital account.

    It can be used to make a purchase at partner establishments that, in turn, offer cashback, a program in which part of the amount spent is returned to the consumer. 

    You can conveniently transfer and receive money between Ame accounts.

    This process can be carried out using a QR Code.

    What are the benefits of the digital account?

    The number of advantages that the digital account offers to the consumer is impressive.

    See below which are the most important:

    • Ease of executing financial transactions; 
    • cashback system;
    • Free count;
    • Savings in operations such as TED and DOC. 

    Does AME Digital have fees? 

    Before understanding more details about AME Digital how it works, it is important to analyze the rates.

    That way, you will know if the solution is a great alternative for your pocket. 

    The positive point is that the digital account offers several free services for the customer:

    • Account opening;
    • Account maintenance;
    • Receive transfers from other AME customers;
    • Transfer money or cashback to another AME customer;
    • Forward amounts via credit card to other AME customers;
    • Acquire products with AME;
    • Recharge the mobile device;
    • Putting money in your wallet using a bank slip. 

    On the other hand, there are some services where the consumer will have to pay fees, such as the Ame prepaid card withdrawal.

    The fee is R$9,90 per transaction. 

    What are the services offered by the digital account? 

    Another question from customers, when they look for AME Digital how it works, is in relation to the services that are offered by the account.

    Cashback is not the only solution available:


    AME Digital has in its portfolio of products loan with property guarantee, loan with vehicle guarantee, loans in which the credit is deposited on time and even solutions for negative debts.

    There are several benefits for customers who wish to acquire loans with this digital account:

    • Credit deposited in the account from one business day;
    • Process done online through the application;
    • Safety;
    • Plots that are designed according to the customer's profile, avoiding financial problems. 

    Prepaid card

    With the prepaid card, you don't have to carry cash in your pocket or wallet.

    Just add a balance to shop for products and services. It also offers other consumer benefits:

    • Absence of annuity; 
    • International card;
    • Mastercard brand; 
    • Possibility of reloading the card in the application itself. Cashback balance is not authorized in this benefit.

    Credit card

    For customers looking for an economical and practical alternative, the AME Digital credit card is a great option. And the benefits prove this feature. 

    • Participation in the Mastercard Surprise program;
    • Absence of annuity. The benefit is granted to cards issued until 31/12/2022; 
    • Installment available in up to 24 installments in the sections that are indicated in the Americanas store. The benefit is valid only in physical establishments;
    • Payment by approach.

    The credit card also allows you to pay bills. It is possible to pay debts from bank slips and taxes. Among the most common are: fines, IPTU, DARF and GRU. 

    You can also make payments for household bills, including: water, gas, energy, internet, landline, cell phone and cable TV. 

    Recharge cell

    A lot of people don't know, but consumers can top up their mobile device credit through three alternatives: AME balance, cashback or credit card. 

    Wash House Service

    To bring more practicality into your routine, you can count on the support of the Lavemcasa service. 

    It is an online laundry that offers a lot of time savings for the consumer. 

    You make the contract through the application.

    The company's responsible team goes to your residence to collect the parts. 

    Then the team washes and irons all the clothes carefully. Then they are delivered to your home.

    This step is done on the day and time that was aligned with the client. 

    pet insurance 

    The next benefit on our list is aimed at Pet parents.

    The medical assistance plan for dogs and cats is a partnership with the Amigo Pet company. 

    One of the main benefits of the plan is that your best friend has 24-hour veterinary assistance.

    It is available in all regions of the country. 

    It's a great way out to not have to worry about extra costs in the middle of the month.

    Buy products at Americanas Mercado

    In this market delivery, the user can purchase various types of products to make a delicious recipe.

    And the best: without leaving your own residence. 

    The market works like a physical establishment. The customer can find several items:

    • Meat;
    • fresh vegetables;
    • Grocery store;
    • Sweets;
    • Drinks;
    • cleaning items;
    • Hygiene products.   

    AME dental insurance

    When searching for AME Digital how it works, most customers have the feeling that it is much more than a digital account.

    She really cares about the consumer's well-being. Want an example?

    Through the partnership with W. Dental, you have the opportunity to take care of the health of your teeth.

    The most interesting thing is that hiring is done without bureaucracy and the consumer can use the service immediately. 

    When hiring the plan, you have access to a digital card. With this feature, the user discovers the procedures that are performed, schedules appointments and monitors all the information through the mobile device. 

    In the app, you can also buy games, earn a Tinder voucher, among other benefits. 

    Solutions for your business 

    With AME Digital it is easier to enhance the results of your venture. You can make sales in several ways:

    • In sight;
    • installments;
    • QR Code;
    • Payment link. 

    Another positive point is the gain in visibility. To give you an idea, there are more than 15 million consumers making payments with Ame. 

