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    7 Apps to Recover Deleted Photos (Updated)

    O app to recover deleted photos is an efficient solution for you restore deleted photos from mobile. The app to recover photos such as DiskDigger, Restore ImageDigdeep, scan the device to find traces of deleted files and then bring them back.

    Most of them do not need root to work and are effective for recover deleted photos, although they often also show photos that are already on the device. Check out all the features of each below. app to recover deleted photos and take the test now on your smartphone!


    • DiskDigger Photo Recovery
    • Restore Image
    • Restore Image
    • DigDeep Image Recovery
    • Dumpster Recycle Bin
    • Recycle Bin to Restore Photos
    • Photo Recovery

    DiskDigger Photo Recovery

    DiskDigger has become one of the preferred applications for recover photos on Android because it is very light and easy to use. It can also be used on Windows with high performance.

    DiskDigger scans the memory of the driver chosen by the user to find traces of deleted files and thus recover them. On Android, however, DiskDigger only supports PNG, JPG and MP4 files, in case you don't get Diskdigger PRO, which is paid.

    Mobile devices must have done root for the application to work more efficiently, otherwise only cache memory and thumbnails will be scanned. You negative points of the application include the clutter in the recovery of files, which is already limited in the Android version, and its not very pleasant design.


    Restore Image

    Restore Image is highly regarded on Google Play, considered an excellent app to recover deleted photos with all the free features, without any extra charge. The app is all in English, but it's still very easy to use. The photos are mostly restored with the same quality and size as before.

    It works by showing the photos that are hidden on the cell phone in the form of a cache and that is why it is important to note that if you have deleted the caches on your cell phone, the photos cannot be recovered.


    Restore Image

    Novo 18/07/2022

    Stop using: recover deleted photos initial and press star scan button, wait until photo recovery finish scanning deleted images, the process will take some time, after completing scan recovery, recover photos from mobile with a list of images restored on the phone.

    select the image you want to restore and click the restore button. Finally, image recovery restore selected photos and group them to your galleries.


    DigDeep Image Recovery

    DigDeep scans all the smartphone's internal and external memory and restore images jpg, jpeg, png without the device having to be rooted. use the app to recover photos It's simple: after downloading, installing and authorizing access to your files, the app will start an automatic scan when you open it.

    After a few minutes the application shows the recovered photos in albums and you have to click on each one to see which photos you want to save. These may include photos that have not been deleted, but this is normal.

    Then just click on the desired photos and click Restore. These photos will go to the gallery, saved in the “RestoredPictures” album.


    Dumpster Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin Dumpster works like a computer recycle bin on your Android phone. When downloading and installing the application all deleted files will go to this recycle bin and can be restored. In this way, it does not recover lost photos before installing the app and also files that are deleted from the memory card.

    You don't need to root your phone for Recycle Bin Dumpster to work. Despite being very organized and easy to use, with the files and photos arranged in the order of the dates they were deleted, being able to be viewed in thumbnails, its design leaves something to be desired. It is possible to restore almost all types of files.


    Recycle Bin to Restore Photos

    Recycle Bin to Restore Photos is a app to recover deleted photos from mobile simple to use, although the English language is a negative point to be listed.

    When using it for the first time, you should try a new search and wait for the video and image recovery process, which can take a while. At the end, the files appear in a folder where you select the ones you want to back up and save. Saved photos go to the gallery, in the Recover_Photos folder.

    You don't need to root your phone to use the app. There is also the option to share the recovered files directly to social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


    Photo Recovery

    The Photo Recovery app works in a simple way. With just one touch the file scan is done on the Android smartphone, showing the old deleted photos. Among the images, photos not deleted from the cell phone gallery may appear, but the developer advises to continue looking among them for lost photos that have been restored.


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