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    14 Applications to Make Invitations (Updated)

    O app to make invitations on mobile helps you make professional party and birthday invitations in minutes! Ordinary invitation making appAs Convite MakercanvaDesygner, you choose the theme you want or photos from your own gallery, backgrounds and custom stickers. Some of the applications available here can also be used to make other projects, such as covers, pamphlets and folders.

    Check out the 14 best apps to make invitation templates online available for Android and iOS!


    • Canva Invitation Maker
    • Invitation Card Maker: Cards & Digital Invites
    • Create custom invitations Free 2022 virtual
    • Design for Invitations and Cards
    • Cover Photo Invitation Maker
    • Free Personalized Invitations
    • Convite Maker 2.0
    • Ace-eCard Invitation Maker
    • birthday card maker
    • Birthday Invitations
    • – Convite Digital Online RSVP
    • Birthday and party invitations
    • unicorn birthday invitation
    • All Occasions Cards & Invitations

    Canva Invitation Maker

    Canva works not only for making invitations, but also for making posters, flyers, advertisements and folders, making it an excellent tool for graphic designers. You can easily learn to choose a template and make an invitation.

    Its interface is pleasant and the application offers many facilities, in addition to an intuitive usability. There are several stylish and current fonts and backgrounds in the own image library, pre-made designs, numerous languages, and the possibility to use the images stored in the gallery itself.

    The online platform is also available!

    canva is available for:

    Android IOS

    Invitation Card Maker: Cards & Digital Invites

    Novo 12/08/2022

    If you want an application to create invitations with minimal effort, you just found it!
    It offers several options to create your custom card. You can create using designer, using templates or from scratch. It is worth taking a look!

    Invitation Card Maker: Cards & Digital Invites is available for:

    Create custom invitations Free 2022 virtual

    Novo 12/08/2022

    This application provides all the necessary tools for you to make your invitation the way you always wanted, in a practical way. It's never been so easy to make your party even more with your face.

    Create custom invitations Free 2022 virtual is available for:

    Design for Invitations and Cards

    Desygner is a professional app for making invitations, social media designs, marketing projects and other work to download, share online or print. You can use stickers, backgrounds and different fonts, have access to fast, simple graphic designs and professional templates.

    Desygner is available for:

    Android IOS

    Cover Photo Invitation Maker

    With Cover Photo Maker you can create baby shower, birthday, graduation, wedding invitations, as well as banners, covers for Facebook and YouTube channel, flyers, flyers, brochures and more. The app provides beautiful backgrounds and stickers and is very easy to use, with unlimited customization options.

    Cover photo Creator is available for:


    Free Personalized Invitations

    Available for Android and iOS, creating in the Custom Invitations app is a super pleasant experience. Choose the design, customize and share, simple as that! The platform is easy to use and when saving your art the quality is not affected. There are beautiful figures to choose from and models of sentences in English that can inspire you!

    Custom Invitations Create is available for:

    Android IOS

    Convite Maker 2.0

    With Invitation Maker you can create invitations even by editing photos, choosing different types of letters and stickers, artistic textures and background with a unique color. It is also possible to take advantage of the Premium version's features even in the simple version if the user watches a short advertising video.

    Using the app is easy. You select the invitation background by choosing the HD photos provided by the application itself or a photo from your gallery, choose the stickers you want and insert the text with the font you prefer, all categorized according to the type of party.

    Convite Maker 2.0 is available for:


    Ace-eCard Invitation Maker

    Available for iOS, the Ace-eCard Invitation Maker is another interesting option to make your design for any kind of occasion. It has HD backgrounds and options to use images from the gallery itself. Ease of use is the app's strong point!

    Ace Invitation Maker -eCARd is available for:


    birthday card maker

    With the Birthday Card Maker you can insert photos from your own gallery into birthday frames and cakes, choosing different borders and stickers to decorate. The app mainly offers colorful and festive themes and its differential is to offer hundreds of ready-made birthday messages for you to insert in the invitation. You can also create birthday reminder cards and share them directly on your social networks.

    birthday card maker is available for:


    Birthday Invitations

    Birthday Invitations is ideal for making children's birthday invitations, as it offers more children's themes. The application is very easy to use, with a nice interface and very practical. On one page you choose the card you prefer and then edit it by placing the text you want and stickers. The invitation can be customized in the color and size you want.

    One of the most frequent complaints from its users is the lack of themes, but even so, they claim that the application meets expectations.

    Birthday Invitations is available for:

    Android – Convite Digital Online RSVP offers the ideal tools for creating an online invitation with confirmation, called RSPV. In the application, you create the guest list and can place them in customizable categories according to their proximity (relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.).

    You assemble your invitation placing the fonts you want, the background image with the event logo and all the information regarding the party. The invitation can be delivered via WhatsApp, Facebook or E-mail and you can follow the presence confirmations through the application itself, which generates a Display for each confirmation. Guests do not need to download the app.

    The generated Display can be presented at the event entry during check-in to be recognized by the app. Therefore, the application is of high quality even to be used by companies that organize events. is available for:


    Birthday and party invitations

    Another option for iOS that combines practicality and professionalism. Yes, the results are spectacular with a very simple creation process: choose, customize and share! But be careful not to be charged: the invitation can be used for free for only 3 days!

    Birthday and party invitations is available for:


    unicorn birthday invitation

    This app provides several unicorn invitation themes for you to edit with HD backgrounds, ideal for children's parties. It also provides wedding invitation templates and is easy to use. Anyone who likes cuter and more delicate themes will definitely love it!

    unicorn birthday invitation is available for:


    All Occasions Cards & Invitations

    The app features various invitation and card themes for all occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years, weddings, Mother's Day, Halloween and more. A big negative point of the app is the huge amount of ads, which makes editing difficult.

    All Occasions Cards & Invitations is available for:


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