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    10 Game Accelerators for Android

    Game accelerators optimize your phone's memory and speed to improve the performance of running the game on your device. Having a game accelerator like Game Booster, Dr. Booster or GFX Tool on Android is very important especially for mobile gamers!

    Cell phone optimizer apps aimed at speeding up games can even be bolder by giving your Wi-Fi signal a neat boost and also your phone's graphics. Want to know more how to achieve these optimizations? Check out 10 game accelerator apps for Android now!


    • Game Booster
    • Dr. Booster
    • GFX Tool
    • Game Boost Master
    • Gaming Mode
    • GLTool Gamers
    • RAM booster
    • Game Boost Speed Up
    • Game Launcher Tuner
    • Throttle

    Game Booster

    Game Booster optimizes CPU, RAM and other units linked directly to the way the game runs on your mobile. It works in the background and generates maximum use of your device's power. You do not necessarily need to root your device, although it is preferable. Anyway, with this app you can play without lags and get more points!

    Game Booster is available for:


    Dr. Booster

    Dr. Booster, in addition to improving your cell phone's CPU, improves the entire system in a personalized way, also helping to protect against viruses. This app was awarded in Japan and is still highly rated today. It also organizes your mobile games by classifying the ones that have been installed recently, warns you if any game has malware, among other features!

    Dr. Booster is available for:


    GFX Tool

    The GFX Tool is great for those who have a device that is not so turbocharged and want to play on the default graphics: it allows that! You can also regulate and play in a lower quality graphics to improve the FPS. It is widely used with the Free Fire game, it is a light app and its only disadvantage is that it is in English.

    GFX Tool is available for:


    Game Boost Master

    Game Boost Master is the best way out for that device that has started to run out of memory and is slow. This app closes tasks on your phone by speeding up processing, organizes your games, shows a ranking of scores among the app's users and shows you new games from the store. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface and supports other apps!

    Game Boost Master is available for:


    Gaming Mode

    Gaming Mode activates all the necessary settings for your phone to enter gamer mode! You don't have to fill in the options every time you access the game, you just set the app to always activate it once. It rejects calls during the game, turns off notifications, closes automatic tasks so the processing is always at maximum and turns off automatic brightness leaving the perfect lighting for you to play well.

    Gaming Mode is available for:


    GLTool Gamers

    Gamers GLTool also works as an application that tunes your phone to run the game without you having to configure it every time you play. With the settings it offers you can play as if you were with a high-end smartphone. In addition, by purchasing its Pro version, you can also improve the ping.

    GLTool Gamers is available for:


    RAM booster

    RAM Booster promises to be the smallest cell phone optimization app. It has the ability to instantly speed up the way the game runs on your device and without needing root! Another very welcome function is to cool the device that heats up with heavy games.

    RAM booster is available for:


    Game Boost Speed Up

    This app will optimize your phone, clear cached data, cool down the device, close unnecessary processes, among other actions to make your gaming experience much better. Game Boost Speed ​​Up also creates shortcuts to access your favorite games, cleans downloaded files automatically and scans all files for malware.

    Game Boost Speed Up is available for:


    Game Launcher Tuner

    It's a great app to clean your phone and cancel unnecessary tasks that impact your game. Game Launcher Tuner promises a performance boost of up to 80%! To use it, just open your game and the app will automatically detect it.

    Game Launcher Tuner is available for:



    Great option to improve the performance of the device in general, in a non-specific way. It also helps you save battery, increase speed by up to 50%, free up RAM to install as many games as you want, clear messages and histories — all in an app that's less than 2MB in size.

    Throttle is available for:


    Choose one of the accelerators presented here and rock the games! Beat your records and share with us which app worked best on your device!

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