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    11 best apps to drink water and stay hydrated in 2022

    Water drinking apps create alerts that help users remember to stay hydrated. These apps create a daily schedule and periodically let you know that it's time to drink some fluid.

    Whenever you complete the task, it is necessary to inform the program and, little by little, you will see the objective being achieved. Several of them even have integration with Apple Watch and Google Fit.

    has gathered the best water reminder apps for both Android and iOS. Download your favorite and create this new habit that helps keep your body healthier.

    1. Drink Water - Alert, Reminder and Monitoring

    Drink Water by Leap Fitness Group creates a hydration schedule based on the user's gender and weight. Whenever you drink a glass of water, press the + icon in the center of the app screen and enter the amount.

    Periodically, a reminder is sent to you to take another dose to complete your daily goal. It is possible to follow the performance through weekly, monthly and daily charts.

    To make the process easier, the app provides widgets to mark directly on the smartphone's home screen every time you drink water. The app has integration with

    • Drink water (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    2. Plant Nanny²

    Plant Nanny 2 - Your Adorable Water Reminder

    Plant Nanny², also known as an app to drink plant water, offers a fun way to take care of your daily hydration. The app helps to achieve the goal through gamification, in which each cup taken helps in the growth of a fictional seedling.

    With each goal achieved, the user is entitled to prizes, with which he can buy items to customize his little plant. In addition to a wide variety of collectible vegetables, it is possible to obtain special vases and containers.

    The amount of water ingested is stipulated based on weight and physical activity. Notifications can be received every 2, 4 or 6 hours or at custom times. Its performance can be monitored through graphs generated daily.

    • Plant Nanny² (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    3. Waterbalance

    Waterbalance creates your daily hydration plan based on gender, weight, height and age. One of its differentials is the possibility of including different types of drinks, such as coffee, drinks, teas, juices, milk, energy drinks and much more.

    The app takes into account the fact that some liquids do not count as water, but as food, as is the case with juices. In addition, alcoholic beverages contribute to dehydration and their consumption affects the daily goal of fluid intake.

    The app even allows you to create personalized alerts before meals and request notifications to intensify your intake when you go to exercise. It is also possible to check graphs with your daily performance.

    • water balance (free): Android | iOS

    4. Hydro

    Hydro can be used in two ways. If you choose to register, you will have a copy of your data in the cloud and the option to exchange information between devices. In addition, you will have access to performance graphs through the service's website.

    But, if you prefer not to register, you can also take advantage of the reminders feature. The amount of water is calculated based on gender, weight and lifestyle. It also takes into account whether the woman is pregnant or breastfeeding and whether the user is active or sedentary.

    A highlight is that the app clearly displays how the calculation of your fluid requirements is done. In addition, you can customize how many times you want to be reminded per day.

    • Hydro (free): Android | iOS

    5. Water Time / Water Drinking Time

    Time for Water or Time to Drink Water. The name is different on Android and iOS, but the app is the same. Although the interface and the gamified usage mode are attractive, the usability may not be so intuitive.

    To enter information necessary for calculating the volume of water, you need to access the settings. If you play sports, tap on the discreet weight icon in the lower right corner of the cup.

    In addition to the look, the possibility of including other liquids, such as milk, coffee, tea and juice, is a high point of the service. The app has performance graphs and lets you change the main character according to your progress.

    • Water Time / Water Drinking Time (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Water reminder

    Water Reminder generates a hydration plan based on the user's gender, weight, and sleep and wake times. For each glass ingested, just touch the icon of +. The standard measure is 150 ml, but you can easily change the amount.

    The app creates graphs about your performance and reports with the average and frequency of drink intake. With each alert, you can check tips. In terms of personalization, there is the option to choose the sound and mode of the reminder, as well as manage the times at the intervals you prefer.

    • water reminder (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    7. WaterMinder

    WaterMinder calculates your daily fluid intake target based on gender, weight, physical activity and weather. Every time you remember to drink something, tap on the +. In an icon formed by three lines, it is possible to change the type of drink and include coconut water, juice, milk and even alcoholic options.

    The app tries to encourage water consumption by creating goals. In addition, it allows you to easily share your daily performance on Facebook and Twitter. Regarding the alerts, the user can choose the standard times or create their own, as well as request that they end when the goal of the day is reached.

    • WaterLess (free, with in-app purchases): Android
    • WaterLess (paid): OS

    8. Hydrillo

    Hydrillo is an app to remind you to drink water that looks different from the others. With shades of black, white and red, its main screen resembles a car speed panel.

    The app allows you to calculate your need according to the frequency of sports practice, weight, age, or simply define how many liters you want to drink per day. For each cup, tap the + icon.

    The service generates statistics for the last 7 days. In addition, it is possible to assemble a team with friends and family and monitor and compare the hydration level of each other.

    • hydrillo (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    9. Google Keep

    Google Keep is a task manager, aimed at everyday activities in general. So you can even use it to remind you to drink water periodically. Go to the + icon and give the activity a name.

    To create a reminder, tap the bell icon. To make it repeat every time, choose Daily as the periodicity. You will need to repeat this procedure every time you want to be reminded. But once done once, you will be notified every day.

    Another advantage of the service is the fact that it integrates with the computer, through the browser. Therefore, your data can be viewed and edited from any device with internet access.

    • Google Keep (free): Android | iOS

    10. Avocation

    Avocation is an app that helps you create new habits. Drinking more water can be one of them. To do this, give the habit a name, define how many times you want to repeat it per day and turn on notifications.

    You can customize each new activity with an icon and a color. Whenever you perform the task, just tap on its icon. The circle around is gradually being filled, until you complete your daily objective.

    To encourage you to fulfill your commitments, you can grow a virtual plant. It starts to grow as soon as you finish your first habit. It is necessary to continue fulfilling the goals to see it develop.

    • Avocation (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    11. Mini Habitos

    Mini Hábitos

    As the name suggests, this app is designed to help users create and maintain new daily habits. For that, it even has predefined options to get started. Among them is Drinking water.

    So, tap on the option and set how many times you want to be reminded. If you prefer, schedule notification times, choose a color, an icon and that's it. Mark whenever you meet the objective.

    • Mini Hábitos (free, with in-app purchases): Android


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