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    7 Free Internet Apps to Connect Anywhere

    download one free internet app and connect anywhere to social networks to view videos, photos and chat with your friends. You free internet apps can act in 3 different ways: provide automatic connection to the cell phone without needing 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, teach step-by-step how to get free internet through other applications, such as VPN's, or even provide Wi-Fi passwords shared by users, as in WiFi password guessing apps.

    Check out a special selection below. 8 free internet apps and start testing now!


    • Psiphon Pro – Free Internet Application
    • Instabridge free WiFi password 
    • free internet for android
    • Free Passwords – Wifi Map
    • WiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords
    • internet gratis android 2022
    • Wifi Analyzer

    Psiphon Pro – Free Internet Application

    Psiphon Pro really works and the connection is made quickly, however it can drop sometimes. The app has an internal browser where you can search and enter your favorite sites. More connection instability can be acquired through the prepaid plan.

    Psiphon Pro is available for:

    Android IOS

    Instabridge free WiFi password 

    In this app you have access to Wi-Fi passwords for free and legally that were made available by the app's users. You can even register new passwords for networks that you use for other users to have access.

    Instabridge free WiFi password is available for:

    Android IOS

    free internet for android

    This app works differently: it doesn't directly provide free internet, but it provides tutorials for the user to learn how to get 3G, 4G and 5G signals by configuring VPN apps on the Android smartphone.

    free internet for android is available for:


    Free Passwords – Wifi Map

    Available for Android and iOS, Wifi Map searches for public Wi-Fi passwords in nearby locations and the user can also share the internet. The app works worldwide and offers paid features to optimize the free Wi-Fi experience.

    Free Passwords – Wifi Map is available for:


    WiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords

    Another app aimed at providing free Wi-Fi passwords that works as a large social network where users also share the access passwords of the networks they use for other people to connect. Login can even be done via Facebook.

    WiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords is available for:


    internet gratis android 2022

    Get access to free tutorials on how to get mobile data for free in different locations around the world to use the internet with the app! Just follow the step by step and learn!

    internet gratis android 2022 is available for:


    Wifi Analyzer

    The app specializes in connecting the user to Wi-Fi networks with the best internet signal nearby. It does this by recruiting all information about the network, including the degree of trust in the network. The app is all in English, which can be considered a downside.

    Wifi Analyzer is available for:


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