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    10 Sites to Download Free Music of All Styles Legally

    Sites to download free music are a great option for those who don't want to pay anything, but also don't want to break the law. Several options are available on the internet that, in addition to downloading the tracks, act as a platform for the dissemination of the work of independent musicians and bands.

    gathered 10 sites to download music for free legally. Check out!

    YouTube Audio Library

    The first indication had to be YouTube. And we're not talking about using external tools to download published videos. But, yes, from the wide audio library that the site makes available for free and legal download.

    There are thousands of songs, which can be filtered by genre, mood, instrument, duration and attribution. Some tracks ask you to credit the musicians if you use them in a video.

    The YouTube Audio Library also has hundreds of sound effects options organized by categories. This makes the platform an excellent tool for anyone looking for suggestions for a playlist in a specific style or a soundtrack for a video.

    • YouTube Audio Library (free, but some songs require attribution): Web


    SoundCloud is one of the most popular music sharing platforms on the market. With a wide library, it has songs of different styles. Content can either be streamed (online) or downloaded.

    Free songs are available on the SoundCloud Community. In addition, you can create an account (for free), save tracks to your profile, follow artists and build playlists.

    Musicians, on the other hand, can take even more advantage of the tool. The site allows you to promote work by uploading songs, podcasts and other audio on the page.

    • SoundCloud (free, but offers in-platform purchases): Web

    Amazon Music

    We already know about the wide range of products that Amazon sells, but did you know that the site sells music? Even better: the page also offers tracks to be downloaded for free.

    As with other platforms, Amazon Music organizes them by categories, such as musical style and the name of the band or musician. Browsing the site, you can meet new artists and enjoy songs by some of your favorite bands.

    • Amazon Music (free, but offers in-platform purchases): Web


    Although aimed at promoting new artists, ReverbNation is one of the best sites to download music. You won't find chart-topping songs, but you're likely to come across future hits. Bands like Imagine Dragons and Alabama Shakes gained recognition through the site.

    On the Discover tab, you can filter by styles and find out which are the most listened to on the platform at the moment. It is worth mentioning that not all tracks are available for download and, for some others, you need to log in. All, however, can be listened to online for free.

    • ReverbNation (free, but offers in-platform purchases): Web


    Jamendo Music is a page where you can stream or download a vast music library for free. Like other platforms, it works as a space for artists to promote their songs.

    The site categorizes tracks by Latest, Trends, and Genres. It also offers a selection of track suggestions for videos and radio stations, broken down by music styles.

    To take advantage of all the features, the user must create an account on the service for free.

    • Jamendo Music (free): web

    Free Music Archive (FMA)

    The Free Music Archive is an interactive music library that offers free download of contents. The page was created by the American radio station WFMU, which aims to expand access to culture.

    Songs are organized into categories such as genres, most played of the week, month or all time. The website also has information about the musicians and the works. It is a good platform for those passionate about music.

    • Free Music Archive (free): web


    Noisetrade is a space for musicians from all over the world to share their works. Downloading content is very simple. Once you find what you want, just enter your email in the indicated place and download.

    Users who wish can leave a tip for their favorites. It's a way the site found to stimulate music production and sharing.

    In addition to the songs, the page offers books from various segments for legal download.

    • Noisetrade (free): web


    Musopen allows you to find the works of the world's leading classical music composers in one place. All tracks are copyright free and can be downloaded and played without restrictions.

    It is possible to search the contents by author, instrument, period, among other filters. Users can listen to the compositions online, but to download them, it is necessary to make a brief registration on the service.

    The free subscription includes 5 downloads per day. In addition to the songs, sheet music, educational materials for students and teachers and an online classical music radio are available.

    • Musopen (free): web


    Audionautix is ​​a good option for anyone looking for free music for soundtracks. All tracks are composed and created by musician Jason Shaw and can be downloaded for free with no registration required.

    You can filter searches by "mood" such as relaxing, dramatic, melancholy, humorous, and more. The search can be further refined by genre, time and keyword.

    If, by any chance, you decide to use any of the songs in your videos, just credit the composer.

    • audionautix (free): web

    Audio Archive (Internet Archive)

    The Internet Archive is a non-profit website that brings together millions of digital content of all kinds, including audio. Despite the unfriendly interface, Audio Archive is worth exploring.

    In addition to downloadable music, there are also radio shows from around the world and podcasts. Those who like live versions should enjoy the various performances available, which include performances by both new exponents and well-known artists.

    • Audio archive (free): web
    • Live Music Archive (free): web


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