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    6 Useful Translation Apps for iPhone and Android

    Whether translating technical terms into materials used in your professional day-to-day, or getting along well during a trip to a country whose language you don't speak, translation apps are already an excellent tool to have on your smartphone. Check out 6 good options for these apps below!

    1. Google Translate (iOS and Android)

    One of the best known and one of the most complete tools, Google Translate is capable of translating 103 languages ​​just by typing. Don't have an internet connection? The app can even translate 50 languages ​​in offline mode.

    Translation using the camera (just pointing the phone's camera at the word on a sign or book, for example), in turn, works with 38 languages. The one with photo translates words from 37 languages.

    The app even allows the user to write words by hand to translate them (from 93 languages) and create lists of phrases and most translated words for future reference.

    O Google translator is available for Android and iOS.

    2. Microsoft Translator (Android and iOS)

    Microsoft's official translator is the ideal app for anyone who wants to have a conversation with one or more people in different languages! For a two-person conversation, for example, split-screen mode allows for simultaneous translation dialogue on a single device.

    Need to establish a conversation in a larger group? Maybe give a talk to a group of people of different nationalities? This app allows the translation of a conversation between a group of up to 100 people!

    To do so, each participant needs to activate the application on their mobile device and connect it to the person responsible for the conversation, who passes a code to those who want to participate. From there, everyone will see the conversation on their smartphone or tablet, in the language they want.

    In all, the app supports 60 languages ​​for translation of text, voice, dialogues, camera photos and screenshots. Also bring phrase books. The user can also download languages ​​to consult translations offline.

    O Microsoft translator is available for Android and iOS.

    3. Translator and Dictionary App (iOS and Android)

    With translations in over 100 languages, this app even allows the user to switch between different dialects and choose whether to hear the translations in male or female voices.

    The tool has a dictionary of synonyms and different meanings, a phrase book and the option to share translations, create a list of favorites, among other features.

    The Pro version offers features such as camera translation, voice-to-voice translation and verb conjugations in various tenses. iOS users still have the option to take advantage of a keyboard and iMessage extension and website translation via a Safari extension.

    O Translator and Dictionary App is available for Android and iOS.

    4. Speech & Translation - Translator (iOS)

    This app is supported by Apple's Speech Recognition Technology. The real-time voice recognition that this technology provides significantly increases the speed of translations, which can be done in up to 54 languages ​​from voice to voice.

    When the user chooses to search for text-to-text translations, the number of available languages ​​rises to 117. The app also provides speech-to-text translation in 14 languages.

    The app detects languages, has iCloud integration and different voice and speech rate settings. The premium version even offers unlimited translations, offline mode for text translation and an ad-free translation experience.

    O Speech & Translation - Translator is available for iOS.

    5. Voice Translation Interpreter Translation (Android)

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    This app can capture voice in real time, convert the message into text and read it to the user in one of the more than 100 languages ​​available. With an internet connection, translations are unlimited and immediate.

    With a simple interface, the user just needs to choose the languages, press the microphone button and speak the desired phrase. After pressing the translate option, the application shows the written sentence and "speaks" the sentence in the chosen language.

    The app also allows the sharing of texts via social networks, emails or other platforms without having to close the app. In addition, translations can be saved as PDF documents.

    O Voice translation interpreter translation is available for Android.

    6. Voice Translation + Translator (iOS)

    English (American, British and Australian), Spanish (Spanish, American and Mexican), French (French and Canadian), German, Italian, Chinese, Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian, among others. This app supports audio and voice translation in up to 33 languages ​​and dialects.

    Text translation, in turn, can be done in up to 72 languages. The app also allows the user to easily send translations via email or SMS right from the app.

    O Voice Translation + Translator is available for iOS.


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