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    8 best apps for group video conferencing

    Group video conferencing apps reduce physical distances and allow 3 or more people to chat via cell phone or computer. Some of these online meeting apps have more corporate profiles. Others seek to provide a true virtual party.

    Looking for an app for professional conferences or just having fun with friends and family? Check out 's list of the best free programs to make video calls with multiple people.

    1. Zoom

    Zoom is a team meeting app that allows you to gather up to 100 people in the same virtual meeting room. Just access the conference link and the program will put you in the chat.

    Users can choose whether to leave the camera and microphone on or off and also participate in the discussion via a text chat. In addition, the app allows you to share your device's screen with all participants.

    It may seem confusing to make a call with dozens of people, but the program successfully manages it. Whenever someone with an active microphone speaks, their camera becomes the main part of the conversation.

    Zoom offers free group chats for up to 40 minutes. If you need more time, you need to subscribe to the paid version of the app. Conversations between two people have no time limit.

    • Zoom (free): Android | iOS | Windows (web browser client)

    2. Hangouts

    Hangouts is a Google chat app that lets you make free video calls with up to 10 people. To do this, all people need to have the app installed on their Android or iPhone device or access the web version from their PC.

    On your smartphone, just tap the icon +, go on new video call and then choose who to call into the conversation. On the computer, the user can directly access the Hangouts website.

    The program has integration with cell phone contacts, if you enter your phone number. As it's not just a video call app, it lets you chat with your contacts via text chat. In this mode, you can share image files, GIFS, emojis and stickers.

    • Hangouts (free): Android | iOS | web

    3.Microsoft Teams

    With a more corporate profile, Microsoft Teams is a service that aims to facilitate remote teamwork. In a single program, it is possible to create activity flows, chat in chat and create documents without a set.

    The online meeting feature has HD audio and video and guarantees the participation of up to 250 people. However, it is only present in the paid plan. The tool also allows for online events, such as lectures, with up to 10 people.

    The free version only has a simple video call, between two people, with screen sharing option.

    • Microsoft Teams (free download, with paid plans): Android | iOS | Windows

    4 Whatsapp

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    WhatsApp needs no introduction, but its group video calling tool might not. Launched in 2022, the feature allows you to talk to up to 4 people at the same time.

    The conversation can be carried out between members of the same group or by adding contacts through the Calls tab. You can also add more people to a conversation already in progress.

    The screen is then divided into 2, 3 or 4 parts, so that everyone can see each other. If you want to participate by audio only, just tap disable video.

    Although the number of users in videoconferencing is lower than in other apps, WhatsApp's advantage is its popularity. After all, it's hard to find someone who doesn't have the app installed on their phone.

    However, the ideal is to avoid using it in professional meetings, since the messenger is used in a particular way by its users.

    • WhatsApp (free): Android | iOS | web

    5. Skype

    One of the pioneers when it comes to video calls, Skype remains a good option for those who want to have a virtual group meeting. The app allows you to videoconference in HD with up to 50 people at the same time.

    The user can choose to see all the windows, in the form of a grid, or choose to highlight the camera of the speaker. If you need to share your device's screen with other participants, the app allows it, free of charge.

    You can create a link to the conversation and share it with the people you want to invite to the online meeting.

    • Skype (free): Android | iOS | Web | Computer (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)

    6. JusTalk

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    JustTalk is an app that lets you join videoconferences with up to 16 people on Android and 50 on iPhone. The purpose of this app is to make video chatting more relaxed.

    The program has tools that allow you to draw, change the video background or insert stickers. You can also play in real time with your friends or, if you prefer, record an audio with the funny voice to amuse everyone.

    All this with high resolution image and security guarantee. The app's developers promise end-to-end encryption of conversations, so that only senders and receivers have access to the exchanged content.

    • JustTalk (free): Android | iOS

    7. Messenger

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    Despite being well-known, Messenger is hardly the first option when thinking about video conversations. The app's video calls, however, have several features that differentiate it from other programs of the genre.

    In addition to support for group chats, users can have fun using filters and augmented reality effects in real time during the chat. That is, if you're on a day when you don't want to put on makeup, use a lipstick filter or a fun mask. The important thing is to communicate.

    But not only! If you want, you can also play AR games with the group and see who does best in the challenges. It's a promise of good laughs.

    • Messenger (free): Android | iOS

    8. Zooroom

    Zooroom is a videoconferencing app that seeks to bring practicality to users. One person creates their chat room, sends the link to their friends, and that's it.

    Just download the application, without the need to make any registration or watch advertisements. Group video chat supports up to 12 people. If you already know a friend's room, just search by name and access.

    You can choose which person's camera to see highlighted by tapping on it. If you just want to hear the chat, you can mute your microphone by double tapping on your video. Tired of the conversation? Swipe right and you're out of the chat.

    • zooroom (free): Android | iOS


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