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    9 Simple and Efficient Notepad Apps (Updated)

    Nothing better than organizing simply and easily through small notes! And even better is to do it through the cell phone, right? How about installing one of the best notepad apps on your smartphone or tablet and start using it right away? Your day will be much more practical and you will never forget any appointment!


    • ColorNote Notepad List
    • My Colorful Notepad
    • Notes – MemoCool Plus
    • quick notepad
    • Notes
    • Google Keep – Notes and Lists
    • Notepad
    • Notepad
    • Colored Notes

    ColorNote Notepad List

    Organize your notes by color, use color widgets with notes on the main screen, mark finished items in a list, organize your tasks in a calendar and much more! ColorNote Notepad List is an application that gives you the quick and simple experience editing notes, reminders, emails, lists and messages!


    My Colorful Notepad

    Novo 11/08/2022

    Perfect application to organize your day to day. Password protect your notes and customize the way you see fit! Attach photos, drawings, audio recordings or files to your notes. Be sure to check it out!

    My Colorful Notepad is available for:

    Notes – MemoCool Plus

    The application Notes – MemoCool Plus is a super cute virtual fridge where you paste your notes with over 80 magnets to choose from, different types of paper, fonts and colors! The fridge is also fully customizable and you can decorate it however you want, leaving it with your face!


    quick notepad

    quick notepad is a simple notepad with no ads getting in the way and loads right away! Just download, install and start taking notes at the same time without needing any extra resources!



    Notes is another app with simplicity first. In it you'll be able to create notes and reminders on your Android device in a super colorful and high-spirited interface that gives you the courage to complete all the tasks of the day!


    Google Keep – Notes and Lists

    Make notes and lists with suggestions and stay organized with Google Keep – Notes and Lists! With it you can quickly record a thought, a last minute reminder or something to do the next day in a simple and energetic interface! You can also record a voice message and it is automatically transcribed! Add photos of bills to pay, places to visit and things to buy and never miss something important again!



    With Notepad you'll be able to write notes on a pad that intuitively grows and shrinks as you need! If you are tired of annoying notes and reminders then this is the right app for you!



    In-app Notepad you can make simple notes, a diary or even use the app as a private laptop! Just install and open the app to start using it!


    Colored Notes

    How about making your notes in a colorful notepad with different sorting methods? The application Colored Notes manages your daily schedule and is fully customizable, so you can make the app your own!


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