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    5 tools to tune guitar online

    Need to tune your guitar, but don't have the practice of performing the process just "by ear"? There are several sites that offer the online tuner feature. Easy to use, just allow platforms to have access to your computer's microphone and start strumming.

    Check out 5 amazing suggestions below!

    1. Club Figures Tuner

    Known for gathering thousands of chords from more than 70 musical styles, the Cifra Club website also has an online guitar tuner. Just authorize the page to have access to the computer's microphone.

    Then, play the strings in order for the service to identify the sound of the instrument. If, when entering the page, you do not see the tool, it is because you need to activate Flash in your browser.

    If you want the feature in the palm of your hand at any time, you can opt for the Afinador Cifra Club app, available for Android and iOS. The service has a paid option, which allows you to tune other instruments, in addition to noise and precision filters.

    • Cifra Club Tuner (free, with purchase option): Web | Android | iOS

    2. Online Tuner

    The Online Tuner has an online tuning option not only for the guitar. The service also allows you to adjust the strings for cavaquinho, ukulele, violin, guitar, bass, among other options.

    In addition to the tuner, the site offers basic notions to guide the musician throughout the process, with a simple tutorial. For guitar, for example, there is tuning in Microphone Mode and Ear Version.

    The first uses a chromatic tuner that picks up sound through the computer's microphone. The second works as an online tuning fork, which encourages the musician to train his own ear.

    Online Tuner (free): web

    3. Music Jungle

    Music Jungle is a page for selling musical instruments and accessories, but also offers a free online tuner. The tool is compatible with guitar, ukulele, guitar and ukulele.

    Simple to use, it offers no difficulties. Just allow the use of the microphone and approach the pickup with the instrument. For the more inexperienced, the site gives tips for following the standard tuning of stringed instruments.

    • Music Jungle (free): web

    4. WiMelo

    At first glance, the WiMelo tuner may not look as attractive as the others. But the site's simplicity doesn't interfere with the effectiveness of its guitar, electric, bass, ukulele, violin, and saxophone tuner features.

    The feature allows the visitor to tune their instrument online, through the computer's microphone. In addition, it has tips for tuning.

    • WiMelo (free): web

    5. Jam Nerd

    Easy to use, Jam Nerd offers free online tuner and metronome features. The tuner works on the basis of a chromatic system.

    Like the other pages on our list, it recognizes the sound of notes played by accessing the computer's microphone.

    • Jam Nerd (free): web


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