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    8 Types of Entrepreneurship You Need to Know

    8 Types of Entrepreneurship You Need to Know

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 23, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    In recent times, more and more people are looking to undertake and have their own business. But did you know that there is more than one type of entrepreneurship? In this post you will find 8 types of entrepreneurship to inspire you to undertake in a different way.

    Before talking about entrepreneurship and its types, it is necessary to reflect on what it is to undertake. According to formal definitions, entrepreneurship is the act of solving problems generating some social or even economic impact.

    Entrepreneurship means questioning your reality and creating ways to improve the environment around you. However, there is not just one way to do it. And that's why below will be shown at least 8 most common types of entrepreneurship.

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    The 8 Types of Entrepreneurship

    Types of entrepreneurship: the individual micro-entrepreneur

    This is the most common and also the best known entrepreneurship. It's the one you create your own business. Generally, those in this category spend most of their time working as an individual entrepreneur.

    That's when you are your business. There are also ways for you to register with MEI or EI, which will give you some benefits to start your own venture.

    The modality is also great for those who want to undertake without having experience yet.

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    Types of entrepreneurship: the franchised entrepreneur

    A very common style of entrepreneurship is the franchisee. The reason is that nowadays there are many famous small and medium companies that have franchises. Here, the entrepreneur buys a franchise from the owner of the networks and the rights to use the brand.

    In this category, you will not create a model from scratch, but sell using the name of a well-known brand. Common examples are McDonalds, CVC, Renner and many others.

    The interesting thing about franchises is that depending on your franchise and the location you are in, you can get high returns in a short time. However, the deductible will depend on how much capital you have to invest.

    Types of entrepreneurship: the informal entrepreneur

    Anyone who thinks that to undertake you necessarily need formal legislation is wrong. In many cases, you will not need an employment relationship to undertake, which is the case with app drivers, for example.

    The advantage of informal entrepreneurship is that there is no tax on the activity. In addition, they can also choose their own hours and have an unstable remuneration.

    However, it is important to remember that due to the lack of formality, the worker has no rights and is totally dependent on informal support.

    Types of Entrepreneurship: The Corporate Entrepreneur

    The concept of intrapreneurship is still not well known in our country, however it is a great option for those who want to undertake and not take so many risks. Here, you undertake in the company where you are working.

    In corporate entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur will innovate in the company, always with a vision of leadership and responsibility. Many companies have projects that encourage corporate entrepreneurship, such as Google, for example.

    Types of entrepreneurship: the social entrepreneur

    For many people to undertake means to change the lives of the people around, but that does not necessarily have a profit end. It is in this context that social entrepreneurship stands out.

    The most interesting thing about this category is that there are several types of social entrepreneurship. You can undertake anything from creating or managing an NGO to even a social inclusion project in a company.

    Many people end up discovering themselves as entrepreneurs through social entrepreneurship. The idea is that you can innovate with the aim of promoting the common good and as a bonus you still gain experience in the process.

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    Types of entrepreneurship: the cooperative entrepreneur

    Another form of entrepreneurship that few people know about is cooperative entrepreneurship. In this category, you will associate with other people with the same interest and create a business together.

    The idea is to gather the monthly contribution of each individual. As far as you are concerned, this money is passed on to those who will be in the day-to-day business. An example of this enterprise is agricultural cooperatives.

    In other words, the idea is that you deposit money monthly and the cooperatives use this money to expand their productive capacity. In addition, they can also use this money to train and help those in the cooperative.

    Types of Entrepreneurship: The Digital Entrepreneur

    With more and more people accessing the internet, the number of people creating ways to make money through social media has also increased. And this is how digital entrepreneurship is born.

    The idea is simply to create a business that is geared towards an online audience. In this context, you create a product or service and make it available on the internet. It can be from creating an online store or even a YouTube channel.

    One of the biggest advantages of being a digital entrepreneur is that there are no limits to imagination. In digital entrepreneurship, you find millions of different ways and you can even undertake by teaching people how to undertake.

    Types of entrepreneurship: the public entrepreneur

    Anyone who thinks that one cannot undertake in the public sector is wrong. The truth is that there are several public institutions that allow you to undertake.

    In this sense, the idea is to look for institutions that are related to innovation or that allow you to innovate, in the case of FIOCRUZ, for example. However, it is also possible to undertake in places like the Post Office, for example.

    Thus, the most important thing is that you seek public institutions that allow the means to innovate. In places that work with science and technology, you will see many very interesting options to undertake.

    The 8 Types of Entrepreneurship and Which Entrepreneurship is Best for You?

    There are many ways to undertake and you don't have to be focused on just one market. It is common for people to use different types of entrepreneurship in the same venture.

    Another point is that you need to know your profile. Maybe you don't identify with a specific entrepreneurship, but see that another one is already more to your liking. The Sebrae types of entrepreneurship, for example, can help you in your research.

    In this way, you will realize that entrepreneurship is not just for some people. Remember: everything has a beginning and undertaking is another one of them.

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