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    15 tips and tricks to get the most out of Spotify!

    Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services on the market. Available on multiple platforms, it offers both free and paid plan options. If you're already a user or thinking about creating an account, check out 15 tips and tricks to get the most out of your music!

    1. Use Spotify as an alarm

    The feature works in conjunction with the Google Clock app, which is usually factory-installed on Android devices. To use it, open the Clock app and tap on the icon of + to create a new alarm.

    Set the time at which it should sound and confirm with OK. Then, tap on the image of a bell and, on the next screen, go to Spotify.

    If the option appears, tap Connect to allow access to your account on the music streaming service. You can choose one of the suggestions or go over the magnifying glass icon to search for the song you want to use as an alarm.

    That's it, the next day you will be awakened with your favorite song.

    2. Perform advanced searches

    To find exactly what you're looking for on Spotify, you can enter specific search terms in the search bar. Check out the main ones below:

    • year: the term, which in English means year, filters searches by the year the songs or albums were released. If you want to search for a specific one, type year:xxxx, and year: 1987. If you prefer to find songs released in a specific time period, separate the years with a hyphen (for example, year:1987-1990);
    • gender: Refines the search by music genre. Therefore, when writing genre:pop in the search bar, only tracks belonging to that style of music will be listed;
    • label: helps you find songs that belong to a certain label. Therefore, it puts label:sony, you will find all the artists and songs released by the label;
    • tag:new: search for an artist's most recent album. For example: tag:new blink 182;
    • AND: allows you to search for more than one artist or song. That is, when typing Green Day AND Blink 182, the results will show both bands;
    • OR: Limits the search by one artist or another. For example: Green Day OR Blink 182.
    • NOT: excludes something from the search. For example, a performer of a song or a song by an artist. if we put Cassia Eller NOT Light of the Eyes, all the singer's tracks will be listed, except Luz dos Olhos.

    3. Set the sound quality

    Spotify allows you to set the sound quality in your smartphone and desktop apps, depending on the type of subscription (free or premium). The functionality is not available in the web version.

    In the mobile app, go to Home, then in gear icon (βš™), located at the top of the screen on the right. in the section Music Quality, choose the option you prefer in the item Transmission.

    If you are a Premium user, you can choose between Automatic, Low, Normal, Alta e Most High. If you subscribe to the free version, you will not have the item Most High available.

    In the computer program, you can access the resource through the following path:

    click on the down arrow, in the upper right corner of the screen β†’ Preferences β†’ Music Quality β†’ Music Quality Details. In the case of a Windows computer, the option Low will not be available.

    According to Spotify, each option offers the following audio quality:

    Free Premium
    Web Player AAC 128 kbit/s AAC 256 kbit/s

    Automatic – Depends on your network connection.

    Low – Equivalent to approximately 24 kbit/s

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96 kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160 kbit/s

    Automatic – Depends on your network connection.

    Low – Equivalent to approximately 24 kbit/s

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96 kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160 kbit/s

    Very High (Premium users only) – Equivalent to approximately 320 kbit/s.


    Automatic – Depends on your network connection.

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96 kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160 kbit/s

    Automatic – Depends on your network connection.

    Normal – Equivalent to approximately 96 kbit/s

    High – Equivalent to approximately 160 kbit/s

    Very High (Premium users only) – Equivalent to approximately 320 kbit/s.

    Source: Spotify

    4. Play uncensored music

    Some songs are classified on Spotify as Explicit, meaning they offer adult content. Songs so named receive the tag Explicit (or the letter E in the web player).

    Premium version subscribers can choose whether or not to allow this type of content to be played in the smartphone app.

    To do this, follow the path: Home β†’ Gear icon (βš™) β†’ enable or disable switch relative to option Allow playback of explicit content.

    5. Listen to music offline

    The feature is also only available to Premium users and allows you to download songs, albums, playlists and podcasts to listen even when you are not connected to the internet.

    Want to know how to download each of them on PC and mobile? Then check out our tutorial on how to download music and use Spotify offline.

    6. Use mobile as Spotify controller on PC

    Did you know that you can use the Spotify app on your phone to control the player on other devices? To use Wi-Fi Connect, open the app for computer, TV, video game and more, or access the Spotify web version.

    Then open the app on your smartphone, go to the tab Home and then in gear icon (βš™). Scroll to the next screen and tap Connect to a device. The program will identify other devices on which Spotify is open. Tap on the one you want to remotely control with your cell phone.

    7. Find out who your followers are (and follow them back if you want)

    In addition to making millions of songs available to its users, Spotify has a social part, which not everyone knows. You can follow friends who use the service and find out what music they've been listening to lately.

    If your account is linked to Facebook, chances are you have followers who follow your songs (even the most embarrassing ones) and don't even know it.

    To find out who they are, by cell phone, follow the path: tab Home β†’ gear icon (βš™) β†’ Ver profile β†’ Followers.

    On your computer, just click on your profile picture at the top right and go to Followers.

