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    6 guitar tuning apps you'll want to know

    Every musician knows the usefulness of having a good tuning tool for their instruments. The guitar is no different.

    For those who still can't tune "by ear" or who simply prefer to rely on the accuracy of a tuner, we've listed 6 ideal applications for this moment.

    1. Cifra Club Tuner

    This app is perfect for tuning guitar, guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, ukulele, violin, viola, cello and any string instrument. To this end, it offers Chromatic Tuner and String-by-String Tuner.

    With the chromatic, the user can tune the instrument by tightening and loosening the strings until the pointer is centered in green, at which time the desired tone will be reached. As long as you press on, the pointer will stay in orange. The red area indicates that it needs to be loosened.

    For those who prefer, the string-by-string tuner brings texts indicating what the user needs to do, with a more complete guidance.

    O Cifra Club Tuner is available for Android and iOS.

    2. GuitarTuna

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    With the proposal to be the easiest, fastest and most accurate tuner application in the world, GuitarTuna helps in the process of tuning instruments such as guitar, guitar, bass, ukulele and many others.

    With an intuitive interface, this app has features for experienced musicians (professional precision that can be activated in the settings menu) and for beginners (with clear information and the option to activate Auto Mode, for quick and hands-free tuning).

    It has a Metronome (in which you can set tempo and change the beats), chord learning games, chord library, four songs with tabs, chromatic tuner and over 100 tunings (including standard, drop-D, low halftone, tunings of seven strings, 12 strings, among others).

    O GuitarTuna is available for Android and iOS.

    3. Tuner and Metronome

    Easy to use, this app proposes that, with just one touch, the user can start/stop the metronome, configure sound/blinking flash/vibration/visual beats combinations, activate the tuner, select a rhythm pattern and record the music that you are playing.

    In addition, the application features a tuner with two modes: chromatic tuner, which measures sound frequency and intensity, and tuning fork mode. The flashing flash metronome feature, on the other hand, is ideal for times when external noise prevents you from hearing the instrument and application. Just follow the rhythm of the flash's blink.

    The app is compatible with guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, violin, cello, viola, bass, drums, flute and harmonica; and also with transposed instruments, such as clarinet in B-flat, horn in F, saxophone in E-flat, piccolo in D-flat and among others.

    O Tuner and Metronome is available for Android and iOS.

    4. Guitar and Acoustic Tuner

    Created by professional musicians, the application features a tuner for a wide variety of string instruments, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, banjos, violins and cellos. But it's also ideal for those who want to learn new chords and practice the ones they've already learned.

    Among the tuning modes, it includes Tune Guard™, standard tunings and popular tunings (6 and 12 strings), Drop and Double Drop, Open, Modal, Basses, Chromatic Tuner, Auto and Manual Mode.

    As for the learning and practice of playing the instrument, the app offers educational competition games, very useful for beginners and experienced musicians.

    O Guitar and Violin Tuner is available for iOS.

    5. Beginner guitar tuner

    As the name suggests, this app has the purpose of offering an easy-to-use tuner so that even those who are just entering the world of music can now tune their guitar or guitar by themselves, through the application.

    But more experienced musicians will find that this app can also be of great use to them, as it is possible to unlock 80 types of tunings and access the chord library (with more than 1300 chords!).

    No wonder Beginner Guitar Tuner has already reached the position of No. 1 music app on the Top in 11 countries.

    O beginner guitar tuner is available for iOS.

    6. CF tune - Chromatic Tuner

    Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, ukulele and other stringed instruments can be tuned easily with the help of this app. CF Tune features a multi-tuner tuner, with chromatic tuner mode, wind instrumental tuner mode and specific instrument tuner mode.

    The app also has a tone generator, a powerful metronome and other features for experienced and beginner musicians.

    O CF tune - Chromatic Tuner is available for iOS.


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