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    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    With a device that, today, carries practically all our data and is with us 24 hours a day, nothing is more normal than wanting to personalize it. Discover 7 wallpaper apps that offer hundreds of options for you to make your iPhone look your best!

    1. Kappboom Excellent Wallpapers

    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    More than 100.000 wallpapers user can filter by popularity, recent addition and other categories. Easy to use, the application saves the chosen photos on the device itself, that is, just go to Photos, select the acquired image and set it as wallpaper.

    But one of the biggest differentials of Kappboom is the fact that the app provides the option to customize the images available. Filters, stickers, effects and other features can be used to make that chosen wallpaper just the way you want it.

    With support for all Apple iOS devices (iPhone7 plus, iPhone7, iPhone6 ​​plus, iPhone6, iPhone5, iPhone4, iPad, iPhone 3GS/3G/2G, and all versions of iPod Touch), the application provides wallpapers with different resolutions, so that they maintain the quality of the image no matter where it is used.

    To download Kappboom Excellent Wallpapers, click here.

    2. Live Wallpapers

    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    Available for iPhone X, iPhones 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus, this app provides amazing options for live wallpapers. Beautiful landscapes, pets or abstract patterns come to life from the time-lapse feature.

    To avoid annoyance, however, image movement is activated only when the user wants it. How it works? After choosing your new wallpaper and applying it to your iPhone, activate the screen lock. There, the still photo will be there, but just press the screen to see the image gain moves that provide an incredible effect.

    To download Live Wallpapers, click here.

    3. Zebra Wallpapers

    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    With a commitment to image quality, this app offers over 80 wallpapers. To look for one that's more your style, you can either filter by categories or try your luck with the option of shaking your phone so that a random image appears.

    Did you find a wallpaper that you like, but when it was time to apply it to your phone, did that application sit on top of an important part of the photo or did the image and the clock interfere with each other? To avoid this annoyance, the app provides the previous locked/home screen effect, so that the user can test before how the image would look on your device.

    The app also allows images to be customized with phrases, filters and even a small calendar.

    To download Zebra Wallpapers, click here.

    4. Cute Wallpapers™

    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    As the app's name implies, here you can access countless cute wallpapers. There are more than 2.000 models that can be customized with some effects available.

    The options range from photos of puppies and kittens to figures, drawings and cartoons with a delicate line. Images of nature, babies, romantic or simply images that pass tranquility are also offered.

    To download Cute Wallpapers™, click here.

    5. Movie Poster Wallpaper Maker

    5 amazing wallpaper apps to personalize your iPhone

    Are you a committed cinephile? This app is perfect for you! As the name suggests, Movie Poster Wallpaper Maker provides numerous movie posters to be used as wallpapers.

    Posters from popular movies, upcoming movies, specific characters or franchises, and other categories of images can go straight to your phone. That simple. Already all there, without the need to look elsewhere.

    To download Movie Poster Wallpaper Maker, click here.

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