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    5 sites to find the source of an image online and free

    Figuring out the font used in an image can be easier than you think. Some sites can identify the letter and allow you to download it to your computer or cell phone. Here is a list of the best free online font identifiers.


    WhatTheFont is a website tool MyFonts which lets you discover image fonts for free. Simple to use, just upload the file and select just one line of text. Confirm in the blue circle below.

    Several similar options will be displayed. If you like any, click Get it. Most of the available lyrics are paid, but you may find a similar free option on the list.

    O search for the letter used in the image in a catalog of over 700 fonts, including those available on Google Fonts. You can use an image from your device or from a link.

    Then you must select from 4 to 10 characters and make the necessary adjustments to make the content sent as sharp as possible. If you don't care about having the exact font, you can filter to show only free options.

    Just check the box next to Display only free fonts.

    Font Squirrel

    O Font Identifier do Font Squirrel stands out for offering free fonts even for commercial use. But, of course, there are paid options too. Despite using the Font Spring tool, the results displayed are different on each site.

    You can use photo from your PC, cell phone or from a link. The user must select the area of ​​the image where the text is and confirm in Matcherate it!.

    If you want to see only the free options, go to Manually Adjust and check the Only Free Fonts option. Click on the font you like to download it on the next page.

    Font Spring

    Font Matcherator is a website tool Font Spring which allows discovering the source present in an image in a file or link. Just select the area where the letters are in the image and click on Matcherate it!.

    Unlike Font Squirrel, there are few free options. If you like one, tap on it to check more information, test the text in the letter variations and buy the font.


    FontinLogo works differently from the sites listed above. The service is a kind of library of fonts used in famous brand logos. Want to know what letter Google or Coca-Cola uses? Just search by name to find out.

    If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out all the companies in the catalogue. In the Industries section, they are separated by segments, such as Internet, Toys, Marketing or Electronics, for example.

    If, by any chance, you can't find the logo you're looking for, you can send it to the service to find out for you.


    • How to find the source of an image online and free
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