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    17 Mobile Touch Apps

    Looking for different and personalized ringtones? Download the best ringtone apps on Android and iOS! Our list will show you where to find the best ringtones for Samsung and all other brands. They are apps to download ringtones of different styles and that will renew your library, taking you out of the sameness of having only those old sounds to choose from!


    • Multiple Categories
    • Create New Ringtones
    • Animated and Funny Themes
    • iPhone exclusives

    Multiple Categories


    Customize every sound on your mobile device with thousands of ringtones – they range from classical music to comedy! In it, you can put in each specific contact the song you want to hear when that person calls you. The app is even more complete because also has a full gallery of backgrounds for you to use.

    Zedge is available for:

    Android IOS

    Audiko touches

    Can you imagine having a catalog with more than 10 million ringtones separated by category? The website developed this app with the sounds created by the platform! Create your own or enjoy this collection and customize the traditional ringtones on your smartphone.

    Audiko touches is available for:


    Touches for Cell Phone 2022

    Set your cell phone's ringtone or alarm by searching the catalog that has over a thousand free ringtones to find the perfect sound. Download and customize your smartphone easily offline!

    touches for mobile is available for:


    Z Ringtones

    Take advantage of this app's updated catalog to customize your mobile device ringtones. There are several categories, such as: classic sounds, comedy, games, party, dance, country and among others. Search for ringtones and browse until you choose the best one.

    Z Ringtones is available for:


    Create New Ringtones

    Ringtone maker

    Make your own ringtone in different formats with the features that Ringtone Maker offers users: volume adjustment, Fade in/Fade out for mp3, trimming and setting the part that should play on your mobile device.

    Ringtone maker is available for:


    Tap Makers & MP3 Cut

    Produce your own ringtone with this compact and practical application that includes tools for you to create, edit and play a unique sound as a ringtone for a call, SMS, notification, alarm or just for fun, all on your mobile device.

    Tap Makers & MP3 Cut is available for:


    Mp3 Cutter

    Cut a part of your favorite music in different formats and customize your phone using cut music as ringtone, notification and alarm with this app.

    Mp3 Cutter is available for:


    Ringtone Setter

    Tired of your cell phone ringtones? Choose songs from your memory card and use them to customize your way in Ringtone Setter. The app lets you hear how it goes before confirming and also lets you delete old ringtones.

    Ringtone Setter is available for:


    Animated and Funny Themes

    Sirene touches

    If you like ambulance sirens or police cars, you will enjoy having this sound as your device's ringtone right now! Choose from dozens of sounds to set the SMS ringtone, notification or assign the sound to a specific contact.

    Siren Ringtones is available for:

    Android IOS

    birds sound ringtones

    What do you think about feeling in nature when your cell phone rings? Hear the more than 30 whistles of birds such as: owl, eagle, pigeon and the famous cuckoo for the traditional alarm. Set which bird you want to hear as default and enjoy!

    birds sound ringtones is available for:


    high touches

    With over 55 free ringtones, the Loud Ringtones app has sounds for all tastes, from sirens to air horn. Use different tracks to give a personalized touch to your cell phone sounds.

    high touches is available for:


    Classic Phone Ringtones

    Be vintage and have as your smartphone ringtone the classic sound of the landline that our parents had at home. The app includes more than 20 nostalgic ringtones and they are very easy to use. Change right now!

    Classic Phone Ringtones is available for:


    Ringing bells and whistles

    The app has 45 ringtones of bells, bells and whistles to personalize and make your phone look just like you. Preview each ringtone and choose the ones that will be perfect for playing on your device.

    Ringing bells and whistles is available for:


    funny ringtones 2022

    Have fun while leaving your phone with unique and funny ringtones with the app that has thousands of sounds for ringtones. Download and listen without internet to configure the new ringtones that will be part of your routine.

    funny ringtones 2022 is available for:


    High Volume Hits

    Have you ever missed a call because the ringtone was too low or an appointment because you didn't hear the alarm go off? Don't worry, this app has about 50 sounds with very loud volume. Choose one and never miss a call again!

    High Volume Hits is available for:


    iPhone exclusives

    Taps for iPhone!

    Personalize your iPhone with custom ringtones for you! Create sounds with audios from your family or friends, convert songs from your personal library or use a collection of 650 ringtones that the application itself offers to the program's millions of users and choose the perfect ringtones for your iPhone.

    Taps for iPhone! is available for:


    Ringtone Designer 2.0

    Create and customize songs from your synced iTunes library to customize your phone's sounds. Create a ringtone sound and an alarm sound and make your iPhone your own.

    Ringtone Designer 2.0 is available for:


    Keep browsing our lists and taking advantage of everything mobile apps have to offer to make your life easier!

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