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    7 Best Merchandise Delivery Apps to Order Everything

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    Goods delivery apps have arrived to make life easier for users. These services guarantee the delivery of various types of orders. Whether it's grocery shopping, food ordering, document submission, pharmacy items and whatever else you need.

    Transport can be done by motorcycle, bicycle or car, depending on the service chosen. has gathered the 7 best goods delivery apps. Choose the cheapest or the one that fits best in your pocket and place your order!

    1. Click Deliveries

    Same day delivery in Brazil

    Click Delivery is a delivery app for different types of goods. It is possible to request the transport of documents, food, flowers, groceries, cake and whatever else you want. The user can choose to have the delivery made by motorcycle, car or van, according to the weight of the material transported.

    The service is available to individuals and companies in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. Delivery can be made within 90 minutes or by appointment. Payment can be made by cash, card or bank slip (companies only). The entire route can be followed by the app.

    The calculation of the fare charged is based on the type of transport chosen. Initially, it includes a minimum mileage of 6 km for motorcycles and cars and 30 km for vans. After this distance, an additional fee per kilometer traveled is charged, as well as extra collection points.

    • Click Deliveries (free): web | Android | iOS

    2. Loggia

    Loggi is an express delivery service for individuals and companies, present in cities in all regions of the country. For ordinary users, it locates the nearest rider for transporting items up to 20 kg.

    It is possible to explain to the delivery person what he needs to do, including asking him to go to the registry office or bank. Also through the app, the applicant can follow the entire trajectory of the goods. In addition, the recipient receives an SMS or email in which they can monitor the status of the order online.

    Payment can be made by credit card. The fare is calculated from an initial fee to which a value is added according to the kilometers driven. Extra collection points are also charged. There is also an additional per-minute waiting fee if you are more than 10 or 15 minutes late.

    • Loggi (free). web | Android | iOS

    3. Rappi

    More than a delivery app, Rappi also offers the option of online shopping. In addition to the traditional food delivery, the app provides pharmacy products, markets, stores of different types, concert tickets and much more.

    For this, it has professional buyers, called shoppers, who select the desired items in the establishments. So if you need toothpaste or the hot dog from the cart, you can ask for it through the app. Payment must be made by card or via PayPal.

    The platform is available in more than 140 cities in our country and has two types of fees. Rappi Prime subscribers pay a monthly fee and have free deliveries on purchases over R$30,00 on their credit card. In the traditional way, the delivery fee varies according to the service provided.

    • Rappi (free): web | Android | iOS

    4. QueroDelivery

    QueroDelivery is a service from our country of goods delivery, which is present in more than 100 cities. It is possible to request the delivery of market products, cosmetic stores, bookstores, pet shops and much more.

    You can track the order in real time, from production (if food) to delivery. Payment can be made by credit card and cash. The fee charged varies depending on the product requested by the app.

    • QueroDelivery (free): Android | iOS

    5. ask.there

    The pede.aí calls itself the “delivery of everything”. The service's differential is its operation in cities in the interior of the northeast, north and midwest, which often end up being neglected by larger apps.

    The tool divides orders into main categories. They are: restaurants, water and gas, pharmacies, market, shops and beverages. Just choose the establishment affiliated to the platform and add the desired products.

    The delivery fee varies according to what is charged by each store. If you prefer, it is also possible to withdraw the product, when scheduling the collection time. The payment method varies according to the place of purchase.

    • ask.there (free): Android | iOS

    6. Zé Delivery of Beverages

    As the name implies, Zé Delivery specializes in the delivery of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The catalog includes options such as beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, cachaça, tequila, catuaba and much more.

    The app also offers items that cannot end up at your party, such as ice, charcoal and snacks. Extras include plastic cups, card games and even condoms.

    The service is available in different regions of the country. The cost of shipping varies according to the delivery and is indicated at the conclusion of the purchase. Payment can be made in cash or by card.

    • Zé Delivery of Beverages (free): web | Android | iOS

    7. Wabi

    Have you ever thought about a fee-free delivery app? Well, that's Wabi's proposal. Available in some cities in the country, the service assigns delivery of products ordered on the platform to a commercial establishment in your region.

    The idea is to strengthen markets, bakeries and other local stores. The delivery fee is divided between the merchants and the consumer pays only for what he bought. It is possible to purchase food, drinks, hygiene and beauty items, cleaning materials, among others. According to the app, the goods are received in less than an hour.

    For this it is necessary to consume a minimum of R$ 20,00. The delivery person's route can be followed in real time, from the moment he leaves the store until he arrives at his home. Payment must be made in cash.

    • Wabi (free): Android | iOS


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