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    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    As the popular Giganima app didn't exist for iOS, iPhone and iPad users needed similar apps. The app has been discontinued, but the need for alternatives to anime streaming continues.

    That's why brings together 8 similar apps that can satisfy your desire to watch Japanese-style cartoons.

    1. Crunchyroll

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Crunchyroll is a streaming service for Japan's most popular anime. The platform offers recent content such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride and Dragon Ball Super.

    It's free and doesn't require any subscription, but the option to subscribe to Premium might be appealing to the genre's big fans. After all, the paid plan makes new episodes available just an hour after they air in Japan. In addition, it allows content to be viewed on Apple TV, XBox and PlayStation.

    • Crunchyroll (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

    2. Viki: Asian Films and TV

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Viki is a streaming service dedicated to productions from eastern countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. In addition to movies, series and TV shows, it offers anime subtitles in Portuguese.

    For now, there are not many options available on the platform, but the catalog is likely to grow. The app also has a social aspect and allows you to make and see other users' comments about the watched episodes. There is also the possibility to participate in discussion groups about the titles.

    • Viki: Asian Films and TV (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

    3. CONtv + Comics

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    CONtv + Comics bills itself as the virtual destination for fans of the Comic Con event. Therefore, it offers content generally associated with geek culture, such as science fiction films, martial arts, horror and, of course, anime.

    There are dozens of animated titles with English subtitles or dubs, including Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Samurai Troopers and more. The free version has ads that can be a little inconvenient. To remove them, you must subscribe to the paid plan.

    • CONtv + Comics (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS


    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Best known for its feature of mirroring multimedia content on smart TVs, Plex also has a catalog of free streaming movies, series and programs. There are options for the most different tastes, including anime.

    You can find titles like AD Police, Vampire Princess Miyu and Dead Leaves. The animations are dubbed in English or Japanese and have English subtitles. The free version offers advertising before and during episodes.

    • Plex (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

    5. Hidive

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Hidive is an anime streaming service that brings together more than 500 titles. Among new and classic movies and series, the user will find content available exclusively on the platform.

    There is also the simultaneous release of episodes on the same day they premiere in Japan. The animations are dubbed in English.

    • hide (paid, 30-day free trial): iOS

    6. Netflix

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Anime may not appear in its highlights on Netflix, but the platform has a vast catalog of cartoons in the genre. There are dozens of titles, between series and movies. There are options for action anime, romance, horror and even for children.

    Several of these productions are originals to the service, such as the critically acclaimed Castlevania, the thriller Kakegurui and the action animation Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad. There is still room for classics like Naruto, InuYasha and Sakura Cardcaptors.

    • Netflix (paid): iOS

    7.Amazon Prime Video

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Amazon Prime Video also offers options for fans of Japanese-style animation. Subscribers can watch multiple seasons of Pokémon the series, as well as titles like Magical, Psyco Pass, and the exclusive Blade of the Immortal.

    Most of the content has original Japanese audio, ensuring an even more immersive experience in the anime universe, with Portuguese subtitles.

    • Amazon Prime Video (paid): iOS

    8. Pipes

    8 Giganima-like apps to watch anime on iPhone

    Sites to watch anime online (free and paid)

    Although Tubi TV has an app for mobile devices, it is not yet available in our country. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the service's catalog. The contents can be accessed through the platform's website.

    Among them are anime like Street Fighter: The New Challengers, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Phoenix. There are drawings with the original audio and others dubbed in English. In both cases, the user can opt for subtitles also in English.

    • Tubes (free): web


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