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    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jul 9, 2022 | Technology | 0

    Although it may not seem like it, there are several sites that allow users to download books in pdf completely legal. Usually, the main objective of these platforms is to democratize reading and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

    Most are websites of international entities and the Federal Government that make this alternative available to the public. Most of the books are classical literature and academic books, in addition to some documents with historical importance.

    Below, we have separated a list of the main sites where you can download PDF books without worrying about piracy. 

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    Sites to download books in PDF

    1 Open library

    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    The Open Library has a catalog composed of more than one million books in different languages. You can find books on science fiction, history, romance, art, biography, fantasy and much more. Literature classics such as Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, have more than 740 different editions that can be accessed on the platform.

    Thus, this ends up being one of the main ways to download PDF books.

    Because of the wide variety of material available, it can be difficult to find books in Portuguese. A tip is to use the site's search filters to facilitate your search.

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    2. Our country library

    Responsible for the University of our city (USP), the Library our country portal is perfect if you are looking for historical documents, images from historical collections, manuscripts, rare books and maps that have been gathered for more than 80 years.

    The platform allows users to filter their search by title, author, language, date of publication and subjects, as well as downloading books in PDF and having online access.

    3. World Digital Library

    The World Digital Library has a collection of more than 20 available titles. The project started as an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

    Users can find photographs, maps, historical documents and thousands of books from all over the world.

    The portal stands out for its great wealth of historical documents, as some of the materials available are thousands of years old, from topics such as religion, philosophy, psychology, arts to technology. 

    4. Public Domain Portal

    The Public Domain Portal belongs to the Federal Government and brings together more than 180 thousand works and is a great choice for downloading PDF books. The virtual library can be accessed by any citizen, since the domain is completely public.

    Epic classics such as A Divina Comédia, by Dante Alighieri, are available on the portal, as are texts from Brazilian children's literature.

    Fernando Pessoa also has an easily accessible collection of poems. Photos, videos and music can also be found. 

    5. Portal Machado de Assis

    Made in honor of the centenary of the death of Machado de Assis, this portal was launched by the Ministry of Education with a digital collection and its main works.

    The site is organized by the project that revised and supplemented the editions that were previously available on the internet. Before having full access, you must register on the site.

    As might be expected, information and videos about the author's life are also available. The portal is completely free.

    6. National Digital Library

    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    This site was created with the aim of providing free and public access to the works of the National Library. The National Digital Library brings together a complete and public domain catalog of letters, newspapers, manuscripts, historical documents and, of course, books. 

    Users can filter their searches by author, publication date and title, in addition to downloading books in PDF and sending the contents by e-mail. The portal also provides a summary to facilitate navigation.

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    7. Blog Midia8

    The Blog Midia8 may be more suitable for those interested in communication and culture.

    With works in Portuguese, Spanish and English, almost 420 ebooks are available for free downloads for users. In addition, it is also possible to download PDF books.

    On the website, books are divided into categories, which can make your life easier to find what you want.

    8. Read Print

    Read Print has more than 8 titles in its catalog, which is organized by the most popular and by genres such as: non-fiction, fiction, poetry and more.

    However, the material available is in English and anyone can download PDF books from the portal.

    Most of the content is from classical literature.

    9. Rare Works Digital Library

    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    Organizing its contents by collections, authors, date, subject and title, the Digital Library of Rare Works is the responsibility of the University of our city (USP) and was launched in 2013, with content aimed especially at researchers.

    With works in different languages, the user has access to historical documentation and special materials, as well as books. Those who access can also download PDF books to read.

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    10. eBooks our country

    Although eBooks in our country is not maintained by government resources, it is also not part of any trade and does not receive any profits for the content made available.

    However, it is maintained and paid for by people who seek to bring and facilitate access to literature to as many people as possible.

    Before gaining access, the user must accept a term of use in which he undertakes not to sell the material on the portal. User can use books as study material, send to friends for free, download PDF books and many other things.

    Among the materials available are newspapers, books, magazines and national and international content. You find what you are looking for through a search bar that locates the material on Google.

    11. Project Gutenberg

    With over 60 free books, Project Gutenberg allows the user to download PDF books.

    However, the material is not available in Portuguese, which may limit access for some people. You can search for titles via the search bar and you can also submit donations to help maintain the site. 

    12 Amazon

    12 Sites to Download PDF Books Legally

    Amazon has been present as an e-commerce company for over 20 years and one of its main products is free digital books, in which the company is a market reference.

    Thus, users have access to a vast catalog with more than 9 thousand titles of free books that can be accessed.

    Among the digital books available, we have the classics by Machado de Assis, Casimiro de Abreu, José de Alencar and Eça de Queiroz. In addition to these, more recent releases can also be found, such as JK Rowling's Harry Potter and Chimamanda Ngozi's Let's All Be Feminists.

    Amazon doesn't stop there, as international and national comics are also freely available in digital format to the public.

    But it's worth noting that you can't download PDF books, as Amazon forwards them to the user's Kindle account, the company's own e-reader.

    If you want access, you can download the free Kindle app on your Android and iOS smartphone, or buy your own Kindle, so you can read books digitally.

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