    To follow someone, stay on their profile page and go to Meet friends. All your Facebook contacts who also have the account associated with Spotify will be listed. If you want to search for someone specific, type their name in the bar Filter and add it to the doll with the + icon that appears next to it.

    When accessing the person's profile page, information about the last artists and playlists played is available.

    8. Hide what you're hearing

    Now that you know that your music taste can be monitored by your friends, how do you listen to those delicious but embarrassing songs? Spotify thought of this and created a feature to hide these tracks from their followers.

    To activate a private music session on mobile: Home β†’ Gear icon (βš™) β†’ Social Networks β†’ activate the key next to private session.

    On PC, the path is as follows: down arrow, located in the upper right corner β†’ Private session. A padlock will appear on your image to show that the option is active.

    The feature is not available in the web version.

    Stay tuned: Stealth mode ends after a long period of inactivity or when Spotify is restarted.

    9. Share music with Spotify Codes

    You can share content with your friends through a kind of QR code generated by the service. To do this, simply paste a Spotify URL into the Spotify Codes website. Then customize your code by choosing the background color, barcode color, size and download format.

    If you prefer, click on the Facebook, Twitter and Reddit icons to share on these social networks. Or download the image to publish or send on other platforms, Instagram or email.

    10. Create a collaborative playlist

    Having a party and want guests to help with the event's playlist? Then create a collaborative playlist, where everyone can add, delete and rearrange the order of songs.

    To do it on your smartphone, go to Your library β†’ Playlists β†’ + Create playlist β†’ three dots icon at the top of the screen β†’ make collaborative.

    On your computer, right-click on a playlist and choose Collaborative Playlist. The circle icon will indicate that it is now open for contribution.

    Then, just share the link with your friends, either via Spotify Codes or the list's URL.

    11. Disconnect all devices at once

    Forgot your Spotify open somewhere or suspect someone is using your account without authorization? So disconnect from all devices at once.

    To do this, go to your Spotify account page and, if you are not logged in, log in. Scroll down and click Sign out of all devices. Soon, you will be disconnected.

    The service warns that logout, however, is not done on partner devices, such as Playstation and Sonos speakers, for example.

    If you suspect that someone is using your account without authorization, then change your password next. Thus, the person will no longer have access to their user data.

    12. Keyboard shortcuts

    Want to use the desktop version like a pro? So, you need to learn keyboard shortcuts, which speed up the use of various features. Check out:

    Windows MAC OS

    Create new playlist

    Ctrl + N Cmd + N
    Select all Ctrl + A Cmd + A
    play/pause space-bar space-bar
    Repeat Ctrl + R Cmd + R
    random order Ctrl + S Cmd + S
    next track Ctrl+Right Arrow Ctrl+Cmd+Right Arrow
    Previous track Ctrl+Left Arrow Ctrl+Cmd+Left Arrow
    Turn up the volume Ctrl+Up Arrow Cmd+Up Arrow
    Help F1 Cmd-Shift-?
    Filter (under Songs and Playlists) Ctrl + F Cmd+F
    Preferences Ctrl + P Cmd-,
    Log out the active user Ctrl+Shift+W Cmd+Shift+W
    Close Alt + F4 Cmd + Q
    hide window - Cmd + H

    Source: Spotify

    13. Send link with a specific moment of music

    Want to share a song starting from a certain part without having to ask the person to skip to 2:13? Then send her the track from the moment you want.

    The magic works through the web version. Copy the track link and at the end include #time2:13.

    For example, a company offering to share from 2:13 of the Beatles song Ticket to Ride.

    14. Listen to podcasts

    In addition to music, Spotify provides users with a series of podcasts. For those who don't know, podcasts are like a kind of radio shows, which present the most diverse themes possible.

    To explore those available on the streaming platform, go to Your Library and tap on the tab Podcasts.

    Then, go to Explore Podcasts to check the main highlights and check the programs divided by categories. If you want to listen to an episode, just go to the icon of Play.

    15. Save data on Spotify

    The option to download music for offline listening is only available to paid plan users. However, all users can save on mobile data consumption by changing the quality of listening songs.

    To do this, just follow the path: Home β†’ Gear icon (βš™) β†’ enable key below option Data saving.

    After all, is it worth subscribing to a Spotify Premium plan?

    The first benefit of subscribing to a paid Spotify plan is the end of ads. Lately, the service has been playing long, annoying ads that can't be skipped. When making a subscription, it simply ends.

    Also, there is no longer a limit to skipping songs. It also becomes possible to download tracks, albums and podcasts to listen even without internet access.

    In addition to the individual Premium, Spotify has the Family Plan. This subscription modality allows the holder plus 5 people who live at the same address to have their own account paying a single price.

    There is also the University Plan, which guarantees a subscription with a 50% discount for people over 18 years old, students at an accredited university. To find out if yours is included, just check the Sheed ID verification site.

    If you don't listen to music that often or don't mind listening to ads, maybe Spotify's Premium subscription doesn't make sense.

    However, if you prefer to have more freedom to listen to your favorite songs, a subscription can be a good option.

    Thinking about canceling your Spotify subscription? Discover sites to download music of all styles legally.

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