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    10 Real Voice Fake Calling Apps!

    Find the best fake call apps with realistic features to fool anyone! Program a fake call with real voice to make a fun simulation and fool your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family, friends and whoever else you want. The apps are really fun and really work: everyone will believe it!


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    With this fun and easy-to-use app, you can simulate receiving a personalized call with an image, name and even a voice for the “caller” by recording a voice to be the person calling you. Well thought out, right? There is still the option of ringtones and choice of characters such as police or pizza, great options to get away from any embarrassing situation!

    Fake call - prank is available for:


    Fake Call More

    Great fake call app option for iPhone users. You can record any voice to simulate the other person on the line, use your favorite audios as a ringtone or use ringtones already included in the app. The app is paid, but the value is very low and you will not have advertisements.

    Fake Call More is available for:


    fake call

    This is a very complete app to simulate fake calls and SMS! You can program the reception of the fake call for the time you want or use a button for the call to occur at the time you want.

    There are several screens that mimic phones: Samsung UI, Sony Ericsson, LG Optimus, HTC Sense, ICS and so on. It has option to decrease battery consumption and the phone ringtone and vibration for fake call can be customized.

    Free and easy to use, the app is a good choice for anyone who wants to prank friends, family or boyfriend.

    fake call is available for:


    Fake Caller ID

    The application simulates the reception of a call on Samsung smartphones. It is possible to program the false call (as if it were an alarm) so that it occurs at the moment you want. This app also contains fake SMS and call history. The application is free and has some advertisements.

    Fake Call – Fake Caller ID – All in One is available for:


    Fake Call

    Much like the previous one, it is a good fake call simulation app. It also uses Samsung's connection interface and has customization options. The app is completely free and contains advertisements, but it is very realistic and easy to use.

    Fake Call is available for:


    Fake Call iStyle

    Another very realistic fake call app, it's free and contains several customization options. You can choose the name of the caller, the number and the voice of the caller who is making the fake call to you. The application also allows you to choose how long the fake call will be going on until you give up, if you don't answer.

    Fake Call iStyle is available for:


    Make a Call

    Another good fake call app option for iPhone owners. The application does not have a language option in Portuguese, but it is very realistic and easy to use. It also has several customization options for ringtones, images and call audio.

    Make a Call is available for:


    Fake Call Simulator

    Despite not having a Portuguese version yet, the app is very realistic and allows several customizations for simulating a fake call. It contains pictures of people such as beautiful women for you to pretend they are calling you haha. It is also possible to record a voice or use the ones that are already available in the app, but we will warn you that they are all in English.

    Fake Call – Fake Call Simulator is available for:


    Fake Calling App

    In this app it is possible to upload images for fake calls from someone famous, a superhero, or someone you know. Record your voice and use the recording to simulate a call and choose custom ringtones. The app is free and simple to use.

    Fake Call – Fake Calling App is available for:


    prank with girlfriend

    This fake call app focuses more on simulating a girl call for you to trick your girlfriend into pranking her. Even so, it works like the others, it's free and can be customized. Very fun and easy to move.

    fake call girlfriend prank is available for:


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