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    9 best apps to identify plants

    9 best apps to identify plants

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 17, 2022 | Technology |

    If you are part of the group of people who are passionate about plants and enjoy raising, admiring, studying and caring for them, it is important that you know how to identify each species. To help you with this task and make your life easier, you need to know the best apps to identify plants using only your cell phone. 

    According to 2022 information from the botanists at the Royal Gardens of Kew, located in England, there are more than 390.900 species of plants in the world, and that number is on the rise. Thus, it is practically impossible to identify all of them with just the look. So it is worth resorting to other resources and technologies. Let's check out the 9 best apps to identify plants, which can be very useful, practical and quick to use. 

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    1. Apps to identify plants: PlantNet

    With this application available for iOS and Android and iOS devices, you can identify a plant with just a photo or image. PantNet searches for notes and research available in botanical databases on the internet, presenting several basic characteristics about a species in question. In the application, more than 4 thousand species of plants are registered and documented. 

    It is worth mentioning that the app is developed by scientific teams from INRA, IRD, CIRAD, INRIA and the Tela Botânica network, in addition to having a partnership with the Agropolis Foundation. Thus, it becomes a very reliable tool for those who work with this type of information, as well as for those who only like plants. 

    2. Apps to identify plants: plant snap

    Like PlantNet, PlantSnap is available for both Android and iOS devices. With it, you can identify species of trees, flowers and plants through the app's database. It not only collects information about plants from different parts of the planet, but also helps you to know which species you are dealing with quickly. You also have access to a species map that allows the user to find plants near their location or in each region of our country, and even the world. 

    3. Apps to identify plants: What flower is this?

    As its name suggests, this app is more focused on flower identification. With it, you can get information about the flowers you want, such as habitat, color, petal numbers and other details you want to know about them. In the database of What flower is this? more than 900 flowers are available for you to consult. Although it is not free, you can download it from the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. 

    4. Apps to identify plants: Picture This

    Picture This has a similar function to the previously mentioned applications. With it, you can discover the species of flowers, trees and plants in general. The use is very simple, you only need photos or images of the specific plant and the application itself will provide information such as the species, scientific and popular name of the plant and other data. 

    But if you are also interested in creating your own garden, the application has a tool that allows you to consult specialists in the field of floriculture and gardening and provides tips on this matter. You can access the app from the Play Store or the App Store, as it is available for both Android and iOS systems.  

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    5. Apps to identify plants: LeafSpot

    Available for Android devices in the Play Store or for the iOS system in the App Store, with LeafSpot it is possible to use the leaves of the plants to find out which plant it is. In addition to doing this quickly, the information provided is quite efficient and accurate. The information is taken from a database that allows users to identify plants from any region of the world. 

    To use it, all you need is a photo of the plant or just its leaf. With this, all related information will be on the screen of your device. What's more, the app allows you to chat with professionals and experts in the field in a chat or use the available library. 

    6. Apps to identify plants: Gardenia

    An app for those interested in gardening and botany, Gardenia can be used to easily identify plants. The app's database has more than 2 registered species. In addition, it also provides several gardening tips for beginners or professionals who need a hand. The number of registered species may still increase, as the app is updated weekly with new species and even new functions depending on the update.

    With Gardenia, you can also get some lessons on how you can fertilize your crops, water the plants of each species and other information on how to care for your plants in general. It is available for both Android and iOS devices in the appropriate online app stores. 

    7. Apps to identify plants: Flora Incognita

    This application was created specifically to identify plant species automatically. However, it is worth mentioning that it is restricted especially for species located in Central Europe. All you need to do to use Flora Incógnita is to take a photo or send an image of the plant you want information about. In addition to the name, you will also have data and information about the species. 

    You can get the app by accessing the Play Store for Android smartphones and the App Store for iOS devices. 

    8. Apps to identify plants: iNaturalist 

    Perhaps one of the best known on the market, iNaturalist is available for both iOS and Android devices. A differential is that in addition to identifying plant species, this app also works to identify animal species around the world. A community with over 400 scientists is responsible for feeding the application's database. 

    Furthermore, iNaturalist allows users to record their own observations and share much more information with members and other users of this community.

    9. Apps to identify plants: Mushroom Identify

    Formerly known as Champignouf, Mushroom Identify is an app focused entirely on identifying mushroom species. He is a great choice for those who usually plant mushrooms or eat or live in a region that has many mushrooms. The app's database contains more than 1.000 registered species.

    However, it is still under development, so there may be a few issues with the app. If you're interested, Mushroom Identify is available for both Android devices on the Play Store and iOS devices on the App Store.

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