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    13 games to learn English online for free

    It is possible to learn English through free games available online, either through the browser or through apps for Android and iPhone. Games make the knowledge process more playful and fun. There are options that work memory, improve vocabulary or learn verbs or prepositions for free.

    We've put together the 13 best games to learn the language by playing. Check out!

    On the web

    The options listed below are available online and without downloading anything. Just access the sites through your preferred browser.

    1. Games to Learn English

    13 games to learn English online for free

    The site name explains exactly what the user will find. There are dozens of free online games aimed at improving pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in English.

    There are game options like Stop and others focused on specific knowledge, such as colors, body parts or prepositions. Activities cater for the needs of beginners to advanced students. Its advantage is that the instructions are available in Portuguese.

    • Games to Learn English (free): web

    2. Coeffee

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Coeffee brings together games to learn English by playing alone or with other users. In the game Word Explainer, each of the participants must choose a word. Then you need to explain your definition to others, who are trying to guess it. It takes three minutes to describe as many terms as you can.

    In the Make a Phrase challenge, you must translate a sentence displayed in Portuguese into English. For this, it has single words, which must be arranged in the right order to form the sentence.

    • Coeffee (free): web

    3. Word Whomp HD

    13 games to learn English online for free

    In Word Whomp HD, your mission is to form as many words as possible with the scrambled letters available on the screen. It takes 2 and a half minutes to do this. The user can compose proper names, abbreviations and contractions, as long as they are at least three characters long. In total, three levels of difficulty are available.

    • Word Whomp HD (free): web

    4. ESL Games

    13 games to learn English online for free

    The ESL Games website brings together dozens of educational and fun games for those who want to learn or improve their English. Despite the somewhat confusing look, it offers games for different tastes and learning levels. There are options for memory games, spelling, sentence formation, hangman and much more.

    In them, it is possible to study and practice specific vocabularies, such as names of colors or animals, verb conjugations, propositions, synonyms, etc. Each game has a different dynamic. Even with an interface more aimed at children, the activities can be enjoyed by students of all ages.

    • ESL Games (free): web

    5. Games to Learn English

    13 games to learn English online for free

    The translation of the site name literally means games to learn English. And that's what you find there. There are educational games that help improve vocabulary in the language, as well as exercise different verb tenses and use comparatives.

    The service also offers options that help you learn the hours, create conditional sentences and ask questions. Prepositions and the dreaded phrasal verbs can also be practiced playing around here.

    • Games to Learn English (free): web

    Apps for Android and iPhone

    Below, we list game options available as downloadable apps on Android and iPhone. There are several types of dynamics, such as Image and Action style games, word searches, crossword puzzles, among others.

    6.Draw Something

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Draw Something works similarly to the Picture and Action game. User can compete online with other people and guess what is being drawn. Or get them to figure out what you're sketching. This is a fun way to expand your vocabulary by learning new words.

    By default, the app is downloaded in Portuguese. However, it is possible to change the language to English easily through the settings. Just tap your photo to access your profile, then tap the gear icon to see your options. In fact, it is easier to find opponents in English than in Portuguese.

    • Draw Something (free): Android | iOS

    7. WordBrain

    13 games to learn English online for free

    In Word Brain, the player must unravel the word behind the scrambled letters on the screen. To do this, just drag your finger in the correct sequence and see if you got it right. The game starts with four-letter terms and increases in difficulty.

    In addition to being a way to expand vocabulary, the game works as a kind of brain training. In all, there are more than 1900 levels, available in 15 languages. By default, the app starts in Portuguese, but you can change it to English in the settings.

    • Word Brain (free): Android | iOS

    8. Lingo Games - Learn English

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Lingo Games is a good alternative for those who want to get away from traditional games, such as word search or hangman to practice English. Challenging minigames include quizzes, snake game, space invasion, among others.

    Altogether there are 4 levels of difficulty and 50 themed categories to explore. The only problem is that it is only possible to play with the cell phone in horizontal orientation. In addition, it has vocabulary learning cards.

    • Lingo Games - Learn English (free): Android

    9. Quiz your English

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Quiz your English is a quiz game developed by the University of Cambridge. It takes quick thinking to answer before your friends and strangers around the world. But, of course, it is necessary to get the question right.

    The questions address everyday grammar and vocabulary content. They cover knowledge levels ranging from beginner (A1/A2) to advanced (C1). The developers guarantee that the app is a fun way to prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) English language proficiency tests.

    • Quiz your English (free): Android | iOS

    10. Grammar Ninja

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Grammar Ninja is a game in which the player needs to aim at the ninja stars in the indicated word categories. You can select a topic, such as jokes or fun facts. In the displayed sentences, you should only reach the verbs, nouns, among others. If you get it right, there's a shower of flowers. But if you miss, you will see an explosion.

    The game has an unintuitive retro look. But, without a doubt, it is a different way of learning and reviewing the grammar of the English language.

    • Grammar Ninja (free): Android | iOS

    11. 4 Pics 1 Word

    13 games to learn English online for free

    The 4 Pics 1 Word game is a dynamic and challenging way to train your vocabulary. As the name implies, 4 images are displayed that show some relationship between them. It is up to the user to guess what it is and assemble the word by touching the letters arranged at the bottom of the screen.

    If you don't know the answer, you can easily share the challenge with friends via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The app is quite simple and doesn't offer options for different levels of learning. But as you get it right, you'll level up and find more difficult combinations.

    • 4 Pics 1 Word (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    12.Words with Friends

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Words with Friends is a game in which the user challenges others to form words. To do this, they must use the letters they receive from the game and place them on the same board. The tip is to take advantage of the words already formed to create new ones, using characters you don't have.

    It is also important to pay attention to the number of points each letter is worth and where to place them, which can double or triple the score. If you use our country's Play Store, the title will be in Portuguese. However, it is possible to change the language in the settings.

    • Words with Friends (free): Android | iOS

    13. Memorize English

    13 games to learn English online for free

    Memorize English is a challenge for anyone who wants to know if their vocabulary is sharp. The player must touch an English word and, immediately, its Portuguese translation, among several other terms. For that, you need to race against time and dodge the hurricanes that appear on the screen.

    With each wrong combination, the user loses a life. With each hit, the power of the beam increases, which, when it is complete, can be used to eliminate terms that cannot respond without losing lives. It's a fun dynamic, which allows you to learn more than 3 thousand words.

    • Memorize English (free): Android


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