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If checking the numbers of your favorite songs and new songs is part of your daily life, having them just a few clicks away, wherever you are, is certainly very useful. For musicians of different instruments, we've listed 7 of the best chord apps.

1. Club figure

This app gathers more than 413 thousand numbers of songs. There are releases, classics and the most played among musical styles such as pop, sertanejo, rock, MPB, reggae, gospel, folk, metal, forró, pagode, samba and bossa nova.

But the app goes further. Knowing that many amateur musicians look for figures in order to learn to play an instrument, the tool provides more than 2.000 video lessons on guitar, guitar, bass, singing, drums and music theory.

Among the additional features are the possibility to activate automatic scrolling (to follow the chord while playing, without having to pause), and to change the pitch and tuning. The user can still see the chord diagram, view tabs on the cipher and activate the cipher option for left-handed.

O Chords Club is available for Android and iOS.

2. MobiDic Chords

MobiDic Chords presents itself as an illustrated chord dictionary. What does that mean? It means that the user will be able to follow chords for guitar and guitar, but he will also be able to count on the help of photos of the chord (see image above).

In all, there are about 5.000 chords, all with the photo and audio of how the chord should be. To access them, it is possible to search for lists with the root and chord type, in addition to the common keyboard search.

This app was developed by our countrymen and was tested and approved by musicians from the country, such as Yamandu Costa, Nelson Faria, Daniel Sá and Gustavo Assis-our country.

O MobiDic Chords is available for Android and iOS. iOS users, however, will come across a paid app. For the system, the app is currently R$9,90. For Android, it's free.

3. Figures - Official App

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The well-known Cifras website also has its own application. The tool brings figures and tabs for guitar, guitar, ukulele, ukulele, piano, keyboard, flute, harmonica, bass and other instruments.

Among the features available in the application are: automatic scrolling, changing the key of the song, chord diagram, chord simplification for more difficult songs, chord history and voice search.

For those who want to learn to play a new instrument, TV Cifras, the platform's YouTube channel, offers 1.700 video lessons. The application even has an integrated player in which the user can check the content of the classes.

O Figures - Official App is available for Android.

4. DataCifra - Encrypted Music Manager

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An application to manage your ciphers. With this app, users can always carry their numbers with them, organize them by themes, create lists of rehearsals and presentations, among other functions.

The platform also allows you to assign audio notes to songs, share files via email, link YouTube links to songs (to watch them while rehearsing), change the song's key with just one tap, export songs to PDF and share songs on social media.

The app also has a night mode, in addition to being compatible with Bluetooth pedals and keyboards.

O DataCifra is only available for iOS and is a paid app, currently it is R$12,90.

5. My Free Ciphers

A cipher manager for Android, this app allows the user to use it without an Internet connection, even in its free version.

With it, you can store all your ciphers in a single place, with the possibility to change your data, change the tone and export files that can be loaded into another musician's My Cifras.

O My Free Ciphers is available for Android.

6. Grand Piano

This app features several popular songs for the user to learn to play the piano. These are compositions signed by names such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Vivaldi; but also songs like Happy Birthday to you, If you're happy clap your hands, Knock the Bell, Twinkle Twinkle Star and many others.

With a sophisticated learning mode, the tool allows you to play and pause the music accompanied by the chord and select orientations for each hand or for both. To provide a personalized experience, the app has the option to change the speed of learning.

You can choose between a standard keyboard (88 keys) and a scrollable keyboard, and the app also has a built-in metronome, customizable piano sound and the option to share figures via Facebook.

O Grand Piano is available for iOS.

7. Piano - Music, Songs and Keyboard Games

Learn and have fun. This is the purpose of this app for those who want to start a musical trajectory in eight keyboard instruments: Piano, Grand Piano, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion, Electric Guitar, Harp and Cello Pizzicato.

The application invites the user to learn the instrument's handling and chords through lessons and free play sessions. With an interface similar to games like Guitar Hero, the tool teaches - together with video lessons - how to read sheet music, understand chords and play.

Music options range from jazz to blues, pop to classical. Ah, the user can record their workouts and share the recordings.

O Piano - Music, songs and keyboard games is available for Android.


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