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    8 best sites to read manga online and have fun without downloading anything

    For those who like to read manga, there are several websites that allow you to enjoy Japanese-style comics online and legally. There are options for all tastes and types of manga, such as romance, fantasy, adventure, yaoi and more.

    Complete manga are available for free or on a per chapter or monthly fee basis. The contents can be found in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Japanese, among other languages.

    has gathered the 8 best sites to read this type of comic without downloading anything.

    Crunchyroll Manga

    O Crunchyrol is a kind of streaming service for manga, anime and drama series. Among the comics are titles published by publishers Seven Seas Entertainment, Kodansha and Vertical.

    Most chapters are available for free. But only subscribers have access to the entire collection, including those posted on the site at the same time as the launch in Japan.

    Before deciding whether to pay for the content, you can do a 14-day free trial. It is worth mentioning that the manga are only translated into English.


    O mangatoon releases new stories weekly in genres such as romance, fantasy, adventure, yaoi and more. With a Portuguese version, the site has free manga chapters. However, in many cases it is necessary to pay to access the end of the story.

    Aspiring writers and designers have the opportunity to showcase their talent to the service's readership community. If the shared content gets a certain amount of hits, the platform pays for the publication.

    Comic walker

    Want completely free online manga? THE Comic walker could be a good option. It is possible to read everything without registration. But if you want to build your Library and organize your bookmarks for later reading, creating a user can be useful.

    Profile done, turn on notifications to receive alerts about news of your favorite stories. The service also works as a good ally for those learning Japanese. After all, there are several titles available in the original language.

    Manga More

    O Manga More is a website managed by the Japanese publisher Shueisha, responsible for titles such as Naruto and Dragon Ball. The page provides free manga in English, Spanish and some translated into Portuguese.

    Contents are posted at the same time as they are published in Japan. Just choose the series you want, click on the chapter and enjoy the online reader. Drag the screen and follow the adventures of your favorite characters.


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    O Comixology is known for its Marvel and DC superhero comics, but also has several manga titles available. There are comic versions of anime, which are part of the Watched the anime? Read the manga!.

    Options include Dragon Ball Z, The Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, Knights of Sidonia, and more. Although there is already a subscription plan in the United States, in our country, users can only buy the stories individually.


    Webtoon is a free service for hosting comics of different genres, including manga. There are hundreds of free titles, made by creators around the world.

    The site also provides the opportunity for users to publish their own content. In addition to the chance to be known by a community of more than 50 million readers, the author can receive 50% of the income in advertising. To do so, it is necessary to have more than 40 monthly accesses and more than XNUMX subscribers.


    Renta is a romantic manga hosting site that lets you rent chapters for 48 hours or buy them. The service brings together stories from the yaoi, shojo, seinen, shonen, yuri genres, among others.

    Although most comics are paid, there are free options for tasting some stories. In addition, you can change your rental plan from a 48-hour story to purchase whenever you want.

    Book Walker

    Book Walker bills itself as the official eBook store for manga fans. The site gathers hundreds of titles in English to buy. But there are also free options that can be checked online.

    Every month, new free content is added to the catalog. Just make a quick registration and read the stories in the integrated reader of the platform.


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