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    16 Drinking Games to Challenge Friends

    Drinking games on mobile will liven up parties and meetings with friends! Find and download drinking games with challenges, quizzes, cards, Swedish games and more! These alternatives will help to break the ice and you can download as many apps as you want for a change, play and drink a lot!

    You won't forget the rules of that high school game and you'll even have the opportunity to meet several others in the same category. However, even in the case of applications, according to Brazilian legislation, you must be of legal age to use them.

    Discover 16 drinking game apps now and tag your friends to play!

    Challenges with Questions

    Truth or consequence

    The classic Truth or Dare on your mobile screen. It's one of the funniest strategies to get to know your friends better. Just gather at least 3 people and start selecting questions or watch your colleagues fulfilling the challenges.

    Truth or consequence is available for:

    Android iOS

    BOOM! I never

    The game will show some action on the screen and it must be read aloud so that everyone responds if they have already done it or not. Participants who have already done so must drink. The app has Christmas truth or dare categories, among others.

    BOOM! I never is available for:


    Drink and Tell

    Drink and Tell — or Drink and Tell — promises to be simple and engaging. Also with full marks, but on the AppStore, the app follows the Q&A command. Here you have the option to switch between personal and multiple choice questions or just choose the questions from the categories.

    After everyone has tried to predict your answer, you swipe the screen and reveal what you answered. Whoever made a mistake will have to drink!

    Drink and Tell is available for:



    Wateky is a super dynamic and fun challenge game. The app also includes “Never Have I”, “Truth or Dare”, and “Heads up”. And, for the more daring, there is the hot version of most of these games.

    Wateky is available for:

    Android iOS


    Hangover is a challenge game that contains 6 different question packs to try to please all tribes as much as possible. The Starter pack is for the more normal and shy, with funny and weird challenges. Already packages like Sacana and XXX are only for very intimate couples and willing to fulfill fetishes.

    Hangover is available for:

    Android iOS

    Challenges with Cards

    Swedish eira Drinking Game

    It's a challenge game that uses cards and works with 2 people. This beverage app has been at #1 in the category for quite some time. The challenges are like “only men drink”, “do what you think you shouldn't do”, etc.

    Swedish eira Drinking Game is available for:



    iPuke works like this: on each turn you select a card with a challenge written on it (eg hold your breath for 50 seconds). If you do not accept the challenge and score, you must drink to score and continue in the game. Whoever accumulates the most points wins.

    iPuke is available for:

    Android iOS

    King of the Cup

    Known worldwide, including the name “Ring of Fire”, King of the Cup is a card game. Each card shows a command before the game starts. When you or one of your friends turn over the last card, you will have to drink in one gulp the drink that was chosen at the beginning of the round.

    The app brings together several other game modalities, such as “Category”, “Eu Never” and “Positivo”.

    King of the Cup is available for:


    Circle of Death

    This card game throws several interesting instructions to players such as “everyone should drink”, “make a rule”, “say a word, whoever doesn't rhyme with you drinks” among others. You can also activate Bomb Cards and spice up the game with insane challenges.

    Circle of Death is available for:


    4 × 1

    In 4×1, you and your friends set the serving size of the drink and then you must name 4 items of a certain category that appear on the cell phone screen within 30 seconds (example: cite 4 Justice League heroes).

    4 × 1 is available for:


    Party's drink

    Drink Party's involves several challenges, but does not have a card format — being faster and more dynamic. At the end of the game, whoever gets the most points wins.

    The app also includes the “Twenty” game mode and it gives you several language options in the settings.

    Party's drink is available for:


    hit the target

    warm up!

    The best way to take advantage of the app is to make a circle of friends and make your cell phone visible to everyone, preferably in the center. Each player must swipe their finger through all the colors on the screen for the game to draw the challenge. Whoever does not meet the challenge drinks the shot.

    warm up! It is available for:


    Start Player Selector

    Here each player places a finger on each color on the screen and remains with their finger on the surface until the app's counter ends and randomly selects who starts drinking. 2 to 6 people can play depending on the smartphone model.

    Start Player Selector is available for:

    Android iOS

    Mined Cup

    This game is an interesting version of the classic Minesweeper from the old versions of Windows. Players click on the field and every time someone finds a bomb they must drink. The game ends when all empty fields are found.

    Mined Cup is available for:



    Although it looks simple visually, it is a super pleasant game and has a maximum score in the PlayStore evaluation. In BOMBA!, the player must hit where “beer” is written on the cell phone screen. If you make a mistake, you must drink the total amount shown by the app.

    BOMB! is available for:


    Hit, Turned

    In this game, every time you reveal a square by hitting the number you drink. This is the normal mode. In insane mode, special buttons appear that can reverse the game, double the dose, among other combos.

    Hit, Turned is available for:


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