    It is also possible to notice an increase in the average ticket.

    According to the company, consumers who pay with Ame generally consume 3,2x more. 

    Cashback helps with consumer loyalty, as payment with AME guarantees 2,7x more money back. 

    What are the partner establishments? 

    See below the stores that accept AME:

    • Shoptime;
    • Submarine. 

    You can also take advantage of the partnership with Méliuz.

    Here, when purchasing a certain item, the customer can accumulate cashback in both solutions. 

    The company informs that it is under development and is always looking for other possibilities to integrate its affiliate network. 

    AME Digital how does it work? 

    One of the most common questions among customers is about AME Digital how it works.

    The process is similar to any financial institution that operates online. 

    Just download an application and perform all operations on your mobile device. The system is practical and the information is organized in an intuitive way for the user. 

    How to register a customer? 

    After discovering AME Digital how it works, let's understand better how to register in the system? 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, the AME Digital registration process is very simple, even for those people who are not skilled with technology: 

    1. Download the app. It is released for Android and iOS;
    2. Fill in the personal data, including: full name, CPF and date of birth. It is also necessary to include e-mail and mobile device number;
    3. Confirm the verification email that will be sent to your inbox; 
    4. Check that you have received a message on your mobile device informing you of account activation. 

    Ready, after this process, you can use the resources that are offered by the digital account. 

    How to make payments with Ame Digital? 

    This process can be performed in two ways:

    1. Ame account balance;
    2. Credit card registered in the system. 

    When purchasing a product, the customer can choose between the two alternatives.

    The system also allows for a combination, ensuring more practicality for the consumer. 

    It works like this: if you have an available balance of R$40 and you are interested in buying a certain R$60 item, you can pay the remaining R$20 amount with your credit card. 

    How does cashback work?

    The benefit is valid for items authorized at partner establishments.

    In other words, not all products purchased at partner stores are part of the cashback program.  

    Therefore, before selecting an item, we recommend reading the product description.

    This way, you will avoid problems in the future. 

    When purchasing an item that offers part of the money back, the amount is transferred to the Ame balance after 30 calendar days. 

    The period is counted from the confirmation of payment for the product.

    If the purchase is cancelled, the amount corresponding to the cashback is also cancelled. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the cashback does not expire. The negative point is that the balance of the digital account cannot be above the amount of R$5 thousand. 

    You can use the balance in the account to transfer money to other accounts that belong to the network, in addition to purchasing any type of product. 

    However, the consumer cannot transfer amounts to other financial institutions. 

    What is the AME Digital score on Reclame Aqui? 

    AME Digital how does it work and use to receive cashback?

    When discovering the reputation of a company, it is worth visiting the Reclame Aqui website.

    In it, you can understand more clearly how consumers evaluate AME Digital. 

    In October 2022, the score of AME Digital – Reclame Aqui was 9,1 out of 10, which is considered great by the platform. 

    The company responded to 100% of the complaints that were registered on the website, with a problem solving rate of 93.8%.

    Of these reviews, 87.4% would do business with the digital account again. 

    Therefore, it is possible to conclude that AME Digital is reliable. 

    What is the AME Digital Call Center? 

    When developing this article, our proposal was to offer a complete guide on AME Digital how it works.

    However, when using the service, it is possible to have other types of doubts. 

    The positive side is that the digital account offers a highly qualified customer service center. 

    The company contains the following customer service options:

    • Chat that can be accessed in the Ame Digital app;
    • Form that is released on the company page. It is located at the bottom of the page:
    • Contact telephone for all regions of our country: 4003-2120;
    • Contact phone number for residents of Rio de Janeiro only: 0800-229-7667. 

    Is it worth using AME Digital? 

    Yes. The company's reputation on Reclame Aqui shows that the platform is a good alternative for consumers. 

    The digital account is a great option, especially for customers who are in the habit of purchasing products at Lojas Americanas. 

    AME Digital also offers other interesting services for consumers' daily lives, such as credit cards, prepaid cards and digital loans.

    Without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives on the market. 

    About AME Digital 

    Now that you know AME Digital how it works, let's get to know more details about the history of the digital account? 

    Developed in 2022, the company was born to change the course and transform the way our countrymen deal with money. 

    Fintech aims to build a mobile business technology to be fundamental in the routine of consumers. 

    The company's numbers are impressive. Currently, 15 million app downloads have been made, and 1.700 establishments are part of the digital account. 

    Did you realize that learning details about AME Digital how it works is simpler than it looks? So do not lose more time.

    Review the points we mentioned above and if it meets your needs, download the app to enjoy all the benefits. 

    After discovering AME Digital how it works, learn how to open a Bari digital account, another alternative for customers who want to control their finances online. 


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