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    12 Best Free Soccer Games for Android in 2022

    Football games for Android are not few, which can make it difficult to decide which one to download. There are 11v11 or XNUMXvXNUMX options, of becoming the team manager or working on the player's career development.

    Some games allow you to challenge other users online or compete offline, without spending internet data.

    To help you decide, puts you in front of the goal and brings together the best free football games for Android in 2022.

    1. eFootball PES 2022

    PES changed its name and gained the word eFootball in the title. The change indicates the efforts of the manufacturer Konami to ensure even more creative local and online multiplayer modes.

    eFootball PES 2022 allows you to live the experience of being the star of great teams from our country and the world. Fulfill your dream of playing for Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester, Flamengo, Corinthians, among many other clubs.

    The new edition brings improvements with regard to game technique. The precise dribbling mechanics already existing on the console arrives in the mobile version. It is now possible to control the ball more precisely and take advantage of the specific characteristics of each player to gain an advantage.

    In addition, the athletes' personality is represented in a more coherent way with reality. Therefore, a player becomes able to influence the entire team, which makes it necessary to reflect even more on their signings and call-ups.

    eFootball PES 2022 is free to play, but offers in-game purchases.

    2.FIFA Soccer

    FIFA Soccer brings the excellent graphics and precision gameplay of the acclaimed game to mobile screens. Its mobile version allows you to summon players from the most famous leagues in the world and train them to stand out.

    It is now possible to challenge up to 32 friends in real time. Then check the history, compare performances and find out who is the best.

    Those who want to chase good rewards to assemble the best team possible can participate in the challenging matches of Division Rivals. The competitions have up to 11 players and offer an 11vXNUMX or XNUMXvXNUMX Duel Attack mode.

    Compete with hundreds of teams in the UEFA Champions League or in one of the 650+ events on the World Tour.

    FIFA Soccer is free and offers in-app purchases.

    3. Dream League Soccer 2022

    Dream League Soccer 2022 mixes tactical-strategic reasoning with the emotion of sport. Here, you can build your dream team with more than 4 athletes at your disposal.

    But not only that. In addition to training and managing your team, you can also enter the field and play with your stars. The title features 3D graphics and offers precision in passing.

    By participating in the league, you face people from all over the world. The better your team is, the more it rises in the rankings. After conquering 7 divisions, your team reaches the elite.

    Earn extra points by participating in live events and fulfilling season goals to stay prepared.

    Dream League Soccer 2022 is free with in-game purchases.

    4. Top Eleven 2022

    Top Eleven - Football Coach

    In Top Eleven 2022, your goal is to manage your own football team. You are responsible for everything from building the stadium to hiring players and training the team.

    It is essential to make the right choice of athletes to assemble a champion team. Then it is necessary to motivate the players and develop the best tactics to stand out in the championships. The best ones appear at the top of the ranking, which brings together managers from all over the world.

    A nice differential of the title is the possibility of setting up a club together with friends. In this game mode, users develop strategies together through a chat and compete with other groups.

    Top Eleven 2022 is free, but features in-app purchases.

    5. Football Strike

    Football Strike is an online multiplayer game with free kick disputes. Show that you are an ace in aiming, but also in defense. After all, he must play both attacker and goalkeeper in 1v1 Free Kick mode.

    If you prefer to just shoot on goal, you can choose the Shooting Race game mode. In it, time is limited and whoever hits the net the most times wins. You can play against your friends or through Career Mode against people from all over the world.

    Football Strike is free and offers in-app purchases.

    6. Score! Hero

    Your dream of becoming a hero in the fields can be realized, if only virtually, in Score! Hero. In the game, you live in the shoes of a football player and have to go through a series of challenges to evolve.

    Over 800+ levels, your character needs to make accurate kicks and throws. According to the manufacturer, the artificial intelligence system reads your gestures and adapts each release, making each one unique.

    The gameplay, which promises full control of movements, is the title's differential, associated with quality 3D graphics. With each stage overcome, your athlete is closer and closer to becoming a legend of the lawns.

    Score! Hero is free with in-app purchases.

    7. Pro 11 - Online Soccer Manager

    Another game for those who like football, but prefer not to enter the field. Pro 11 - Online Soccer Manager is a multiplayer soccer team management simulator. In it, you can be the manager of your favorite football team and make the most important decisions.

    This means deciding on hires, closing with sponsors and conducting training. In addition, you need to keep an eye on new talents and enhance the skills of your athletes. Improvements to the stadium are also your responsibility.

    Curious about your team's performance? You decide when to field it and compete with other competitors online.

    Pro 11 - Online Soccer Manager is free with in-app purchase offers.

    8. Flick Shoot 2

    Best racing games for Android

    The famous game of goal kicks has gained a new version. Flick Shoot 2 features six individual game modes: Challenge, Arcade, Don't Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling and Practice.

    The multiplayer category has two modes. They are Multiplayer and Online Tournament, in which you can challenge people from all over the world. It is possible to customize your player, uniforms and boots.

    The continuation of Flick Shoot promises better graphics and more accurate and realistic movements than the first game. Participate in challenges, earn points and, of course, hit the ball at the back of the net.

    Flick Shoot 2 is free with in-app purchases.

    9. Women's Soccer Manager - Football Manager Game

    Women's Soccer Manager - Football Manager Game is a management simulator that stands out from the rest. After all, the game allows you to command a women's soccer team.

    The user can choose to command famous clubs like Barcelona or Arsenal. Teams rely on their real-life formations. But nothing prevents you from including hired reinforcements from other teams.

    It is your responsibility to coach the athletes as well as create game tactics and find new talent. Whenever you want, participate in mini-games with other users around the world.

    Women's Soccer Manager - Football Manager Game is free, but has in-app purchases.

    10. Soccer Cup 2022

    Another game that values ​​3D graphics and faithfulness to the skills of real-life players. Soccer Cup 2022 is the ideal option for those looking for an offline soccer game, that is, those who do not need internet to play.

    Your main challenge is to be the winner of the Copa Del Sur. For this, you need to assemble your team in the best way possible to pass through five divisions.

    In addition to the competition, the user can test their football talents in fun challenges such as Floor is Lava and Wall of Death. It is also possible to practice whenever you want to make it beautiful at the time of day.

    Soccer Cup 2022 is free with in-app purchase options.

    11. Shoot Goal - Beach Soccer Game

    Shoot Goal - Beach Soccer Game brings the emotions of beach soccer to your mobile screen. In this game, your objective goes beyond hitting the goal. There are a number of possibilities to test your aim, by hitting targets, the beam or dodging the barrier with kicks full of effect.

    The user can participate in tournaments until winning the cup and then go on to new challenges. If you prefer, you can follow the career mode, which consists of more than 150 levels to win the beach soccer championship.

    Face the challenges and prove that you are the best free kick and penalty taker in history.

    Shoot Goal is free with in-app purchases.

    12. Head Ball 2

    Head Ball 2 is the most playful looking game on this list. The players have a fun look, being formed by a huge head and a cleat. Altogether, more than 90 characters are available, which can be customized however you like.

    With the one-on-one game mode, you can challenge people from all over the world in 90-second matches. Whoever scores the most goals and avoids the opponent's wins. It's take it, give it here.

    Head Ball 2 is free and offers in-app purchases.


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