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    12 Apps to Increase Phone Volume (Updated)

    Is easy turn up the cell phone volume on both Android and iOS devices! For you who suffer from the low volume of your device, betting on an application to increase the volume of your cell phone is ideal: it will optimize the audio and sound output on the device itself and also on external speakers! Check out the best ones and take the test now!


    • Goodev Volume Booster
    • booster speakers
    • Increase Cell Phone Volume – Louder Volume
    • Volume Booster – Increase phone volume
    • Equalizer+ Offline Music
    • Sound Amplifier
    • Volume up
    • volume booster
    • equalizer+
    • AudioMaster
    • AUM – Audio Mixer
    • AudioFix: For Videos

    Goodev Volume Booster

    Simplicity is what this app translates! It is light and easy to use and can increase your phone's sound volume with quality. Care must be taken, as increasing the volume can damage the headphones or even external speakers and also your hearing. The app works on Android systems above version 4.4.

    Goodev is available for:


    booster speakers

    Novo 06/08/2022

    This app not only amplifies the sound all the way, but also uses the built-in sound equalizer to optimize the frequency channels. So it's really worth giving him a chance.

    booster speakers is available for:

    Increase Cell Phone Volume – Louder Volume

    Novo 06/08/2022

    The app has a sound booster tool, standard equalizer and 3D virtualizer effects that provide the best voice experience. Ideal for lovers of loud, quality music.

    Increase Cell Phone Volume – Louder Volume is available for:

    Volume Booster – Increase phone volume

    Novo 06/08/2022

    If you're trying to find a volume controller widget among a variety of speakers, you've found the right app. And best of all, it doesn't have complex operations and doesn't charge fees.

    Volume Booster – Increase phone volume is available for:

    Equalizer+ Offline Music

    Another equalizer for iOS devices! It has several automatic sound adjustments and supports nine audio file formats. Like most Apple apps, it is paid, but you can use it for two months for free to try it out.

    Equalizer+ Offline Music is available for:


    Sound Amplifier

    This mobile sound amplifier allows you to control even the smallest adjustments of the music you like to listen to the most. Hear all the details of the bass and treble using the maximum potential of your speakers, always taking care, if the sound starts to get distorted, to lower the volume and not damage them.

    Sound Amplifier is available for:


    Volume up

    Have more control over your phone's volume, make bass and treble adjustments and make the most of your speakers' potential with this free and easy-to-use app. As with all apps of this type, be careful not to damage your speakers or hearing.

    Volume up is available for:


    volume booster

    Another volume booster for Android that increases the volume of the device to values ​​above the system defaults, making all the sounds emitted by your phone louder. It doesn't need to root the phone and it works from two rotary buttons to adjust the volume.

    Volume Booster – Increase phone volume is available for:



    This app is a sound equalizer option for iPhone. It allows you to increase the system volume as well as adjust various levels across the entire audio spectrum of the device. It has 23 professional sound effects for tuning your favorite music.

    equalizer+ is available for:



    This app not only increases the volume of the device's audio, but also helps to greatly improve the quality of the sound emitted, whether through the device's own speakers, external speakers or headphones.

    AudioMaster is available for:


    AUM – Audio Mixer

    With a clean and intuitive interface, this app is an audio mixer for IOS system. In addition to cleaning the sound of the device improving its quality, it can also amplify the sound of the cell phone. The app is very complete and has many adjustment and improvement options for you to enjoy your music better.

    AUM – Audio Mixer is available for:


    AudioFix: For Videos

    This application has 12 audio filters to improve the sound quality of your video or music. It is an equalizer and has an amplifier for all the sounds of your device.

    AudioFix: For Videos is available for:

    Android IOS

    Enjoy many more tips on our website and always keep looking for the best app options for your device.

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